Jul 28, 2010

Why stop dreaming when you wake up?

this is a long post, with lots of Mojo jojos. If you don’t understand what I mean, read on, lol. I’ve warned you, okay? ;P


So when I was done with all the thesis related stuff next was I have to run (literally) from one campus building to another everyday to get all the graduation-related things done.

Now, it’s all finished! All I have to do is to wait until August 19th when I’d be standing proudly in a graduation ceremony (or maybe sitting quietly, whatever, lol)





I can’t tell which one makes me happier, to finally graduated from a place I’ve been studying (if I really ever do that) for almost 4 years (3 years 9 moths), to prepare myself facing the real world (which until now I still don’t know what), or to get free from any homework and have as many time as I want to spend drawing and cooking and knitting and do all those girly (I love) stuffs.

Yes, I’ve been wanting to cook/bake since forever but I couldn’t find the perfect time when thesis was still around, but now, I can cook/bake anything I want! I think I’m gonna start it off with a chocolate cake, I have strawberries, and some golden raisin, and pineapple jam, and I know I can add extra cheese to top it. I promise I’ll share once I made it ;D (not sure with the recipe, though, I think I’ll just mix ‘em all in a bowl, lol).

--and maybe some little cupcakes later, and puddings, and tarts… and… ohhh… the possibility is endless! Mwahahaha!!!

And to sew/stitch! I know I know, it’s a new hobby, but looking around etsy and blogsphere, I found so many interesting (and say, easy to do) stitched artworks, what I want to make first? It’s this lovely embroidered love note



For sure, I’d love to spend more times drawing! It’s been forever since the last time I did this fun thing! (Oh wait, I did make some doodles last night, if you can call it an artwork, lol)

biggirlsdontcrysmall michucolored copy

And it’s adorable how I put it in weheartit and 5 hours later found 20 people have hearted my artwork, I love that site! I’ll post all my artworks there and people will heart it and I’ll rule the world! Mwahahahaha…


And to read the books I’ve bought when I didn’t even have time to read anything other than someone else’s thesis, all theories-related stuff, Greimas biography, Actantial scheme and such… Now I have the time of my life I can already imagine I read myself to sleep everyday. Yayness!

And you know that book is the window of the world or something? I read a book, I rule the world! Mwahahaha…

Anyway, as I said in the previous post, nikolett gave me a very interesting award. It’s the
You're Going Places, Baby award! Thank you :)

The Rules: Describe where you think you'll be in 10 years and then pass it along to 10 other bloggers!

Fine, it’s one of my biggest dream right now, and I’ve talked about this before, but here’s a little more detailed imagination:

Ten years from now I’d be 31, at that age I’d hopefully be married to someone I dearly love, in a little cute home, with a kid or two, aged and matured but still playful and enjoy the fun side of life, would still be able to smile as much as I do right now because they say the older you get the less you will, and I won’t want my life that way.

I want to have my one little (with branches everywhere?) little cakery.

I know, cakery is not a word, I made it up, lol. But hey! Google and Googling weren’t too once!

Why little? Because I love little things! Have you ever seen so many pretty food you want to taste them all but found yourself would be too full and bloated if you do so? I got that every single time!

So I’d sell little cupcakes, little tarts, little cookies, tea in pretty little glasses, even dishes, all in little plates! everything’s are mini sized, you won’t be too full until you insist to taste them all, and you’ll be craving for more, and littletiara with her little cakery will rule the world! mwahahaahaa...


Okay, enough Mojo jojo-ing.

My paintings/artworks would be displayed everywhere in that little comfy place, you can read (my) books too, and spend as many time as you want with your friends there. (I have this dream to draw a book, remember?).

In my imagination I’d be earning bucks from my artworks and that little cakery, and my book, and… I don’t know, I want to do all the things existed in this world. Is that called greed or curiosity?

Hopefully by then I’d have met at least ten of my bloggy friends and have traveled to at least ten countries (why ten? Because it’s ten years from now, lol).

So now I’m tagging my friends? Let’s see… Sheri, Emily, Kym, Gracie, Dionne, Mariella, Mel, Namine, Elissa, and Rika

Fine, now I’m gonna start ruling the world before the powerpuff girls hear about this newly born Mojo Jojo.

Oh well, here they come… Ciao bella!

