Jun 26, 2015

Life Lately

I'm still aliveeeee! Hehe... Just have to say it, I mean like.. ehehe... Sorry I kinda disappeared but.. eh, you know... life happens and I just kinda leave my laptop in the office (everyday) so I couldn't update but other than that yeah... I was just... lazy.. :p

Anyway, I'm back now! Kkkk~ this is like the 1972836463 times I am back lol... sooooo uh.. what's up? Hehe.. anyone miss me? :3 no? uhm... okay.. lol...

SO I've moved to (back) to Yogyakarta, which is practically my hometown and got a pretty cute nice job here. I mean, so far, it's not as boring as what I did before, lol. And I love that I got to connect to people more, I get to meet more people too. So I guess, drawing as a job isn't really for me. I mean, I love doing it as a hobby but I don't want to do it as an obligation, it makes drawing feel more boring and losing the fun part.

Now about my life here, I've surprisingly started drawing even more now that it is not my job (lol). I use it as an escape, so I'm not doing the same thing all the time :3 you get what I mean?

Life's been good, I enjoy my job, I love my free time, I made new friends, so yeah~ life's good!

And guess who's coming to Korea again this Halloween? Yay! LOL. This time I'll go there with my mom and brother! LOL xD seriously, though... I just thought this year I don't want to explore alone, so I contacted my list of friends and ask them but eeeh... I guess it's just too sudden (yeah, I love doing spontaneous stuff soo..) and then I remembered my brother and he agreed, and I told my mom asking for permission and she was like "I wanna join too!" lol... so there we go..

I've been looking for a decent place to stay and try to make a decent itinerary (since I never had one). LOL, this is kinda new, I imagine things will be quite hectic since mommy is included but I guess it'll be more fun, too! xD

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