Feb 26, 2009

Princess time

Me and my friends were hanging out and found this little tiaras, so we decided to bought one per person, and then of course we have to take a picture with it, right? So well, I just want to share our little princesses crazy time since I have no idea of what I want to post about. Man, we love little tiaras and dresses and balloons and of course tights, oh, opaque. (I got this uploaded on my fb too, though. So if you’re my facebook friend, you’ve probably seen it…)


umm… Aline was jumping while the rest are doing… nothing important.


So me and Nanette were fighting over a balloon.


now it’s sunglasses time!


and tights time!


this one? Balloons time!


and glasses time again?


I’m the princess of fish face, no one can beat me!


is it finally sweet?


just had some fun with balloons…again…


and again…

Feb 20, 2009


10 things you wish you could say to ten different people right now.


9. I'm sorry that I don't love you as much as yesterday, and I think I love you a little less

8. Stop talking about your girlfriend, I've had enough story of you two already

7. HALO breakup is shocking, I know it is, just, sorry to hear that

6. Stop thinking dirty about every girl you see, please!

5. Yes sir, give me an A or two (or more) again this semester, please?

4. Thank you for always being there, understanding me. Let's go to together!

3. Thanks for all the advices and helps, I wouldn't reach anywhere without you.

2. Can you just get her out of our house?

1. I love you. forever and ever and nothing's gonna change that. I swear, I'll love you two

9 things about yourself

9. I'm childish and everyone knows that and I love that

8. I'm sometimes smart and clever

7. I love new things and friends

6. I love talking a.lot.

5. Like a movie title, I've never been kissed, yep, up.' Would somebody just give me one, please?

4. I am a loyal lover

3. I love any kind of music

2. I love my parents and my families and my friends

1. I love darkness. Yep.

8 ways to win your heart

8. Be handsome, lol!

7. Be pocketful of money! Aww!

6. Be fun to chat with

5. Be smart

4. Be in love with my childlikeness

3. Be loyal

2. Be stronger than me

1. Be yourself

7 things that cross your mind

7. I stole some of Ling Jie's answers for the question above

6. How is it the best way to fire her? (LOL!)

5. Should I post this on fb, blog, or both?

4. Must I continue watching HEROES for the sake of the super handsome villain, Sylar?

3. I need to change the song on my player, but I'm too lazy to do it.

2. Peter and Elle

1. F.Land, money, birthday, party, skripsi, KKN

6 things you do before you go to sleep

6. Plays Solitaire on my laptop

5. Reads some Syelle stories

4. Turns off the computer

3. Reads random books

2. Turns off the light

1. Closes my eyes, imagining good things

5 people who mean a lot

I'll cheat here xP, because of course, five isn’t even close to enough!

5. Krls, the closest online friend

4. Escape crews! + Kay, they're the smarties, no, the GENIUS

3. Keluarga Cendana, (Lil miss sunshines are on it, right?), MMC (Aww, I do miss you TOO
MUCH guys!)

2. Badak, for being the best cousin and adviser and (soon) boss. Pay me more, Sir!

1. My Mom and Dad, they're ONE!

4 things you're wearing right now

4. My purple-pink Pjs (and it's almost 9AM)

3. ---

2. ---

1. Seriously, I'm only on my Pjs... LOL!

3 songs that you listen to often

3. Secondhand Serenade - Fall for you

2. Mr. Curiousity - Jason Mraz

1. F*ck you - Lili Allen (SERIOUSLY CUTE!)

2 things you want to do before you die

2. Make my parents proud of me

1. Get married

1 confession

1. I'm in love with nobody right now, so I try focusing my mind to my study and school. Let's finish it all ASAP go to together!

I tag YOU! Don’t ever lie to me, lol! I know you read it. xP

Feb 17, 2009

Tiara; .Love.Twenty.Money.Study.