(pictures are from weheartit, pinksuedeshoe and google)

Jul 27, 2010

minor love story

Years ago, when I was a young high school girl there was a minor love story I had…

It all started with a desk, and a piece of paper…


It was exam time, we switched classes. Someone sat in my seat, when I came back in the evening I found a poem, a really pretty poem of a heart that was breaking. I didn’t know who wrote that, but the words captured my heart, so I wrote a poem on the same paper and left it there.

The next day under my poem was another poem, a new one, I replied again, and found another poem the day after, it continued everyday during exam week.

On the last day of exam, I figured who wrote those letters, he figured who was the owner of that seat. We exchanged glances, smiled to each other and said nothing.

That was pretty much the ending of the story, we never talked to each other. Whenever we met, we smiled to each other. A silent salutation in a smile, a smile that said “how are you” and “I’m fine thank you”, a smile with silent “have a nice day” in it.

Years later, I found him on friendster (yeah, not facebook yet) and he left a comment (or testimonial?) saying… Ah, here it is, the desk owner. The one who exchanged poems with me :)

It could’ve been a pretty romantic love story. He was one of the most romantic guy I’ve ever met, his words are of poets, everything rhymed, everything beautiful, strong and captivating, swooning. But no, we stopped there, nothing more happened and I’m pretty much contented with it.

Although some nights I’d love to imagine how would it be like to have such romantic boyfriend.

Does that consider cheating? :P

Anyway, nikolett gave me a very interesting award, gotta post something about it soon.

Jul 20, 2010

So I Lied

The work is not over yet.

Worse, I have so many things to be done at such a short time.


No, that's not worse, it's just the same. lol.

Jul 16, 2010

lovely lovely day

I did it! I finished it! And I came out alive and well! *YAY!*

What should I write here? I don't even know... lol, I've survived the final test and although there are still several things to be done (like editing all my mistakes and face those killer professors all over again) I am announced FREE!

I don't even care that the professors said my work could've been better, I have so much more important things to do once I'm freed from that obligation! One of it is to have fun and create artworks everyday! and hang out with Le Boy every now and then, and goes online as many times as I want and sha-la-la... I don't know what else but everything seems brighter and better now, haha! :P

No more thesis blocking my way to do what I want to do!

The graduation will be held in August, and I can't wait to wear the Kebaya my mother had specially ordered for me, it's dark purple and I am so much in love with the fabric once I saw it, it's not done yet but once it is, I will show it off to you guys, haha...

Anyway, I don't remember much of what happened in '
THE room' (lol), all I know is that when I stepped out of the room, I found so many of my friends sitting and said, "there she is! OMG! She survived!" (lol!), they said I spent an hour and a half with the profs and honestly, inside, it didn't feel that long, I wasn't actually nervous although there are some questions I didn't know how to answer, I pretty much enjoyed the ride, hehe...

To find my friends outside was such a nice surprise, and it gave me a really nice warm feeling :)

anyway, I spent the rest of the day (after busied myself with some academical stuffs and running around from one uni building to another) with Le Boy, of course!  A very nice way to celebrate indeed! :D

and that was just how I realized we're really weird and unlike any other couple, we bicker and mock each other and look at other guys and girls and talk about ex-s and complaining about how boring each other is and such and we got along pretty much well still.

weird couple indeed.

But I think every couple has their uniqueness, it's just that my relationship seems to be too close to the edge of weirdness, lol. I love him so very much still :)
The night ended with a silly conversation

Him (as an architect): Look! There's a new project going on there! You should ask the landlord about it!
Me: About what?
Him: You know, how wide is the land, who is the owner, have they got the permission, how long will it take to build blah blah blah... (I can't remember whatever else he was talking about)
Me: and what will I get if I do that?
Him: *thinking* hmm.... a very very nice sweet loving kiss from me
Me: Mmm... I think I can get many of it without even doing so...
Him: Shoot! You know me all too well! :O


another talk... (took place a few meter after that architectural talk) he realized that I never really say 'yes' when he offers something to give to me, honestly it's not because I don't like it or something, I just don't think it's that important. OR because what he offers is something like "can I just drop you off here?" when we were in the middle of nowhere -- this case happens more often, duh!

Him: why do you seem to say 'no' to everything? Don't tell me you will say no too to get married with me, or have family with me, or when I ask for little children...

