Feb 6, 2009

iconization (again)

Let’s just say that I have nothing else to do (anymore), I’ve finished cooking the calamari ring and it’s actually a success ;) and I’m in no mood of reading neither the infamous ‘Le Jardinière blah-blah’ nor ‘trois jours chez ma mere’, so I ended up… yeah, photoshopping again. I started with happy colors and pictures but then… I don’t know, lol. I just have more gloomy pic I think…

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personally, I love the second from the last icon, that flower thing. I love the color and I don’t even remember how I did that, duh. Love the balloon thing too, and converse versus sky, too. Basically, I just love them, lol.

and last but not least… (I’m going to have this section every time I post from now on.)

Picture of the day:

I took the picture when I went with my family to Prambanan temple,

I love the greenery, the solitude, the… picture, lmfao!

the message:

What do you think? Of course it’s “Let’s keep our environment green baby!”

I don’t want my child and grandchild to not know about how beautiful the color of green is, global warming isn’t a joke.


  1. cool! you can actually put the Picture of the Day on the sidebar instead of in your blog post. So, whether or not you post a story, you can still update the picture of the day everyday.

  2. oh! SO right! LOL. Now you inspire me, then... I'll have to know, HOW to do that?

  3. just copy the code of the image from the one on your post and paste it on a HTML empty box that you can choose from "Add Page Element".

  4. again...i love what you do! do you take the photos yourself? my bf got me a new point & shoot for my bday, so i am so excited about that! the last three photos were taken with that, and i think the difference is stunning. i still need a pro camera but you knowww one of these days!! hehe ;)

    let's see i love that pink flower one too!! and the dock, and the headphones, and the converse, and the lil red house! love it! :)

  5. oh, no Lisa baby, I didn't take those pic. I'm not that great, yet (on one point in my life I will be... xP) those are stock pictures, I iconized them only, cropped and colored ;)

  6. I love the balloon one!!! And I agree, the Converse and the sky one is cute too, but the balloons are definitely my fave. :)


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