Dec 9, 2009

my little secret – Asian craze

I’ve decided to share you more about me, lol. So if you’re a stalker and/or my secret admirer, here comes your answer, I’ll tell you my (dirty) little secrets.

I can’t promise to make it weekly/monthly, though. You all should know that I’m not really good in keeping promises, needless to say being in a commitment. (now, that’s one of my dirty little secrets!) I love to disappear and reappear as I wish, but maybe just maybe I really should start practicing being committed on doing something regularly.

let's call it little secrets.

Here’s my first little secret not so many people knows about. Let’s start it with something not so shocking, or else I’d lost all my readers knowing the true self of this cute little tiara girl. (did I just self-proclaim myself cute? LMFAO!)

I am an Asian obsessed girl


I always believe that in my previous life (you know, before I reincarnated to be an Indonesian), I was a Chinese. I still strongly believe it until now. Please, don’t ask me where did I get the idea, I just feel it. Or at last, it would explain my secret love for anything Asian. Right, Asia the continent is too big for me to be obsessed about, so by Asian here I mean Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese/Korean.

This lead to my interest towards Asian guys, mwawaha… remember one day I posted a story about me falling for a Japanese guy? And let’s not forget that the best friend is Indonesian, yes, means Asian :P

So I stalk Asian forums, read Asian celeb articles, watch Asian dramas, listen to Asian songs (despite the fact that I don’t understand a word of the lyric), adore some of those good looking Asian entertainers, and I proudly tell you that I have a folder filled with those Asian goodies.

Oh, I even read some Asian fan fictions.

No, wait… I even write some Asian fan fictions!

And just so I can understand some Asian dramas which has no subtitle on it, I learned Mandarin, not that I’m really good on it but at least now I can understand a little (plus reading their facial expression and spoiler from here and there).

Oh, and my friend taught me how to read Korean alphabet, it’s pretty easy to read, but the grammar… Eww… not to mention the pronunciation. I always adore those Korean rappers who raps in Korean lol.

I think I’m just that obsessed, really.

What? You want to know what Asian stuff I’ve been stalking recently?

It’s a Taiwan drama series titled ‘Momo Love’, adapted from a Japanese manga about Tao Hua, a girl who’s never been in a relationship because of her FIVE overprotective brothers always got rid of those boys who ever wants to get close to her, they want the boys to be perfect; can cook, good looking (lol), healthy, smart, etc etc just like they think they are. Until one day she fell in love with Shi Lang, someone who can be considered up to the brothers’ standard.


the main leads; Cyndi Wang as Tao Hua and Jiro Wang as Shi Lang

The first episode, english subbed. I chose this second part, just to show you how scary the brothers can be, and lookie! Love at first sight scene! :D

So, do you want to join the game? Share me us your little secrets! :P



  1. ooohhhh blog makeover!! :)
    i watch a lot of dramas too haha. my housemates at uni were asian and so into korean dramas, so they dragged me into it loll
    and i've been watching chinese dramas a lot these days. i'm learning business mandarin, so it helps a bit...(that's just an excuse to watch more tv ;) )

  2. I'm fascinated by Asian designs and fabrics :), but then that's no secret. hahaha.

  3. Oh hey another new layout I see. You should add on there that you love love love to change layouts. hehehe. How many times have you changed your blog layout this year? You are so cute. I'm obsessed with Asian drama series too. The story line is always lighthearted and cute

  4. For the longest time I thought you -were- Asian, and I remember Kym (from thought -I- was Asian for the longest time, too! Because I love listening to Asian music (mostly Japanese/Korean), I love to watch epic Asian dramas and I would love to go to Japan one day. So ... we can be obsessed together haha :)

  5. Oh takes me back to when I visited my friend in Japan.. good times.

  6. lol That's a really interesting secret! At least it's not really embarrassing ;) And that show sounds great! I might have to go find it and watch it even if I don't understand it.

  7. You're a lot like my friend who loves Asian dramas. But I think you love them more. For me I've never been interested in Asian dramas - not when I have CSI (LOL)

    I think my little secret is that I'm a big fat nerd who loves the Discovery Channel.

  8. ohhhh you make me laugh so much! this obsession of yours is so cute. i am obsessed with the show Gilmore Girls!! it hasn't been airing for a while now but i have all the dvds and i will watch them over and over without shame, haha. my friend and i had our own little party for the series finale, complete with junk food and all of that. i even wrote a blog bidding them farewell..and yeah i think i secretly think they are real (ok yeah..not secretly..they are anyways that's one of my secrets!! lol. ;)

  9. Asians rock! love the post
    As for my secrets...hmmm... I'll pass for now. :)

  10. oh no! i haven't watched taiwanese dramas in so long, but now i feel like i need to check out momo love, haha.

  11. Uhhh yeah... guilty of being obsessed like you, my dear little tiara :) mehehe


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