There are plenty of things I have in my mind lately, the title kind of sum them up.


mwuahOh, come on, who never thinks of love? I feel kind of stuck right now, stuck and anesthetized. I hate the feeling of nothing. I love nobody; I have a crush on no one, which means I won’t beam seeing someone just because I don’t have any feeling towards anyone.

This numbness bores me, seriously. It’s even worse than a broken heart. Not that I want my heart to be broken (yet again), it’s just that I miss the feeling of liking someone, the feeling of my cheeks turning red and I can’t help smiling when a certain guy passes before me, or when I steal glances slyly, or even the feeling of being caught off hand when I stare at him with a redden cheek on my face. Oh how I miss the feeling of loving. I just can’t seem to find a right guy to be loved right now.


icon_birthdaybearTrue, I’m turning twenty pretty soon and I can’t stop myself from thinking about it. It’s not about the party (although sometimes I do think about what kind of party I should throw…). More of it is thinking twenty makes me realize that sooner or later I’m going to deal with life myself, I’ll have my own life, I’ll control it, and once again, not that I don’t control it right now.

I will soon be able to join twenty something blogger, realizing that this is my most productive time. Honestly, I hope my dreams should all be achieved in my twenty something year old. To tie the knot, to get a job, to own a family, to give birth, to hold a baby (or two?), to raise my child; it all should start in my twenty something.

Let’s see what I can do; finished my master before 24, get a job shortly after that, get married by 26, and have a baby around 27.

Now, let me promise myself to accomplish all that on my twenties.


noiconJust as much as I love money, I need to save them, seriously. I’m starting to think that I can’t rely on my parents forever; there shall be times when they can finally rely on me. I may not ever be able to give them all they had given to me, but at the very least, I’ll try to keep the happiness within them.

I’m not gonna say that money is the cause of happiness, it isn’t. But I try not to be a hypocrite right now, whoever needs no money must be a holy someone. And neither me nor my family member is a holy someone, we need money just as much as you do, or maybe even more so.

I plan to continue my master abroad and I know really clearly that it will need money. I shall try not to keep bothering my parents, I know I still will, but at least, I make some contribution of my very own.


fhgvjhLet me tell you something even my parents don’t know.

My parents never seem to be proud of what I’ve achieved in uni, not even when I got 3.6 points out of 4.0. That’s not the matter, though. Myself is the matter.

I am bored studying French literature, enough said. I stay just because I’ve my parents have paid it, and I study harder because I need to must finish it as soon as possible, before I got too bored to carry on.

And I’ve vowed to myself to get it all finished by 2010.

Pray hard for me, baby!

Picture of The Post:

Don’t understand the message? Neither do I, lol.

No, I want you all to see my determination when I write this post, I am serious, yep. I’m glad to know that I have my life planned.

Other than that, I love my eyes ;P.

Feb 12, 2009


Me and my friends went to a funfair few nights ago, it had been a long time since the last time I went to any funfair or theme park, so it was quite… fun, yeah! Basically, the things we did there were only took pictures (read: camwhoring) and looking for some clothes, I found a cute shirt, with capuche and best, very very affordable price, I won’t tell you how much, I don’t want you to have a heart attack, seriously… cheap.

I have no idea about what to say here, so I’ll just drown you in my pile of photo ;P

me and Aline, go geek glasses!

I have the ferris wheel on me!

we, who went there and rock the night

this one is called; feminism


I’m one of these rangers!

little pink bicycle

picture of the day:

the message:
Of course the best part of any funfair, the Ferris wheel!

Have a little loads of fun in your life!

Feb 10, 2009

Honey, it’s olive!


Suddenly I found out that during this one month holiday I have a theme of mood every week:

week1: have fun, period.

Basically, I only had fun this first week of holiday, I went hanging out with my friends almost very weekday and had a fun family trip on the weekend ;D

week2: read and write

I did read a lot of thing in the second week, I want my holiday to be quite useful so I borrowed some books to read in the library (and I ended up finished only one out of three books, damn.) And I did write a lot too, not only blog but also stories I don’t really want you to read ;P

week3: cooking time!

