Mar 22, 2011

Winner! Winner!

:O I know I promised to announce the winner on the 21st but I was in such a bad mood (blame pms, darls…. lol) so it is delayed, I hope you won’t get mad at me *shield myself* haha…

Alright, so I asked random generator and here are the lucky darlings :D

random3 random2 random

14 Courtney from Kitten Roar; 16 Rika from Lost Wanderer and 6 Krissy from I am Krissy!

Congratulations winner! Please do send me your address to my email:

I really hope I can send everyone the gift but of course I am not rich enough to do that, haha… but well… let’s we all pray that I will soon so I can have another giveaway soon :D

Mar 14, 2011

celebration time

So I’ve finished the coloring of “dance in the wild” and I gotta say I am quite contented with it. I love the complexity of the black and white version, but then, I also love the colorful version. I know most of you commented that you liked the black and white version better but I hope you’re changing your mind now because I’m giving three of it away to celebrate my birthday which would also be the opening of littletiara shoppe on march 16th, printed on a A6 thick paper. So I guess it’s time to say YAY! :D


along with this print I will also include a notebook with the cover of your choice :) you can choose your favorite design to be the cover here in the littletiara shoppe. How good is that sound? Good enough? Here are some of them.


How to join the giveaway?

(1.) just leave me a comment here about anything you want to talk about :)
(2.) please do take a look around my little shoppe and tell me which design is your favorite to be your little notebook cover.
(3.) if you’re feeling generous, please do tell your friends about this giveaway  (and/or my shoppe) :D
There, leave separate comments for each one :)

I will announce the winner on march 21st :) *just because I love the number 21 hahaha…

PS. If you can’t access the shoppe, go here (clickityclickclick) –it’s my portfolio.

add: This giveaway is open worldwide sooo anyone can join! :D

Mar 8, 2011

a little memo for boys


I found this quote on tumblr and I just have to disagree…

Just remember, every girl before me was a mistake and every girl after me will be a downgrade.


I believe, me and my fellow girls are the best, none of us is better from another. It’s just that maybe I don’t suit you, and other girl does. Maybe someone doesn’t suit you, but I do, and it takes time to find the right one.

Nobody is lower than another, so no worries, the girl before me wasn’t a mistake, she’s someone you must be thankful of for the lesson she gave and memories she shared with you. And the one after me might be the one you’ve been looking for, the one who can give you what you’ve always wanted (which I couldn’t be-I’m sorry), she’s not a downgrade, love her like how she deserves to be.

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