Mar 15, 2012

start the countdown already

So my birthday is coming in like... uh... 5 hours? Yeah, 23 soon and I'm not sure how I feel. I am happy, sure thing, but I am pretty disappointed, why haven't I reach much when I'm already this old? I need to be more productive, meet more people, know more things, learn more, feel more... *pouts* why do I feel like I am not going anywhere?

So for this year, for the successful 23 year old girl, I pray. May this year be fabulous, ecstatic, full of surprises and adventures, new friends, lessons learned, cool stuff to do, love more, more love, let me be me, let me find me. Amen!

On another note, guess who's going to South Korea this summer? Yes. This (soon-to-be) 23 year old girl! Soooo.. the adventures is quite starting already, I guess? Hell yessss... anyone who reads this blog is from Korea? Or familiar with Korea? I'm so clueless but I'm ready for the upcoming things~

I'm kinda excited about the fact that I can go explore the coffee shops over there :} hahah... 

Mar 3, 2012

sh-sh-shoes and shirts

two years ago when I just started writing blog, I didn't have any high heels in my shoe rack, at all. How I become such a shoe-addict, I'll never know, nor do I care about it. All I know is now I'm in love with those pretty things called shoes.

I've changed a lot, I guess. I still wear my converse, of course. And flat shoes. They're so useful for long walks, I love them. And of course high heels, they're so pretty, they make me feel pretty although it does tire the crap out of me, lol.

I'm not really sure about this post's purpose, I just took some pictures of my favorite shoes and I thought I should just share, not that any of you care about it, anyway. Hahaha... but that's what blogs are for, no?

the ones I wear regularly to campus, hahaha... you can see a pair of purple crocs there. Honestly speaking, I never really wear it, because it looks weird to wear in any occasion. I didn't buy it, my aunty did, not for me but for her daughter, but it was too small for her so she gave it to me (size 4-5 hereeeeeee...). Two sneakers because I love them so much and yes, I wear them with dresses, hahaha... and flats, my favorite!

a closer look to my favorite everbest flats. Mom bought it for me because she got a discount if she buys two pairs. Yeah right! This one is just soooo comfortable to walk on, I'm in love. Okay, honestly the weird details in the front isn't my favorite, but oh well.

Wear it often, especially when I know I'll have to run to the class because I'm a bit late, hahahahaha...

and did you notice that one of the buttons disappear in one of the shoes? LOL... I did that, so now it's uneven. Nobody seems to notice, though, lololol.

of course, the high neck converse shoes! I wear it when I have to bring lots of books, hahaha... it's just too hard to wear high heels when you're carrying loads of books. I don't like that, lol.

Okay, so one day I went to the transmigration office to take care of my passport with this shoes on, a big backpack and pretty pouty face (because of the long line), the officer told me to bring my parents' id. Apparently he thought I was under 17... should I cry? Was it a compliment???

I was looking for a wedged converse, can't find it anywhere. Then I found this pretty pair, I think it's the line that makes it look converse-ish (I know it's not even a word, whatever). I love how it looks sporty and girly at the same time. It's just too high that I rarely wear it, lololol.. but I love this shoes so much <3

I literally gasped when I found this! I was looking for a wedges shoes with lace all over and this is exactly what I was looking for! I love this pair so much that I rarely wear it, hahahaha... I only wear it on special occasions, like weddings or party. Wore it once to uni and all my friends are swooning over it. It's really pretty, neh?

my favorite heels, the heels aren't so high so it's not tiring. and I love the round toe, and the color, and the little details, and... okay, I love everything about this high heels. My personal favorite ;)

told ya, this post is kinda pointless, hahaha... I hope you don't mind me showing off my favorite shoes. What kind of shoes do you love? Sneakers? Heels? Stiletto? Wedges? Platform? Loafers? :D

on a different note, I was playing with my photoshop and old stock again today, look what I made...

looks doable? plausible? pretty lovable? what do you think? :D
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