Nov 15, 2010

projects projects!

Oh my dear! Here I am for real! Haha… Okay, I know I’ve been missing in action for like.. I don’t know… I just couldn’t find time to update until today :) what? You want to know where was I? Okay, I’ve been doing some projects with my friends and cousins. Here are some of the major project I did/been doing:

1. Project JUNKtion.
status: done (for now, maybe continued later)
partner: The Best Friend

There was a business competition and the Best Friend asked me to be his partner in this, what we had to do is to make a business proposal, so the project is all about junks and garbage, we collect and recycle them, make a place for those junks and people to learn more about them. That’s the idea.

We didn’t win the competition, though, so the project stopped (lol) but later if there’s another business proposal competition, we’ll join in again, haha! I had fun doing this project, really. We visited the landfills (which, as expected, is SO smelly) and for once, I saw those junks and garbage as hills and hills of money, haha! ($.$)

2. Project handmade
status: ongoing
partner: me, myself and I

My favorite project so far, although I’ve yet to make money from it, hahaha :P. So few weeks ago I found this fabric marker and my brain instantly worked on “OHISHOULDMAKESOMETHINGOUTOFIT!” Haha… so here goes… my little creation (which maybe I’ll sell later? Who knows? :P)

So I learnt to sew, and draw on fabric (harder than I thought, but fun!) and ta-daah! Here' goes little plushies I made! :D

14112010043 14112010041
My favorite I don’t know why, haha… it looks like a painting little plushie

 14112010033 14112010048 
This little red heart makes me run out of the red ink, lol. I should’ve thought about it earlier, lol. But I love it anyway :)

 14112010036 14112010035
I tried to make a plushie of my friend, lol. Not bad, I guess… hoho…

 14112010046  14112010045
it’s… uhm… something, I’m not really sure what, hahaha… so random!

3. Project writing
Status: ongoing
Partner: A college friend

From a chat once upon a time, we came up with an idea to write stories together. We are two very different people, and we thought it would be really fun to write about something from our perspectives.

unluckily, this project is in Indonesian so most of you couldn’t enjoy it (yet), but maybe later we’ll make the english version of it, who knows?  ;)

We’ve agreed to make a themed stories every couple of days, and just by seeing our writing we could see just how different our way of thinking and perspectives are :) FUN FUN FUN!

4. Project ‘a place to eat’
Status: ongoing
Partner: My cousins, Le Boy

Remember I wanted to make a little cakery? Or cafe? Okay, so I think I’m steps closer to make them, I started off with little place to eat and hang out. We (me and my cousins) rented a place and now is in our way to open it soon! :D

look what I’ve made! it’s kinda big, non?

and Le Boy is helping by being the architectural consultant here,  hohoho... (nice excuse for us to meet, no? :P)

Me, being so focused drawing, Ohohoho… the artist is on the run! So I hand-painted all the details, in this room! :D I am kinda proud of it!

and here is the completed tree in one of the side of the room! :D

12112010What do you think? What do you think? What do you think?

Ahh… I’m so excited with all these projects going on, I know people been telling me to focus on only one but I think it’s just this much Le Boy affected me, I couldn’t stop finding things to do and I still feel like I haven’t done much! WOW. Haha… I feel like trying to do everything!

So wish me luck with all these projects! :D Oh the future is today!

Nov 5, 2010



For you who follows me on twitter, I’ve been twitting and re-tweeting lots of stuffs in Indonesian. I hope it doesn’t annoy you.I’ve been talking and sharing/spreading information about Mt. Merapi, world’s most active volcano 40km from my house that had been erupting since October 26th.

It had been said that the eruption this year is the biggest during the last 100 years so I hope nothing bad will happen. I felt almost all the way to selfish when I read my previous post in this blog worrying about myself when hundreds people out there, in the same city don’t even know if where they can sleep tonight.

Mount Merapi is all the way in north Yogyakarta, and my house is in the south side, and for once I am thankful for it. Right now, my cousins are coming to my house because their boarding houses are pretty near (about 20 kms) from the volcano.

I am both sad and proud. It’s never a pleasuring sight to know a disaster, but it makes me proud to see that so many people, my friends, people I know, Yogyakarta’s citizen are all together trying to help each other, being volunteers, donating money, etc. I know I can’t do much but I even the littlest thing counts.

Nov 1, 2010

bad mood go away! Shoo shoo!


I really don’t like it when I’m feeling pessimistic, and lately, that’s what’s happening to me. I think and think and think and at one point, I can’t help but feeling afraid.

What if the business I’m going to do isn’t succeeded? What if it meets lots of obstacles I can’t handle? What if people don’t like it? What if I can’t find another boy and stuck on Le Boy? What if it takes me too long to get over him and I’ll be too late and every single boy is taken and I got none?

For those in happier mood, this post must be ridiculous, I know.

Blame the whole day out, spending time in the city completing the preparation for the business; getting back home very late at night on my scooter and the rain fell so suddenly I got home all drenched.

Ah… I hope this bad mood can go far far far away all the soonest! I do enjoy all the business talk, but I do miss hanging out with my friends chatting and just gossiping.

and of course, I miss spending time with Le Boy. Well I do, as we are now business partners, but the whole thing feels different. We’re good and everything’s okay between us, I just hate the fact that sometimes I still act stupid in front of him like I used to and he will laugh at me and that… feels quite nostalgic, except that maybe he now thinks I am really stupid instead of cute and funny.

ps. Yes, I am now business partners with both Le Boy and The Best Friend, how cool that is? Lol. I just can't let them go far from me, huh? And hopefully, vice versa :P

pps. On a quite different note, Abby is holding her first giveaway! She's giving away very irresistible Givenchy, no worries! This giveaway is open world wide! :D Now, if I win this, I'm sure the bad mood will go instantly, lol :P

Here are the rules (Copy-pasted from Abby's blog):

1. Follow her blog
2. Post about this giveaway
3. Leave a comment in her giveaway post with your link and email address

Easy peasy, no? ;)
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