Everyday is cooking day, I tried almost every recipe I found in my mom’s recipe book, internet, and even went to a bookstore to find some new dishes, turned out quite succeeded, phew.

week4: beauty and fashion

I googled a lot about make ups, beauty gossip and fashion thing. Went to a funfair and bought some pieces of new clothes and tried out some old beauty secret.

Today, while having no mommy idea (read: cook), I came out with a girl idea instead. I’ve decided; with or without boyfriend, I have to be a better girl, and I mean it.

I read some make-up tips but then I found out that I have no plan to go outside today, no make up tutorial needed today so I ended up taking care of my whole body, and because I’m a kindhearted girl, I’ll show you some of my beauty secrets ;)

1.) hair

Started with my hair, I found the recipe today, it is to apply some amount of olive oil to your hair, it’ll enhanced the growth of your hair and of course make it smoother and healthier ;) I’ve always been a fan of olive oil, but I never know that it can be useful for my hair too. After you apply it on your hair, just wash it like usual (with shampoo, of course).

I love my current shampoo because it really rehydrate my dry hair, but now I love it even better after I tried the wonderful olive oil.

2.) Lips

This recipe is famous already, with sugar and honey and lemon. No, we’re not going to make a lime squash, lol. Dry lips? Chopped lips? honey to the rescue!It’s easy, quick, cheap and works really fast! and I mean really fast!

Just crush the sugar (preferably brown sugar), put a little honey on it, and also the lemon. scrub this mixture to your lips.

The sugar is used as a scrub, and honey is well knows as “nature’s perfect food” (and I hella agree!), and the lemon is optional, but it surely will supplies you more vitamin C.

the best thing about this secret recipe is, you can even lick the sweetness! ;D

3.) Face

I never really have a problem with my skin, and I thank God for that, my mom used to tell me to apply some amount of honey (yes! It’s honey again!) to my face, after several minutes, just was it with warm water, so refreshing!

4.) Body

So basically, my secret is only about honey and olive, because I use olive body scrub to get my skin all healthy and moisturized, and I love it, and I love the fact that people love it too.

Picture of the day:


Nothing really, I just love the beauty shape of the lamp plus the rain drops. Took it when I went to … hmm… one beach I don’t really remember…

Basically, I just think it’s beautiful, that’s why ;D

PS: So I found hella lot of grammar mistakes and such, but you know how lazy I am so... bear with it xP

Feb 6, 2009

iconization (again)

Let’s just say that I have nothing else to do (anymore), I’ve finished cooking the calamari ring and it’s actually a success ;) and I’m in no mood of reading neither the infamous ‘Le Jardinière blah-blah’ nor ‘trois jours chez ma mere’, so I ended up… yeah, photoshopping again. I started with happy colors and pictures but then… I don’t know, lol. I just have more gloomy pic I think…

3317147341qn3 sunflower5rv_edited-1 tomboy_edited-2 1165243768gr0d9267uu0ev4_edited-2 stock226my4k 23371289akn3_edited-1 23371289akn3 l_edited-1 l x1azk4 stock01qijj8_edited-1 stock01qijj8 x8zjm3_edited-2 x8zjm3_edited-1 34pl1 27cd1_edited-1 27cd1 10 (2) 0k32 stock13fc8 beach1oy

personally, I love the second from the last icon, that flower thing. I love the color and I don’t even remember how I did that, duh. Love the balloon thing too, and converse versus sky, too. Basically, I just love them, lol.

and last but not least… (I’m going to have this section every time I post from now on.)

Picture of the day:

I took the picture when I went with my family to Prambanan temple,

I love the greenery, the solitude, the… picture, lmfao!

the message:

What do you think? Of course it’s “Let’s keep our environment green baby!”

