Mar 14, 2011

celebration time

So I’ve finished the coloring of “dance in the wild” and I gotta say I am quite contented with it. I love the complexity of the black and white version, but then, I also love the colorful version. I know most of you commented that you liked the black and white version better but I hope you’re changing your mind now because I’m giving three of it away to celebrate my birthday which would also be the opening of littletiara shoppe on march 16th, printed on a A6 thick paper. So I guess it’s time to say YAY! :D


along with this print I will also include a notebook with the cover of your choice :) you can choose your favorite design to be the cover here in the littletiara shoppe. How good is that sound? Good enough? Here are some of them.


How to join the giveaway?

(1.) just leave me a comment here about anything you want to talk about :)
(2.) please do take a look around my little shoppe and tell me which design is your favorite to be your little notebook cover.
(3.) if you’re feeling generous, please do tell your friends about this giveaway  (and/or my shoppe) :D
There, leave separate comments for each one :)

I will announce the winner on march 21st :) *just because I love the number 21 hahaha…

PS. If you can’t access the shoppe, go here (clickityclickclick) –it’s my portfolio.

add: This giveaway is open worldwide sooo anyone can join! :D


  1. TIARA, TIARA, TIAAAARA! How exciting - a giveaway, a grand opening of your shop, AND your birthday!! I am so excited for you... finally the world will get to see your talent! :)

    Please enter me in the giveaway! What do I want to talk about? YOU! When did you start drawing/painting/doing creative things? Was it from when you were a little girl?

  2. Entry #2 - i love "the dance" :)

  3. Salam Tiara,
    Congratulations on your new shop and Happy becoming Birtday! May Allah bless.

    Please enter me in this giveaway. I would like to have one of your painting!

    Just a little question, what happened to your little cafe? You never really explained about it.Hpoe you dont mind :)

  4. For the artwork in the shoppe, i like the Fireflies Field the most! It was one of my dream, and you painted it so perfectly!

  5. Yayyy this is so exciting Tiara! I'm so excited for you, congratulations on opening your shoppe! And yayyy advanced happy birthday!!! <3333

    I would like to join the giveaway, your creations are so amazing!

    For my question, where do you get inspiration for your creations? :)

  6. I'd love the Fireflies Field! :)

  7. AHHHH this is so exciting! I actually LOVE the way it turned out, but I love that you have three versions available on your shoppe! Such a cute giveaway, too :D AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVELY LADY!

  8. As for which design: though I feel like "how to make a cup of coffee" was MADE for me (haha), I'd have to go with "Jump!" always been a favourite. And I love your shoppe <3

  9. Is this only for people from your country? Because it's so pretteh!

  10. wow you're so talented!!! i love the pretty designs :) the colored is really eyecatching! i checked your shop, the black and white photos are gorgeous too! :)


  11. Congratulations on your new shop! How exciting! and today it's your birthday! Lots of wishes to you!

  12. Oh I LOVE the coloured version!! So beautiful!! I'm a new follower on your portfolio. My favorite picture outside of Dance in the Wild colour version is The Dance. How big are your prints??

  13. Congratulations on your new shop opening! i wish i could get organized and crafty enough to create one of my own :)

  14. Cute Tiara, happy birthday!! You're so talented and full of passion. You started with one dream (cake shop for example), then continued with another, you can't be stopped! It's so inspiring. I want to do what I want to do, not just go with the flow like my life now. I always think that I don't have enough time to achieve my dreams, just because works really drag me. Good luck with your new shop pretty darling :)

  15. As for notebook cover, I really like the Winter Midnight <3 As you know, we come from a very very hot country haha. I haven't seen snow before. Many western people say 'you live in heaven!' but no, we want cold weather sometimes, right?

  16. Oh very pretty! I'm quite a big fan of cold winter midnight! :) Glad your shop is up and running!

  17. Belated Happy Birthday...and congratulations on opening the shop.

  18. Sweet designs, girl! I wanna join! The colours do look good in the Dance in The Wild! I like the ballerina notebook. It's looks plain compared to the colourful ones but it's so pretty!

  19. Congrats the paintings are so beautiful!!!
    You have some great talent!

    Visit me @

    Your newest follower,


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