God, thank you for giving me the most incredible boyfriend, really, Thank YOU.

Baby I love you

I never want to let you go
the more I think about
the more I want to let you know
that everything you do
is super duper cute
and I can't stand it...

(never shout never - can't stand it)

Jul 13, 2010

This Friday

It will all end this Friday, it's the time when I'm gonna do the final presentation for my thesis. I'm not sure if I'm ready enough for this upcoming event, but heck, ready or not, I have to be! So please dear readers, wish me luck! This is the last step before I can finally jump and say, "YEAH!".


And to add the nervousness (which is actually needless, because I'm prety much having cold sweats everyday now after it was announced Friday to be THE day), those professors who are going to test me are the most killer ones. means the meanest, the scariest, the eldest, the... I should stop here, before I faint here, lololol.

So here I am now, hoping and praying for everything to be okay, especially for myself. I need to remind myself to keep breathing, lol. Man! This is so tense! D:

ps. I'm sorry if you can't find me around the blogsphere these days, I'm busy taking care of myself, but I promise once it's all over, I'll get back to you babies! ;D

Jul 6, 2010



1. I’ve finished my thesis :) I’ve turned it in to my department so all I have to do now is praying while waiting for my department to call me and tell me when will I have to do the presentation, which is the last step of my path! After done with that I’ll be free!

2. Me and my friends went swimming yesterday :D and that was such an opportunity to test my newest lomo camera! So we had fun snap snap shoot underwater, and the result? Oh, they’re perfectly fine for me :D I’m so satisfied with the result!

here are some of them:


Looks like so much fun? It definitely is! :D

3. Le boy is still away, and I still miss him just the same, and love him even more each day.

Nice, I close this post very much cheesily (<--- that, is NOT even a word)! hahaha ;P

ps. I don't know what's happening, I got notifications that you commented and I got the comment via email, but they don't appear here :| but I really appreciate all your comments! Keep 'em coming! :D

Jul 1, 2010

Of love, thesis, and water

I know you all might be bored already reading this blog according to what I write is only about: 1. My thesis, which seem to be never ending, and 2. Le Boy, which usually is overly cheesy. And surprise surprise, in this post I’ll talk about them again, booyah!

Wait, first of all, I’d love to talk about something else, I ordered this camera two days ago and now am waiting for the package to come, I hope it’s coming all the soonest because 1. I can’t wait to use it, and 2. This is the first time I ordered thing online, I hope everything will be well.

Oh, what camera you ask? Here it is! LOMO AQUA PIX.

Look at those colorful cuties!

Imagine how fun it is to have such cute camera, that can shoot pictures underwater,  without the need of battery, and at such a very low low prize (it’s only around $15-$20) it’s an all in one for me, of course I can’t resist it :D

Guess what color I ordered? Oh, me being the girly me, I choose the special edition one, it’s white :D

A14 - B A14 -A

I know you all envy me, ha-ha! Now… let’s pray for the package to come the soonest. I can’t wait! I can’t wait!

On a different note, anyone notice how messy and unstructured this post is? I think I’m losing my writing ability, been writing too much (for thesis, of course) and I’m all too tired to write even more, yes, there are more to write before I can proudly say: Yay I’m finished!

So I’ve finished the main part, but there are still more… like resume, and abstract, and things like those… that has to be done in French (oh my holy!) Which I need to finish this week, or, more accurately, today. So I can submit it in next Monday to be presented, in my final, final-est final (I know, that’s not even a word) before 10th this month.

While today is  the very day Le Boy went to Singapore, for a business vacation (yes, both of them, I believe he can’t live doing nothing and just enjoy his vacation, he’s one hyperactive little boy anyway). Problem is, neither me nor him know when will he be back here.

Kinda annoying to realize that at times like this when I need his support the most he has to go far away (and it’s for vacation! Gee! Can’t he wait a little while?), but then, that makes a weird sensation for me, my goal for now?

I want it once he comes back here, I can tell him, “Congratulations, you now have a bachelor of literature girlfriend.” in which I may add… “She’s kind of free tomorrow, so can you two go swimming tomorrow? Because now she has a very cool camera that can shoot underwater”.

ps. Okay, he went this morning and I miss him already. I think it's good.

edit: IT ARRIVED TODAY! YAY! Hahaha...

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