I don’t want my child and grandchild to not know about how beautiful the color of green is, global warming isn’t a joke.

Feb 4, 2009

iLove (part ii)


Watching “Nanny 911” scares me somehow, and I can’t help but cringe whenever I see how brutal children can be, but that’s not the important part. One day I watched it with my dad and I commented about how a kid can be a scary little monster, and my dad simply said, “You know, you were even more than just those kids (on TV) when you were at their age”.


I’ve heard stories about myself when I was a (really) little girl. Me and my cousin used to play with snakes (and please don’t ask me how could I be that crazy), me and my cousin’s first crime was to cause our maid (or was it babysitter?) cried! (For real, this one story is so famous but none of us –the criminals remember any part of it, such a shame), I loved to separate too far from them and hide under whatever thing I saw when we went to the mall, I loved candies too much that I got toothache very often, I loved to climb high things I saw, did dangerous things and… you know, I can go on forever if I really have to write all my crimes.

I don’t know how my parents can bear that freaking annoying little me, it’s even harder to imagine how someone so annoying like me can have kids in the future, how should and would I react to their every actions? If I can time travel, I don’t even know what to do to ‘tame’ my young self. I really need to learn a LOT from my parents.

They may not be the best parents out there, they spoil me too much, they give me almost every single thing I want while I don’t actually need it. I know that’s not a really nice thing to do but heck, that’s fun. I know there may be some things they forget to teach me about, that maybe they’ve done some mistakes while I’m growing up watching them, they don’t have strict rules the Nannies give every week, nor having a reward thing whenever I do something right, I don’t remember them saying “Great Job!” or “Smart girl!” if I do something oh-so-great (and I thank God they don’t, though. :P it seems quite [o.0;] eww… for me, haha…). Life doesn’t always go your way, right? Not even if you’re Nanny or super Nanny, that’s how life works.

Mine is quite perfect already with my little parents that I love very very very much.

Feb 3, 2009

iLove (part i)


I fell in love with the song the first time I heard this song, Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman, a sweet (and quite sad) song about a father whose daughter is going to marry soon. These lines had my eyes watery…

Oh I dance with Cinderella
I don't wanna miss even one song
'Cuz all too soon, the clock will strike midnight
and she'll be gone

(Steven Curtis Chapman; Cinderella)

*the whole lyric is even more touching, I swear.

That’s sweet how he calls his daughter ‘Cinderella’ and sad at the very same time how he apparently realizes that however, his Cinderella will go sooner or later, and how he can only dance with her while she is there in his arms.

And I can’t help but think on how my dear!Daddy would feel when it’s my time to marry.

I know, I’m talking about my future marriage too much.

I’ve went to a lot of wedding parties before, but the most touching of all was my aunt’s one. Maybe because I saw the rituals and I know her personally and of course, because I was already mature enough to see that when a girl is married to someone, she’s no longer her parents’, she’s her husband’s. I don’t know if it applied in other countries, but in Indonesia it does.

Knowing myself, as one spoiled little girl, I (more or less even more) always do something that annoy people around me, especially my parents, I love to talk with my dad when I clearly know that he’s damn sleepy after working all day (mostly only to get his attention, yeah. Damn me), I can talk about whatever thing I want to, which most of the time, is not so important, and the loveliest thing is that he will always gives me a respond (read: the attention I need want) to whatever subject I talk about.

With my mother (the one who is even more spoiled than me), we talk about boys, a lot. We talk about my crushes, about her ex-s, about my dad, how they met and fell for one another, and even, about handsome idol guys we saw on TV.

Until now, I spend most of my lifetime with them and honestly it’s quite hard to imagine that one day I would no longer live with them. And believe me, it’s even harder to imagine that there is someone able to look after control me better than them (read; future husband), you seriously need a GREAT imagination.

[to be continued]

I know it’s quite weird to have a continuous post, but I wrote too much about this special thing I love, so I decided to split it two.

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