Mar 11, 2015

Marching On

March is my birth month, and it has proven itself to be mine to march on. After everything and all the drama (that hasn't quite ended yet, but no worry, nothing is too dramatic anyway). 

So I've finally gotten (two!) job offers, and I have yet to make a decision. Both companies are really different, and I still have to do some more interviews, while I've been accepted in the other company. Another huge difference is that one locates in my hometown, while another is in Jakarta, the huge huge city. Also, one is a small start-up company while the other is a big fast moving customer goods company.

The next interview in the big(ger) will be held next week, and I am honestly unsure of what I want. The possibility of working in this huge company in a huge city where it's hard to commute anywhere because, let's face it, Jakarta is the no.1 city with worst traffic jam in the world. Scary enough? 

While Yogyakarta, my hometown, despite being not-so-huge, is a totally homey place (like of course, it's my hometown anyway. You know, it has this traditional flavor, but still steadily following the trend and  whatever is popular right now. In fact, it has gotten more crowded the last few years (but of course, nothing compares to Jakarta).

Anyway, let's just cross fingers for the best, since the future is always so unsure I've decided to take one step at a time and enjoy everything in the progress, the point is, I am finally free from my current (soon-to-be previous) company. Hoho! I still have to gather up my courage to give the resignation letter (today!), to my manager, though. I've talked about it to my supervisor and now is the time for the manager.

In another note, my birthday is coming in FOUR days, gosh! I'm really getting old! And I will celebrate my birthday in the paradise island! Yes yes, Bali here I come! YAY! Apparently, I take marching on kinda literally this year. Let's go!

March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life's path.-Khalil Gibran

Mar 2, 2015

To Enjoy my Time

I've ranted enough about how I feel pretty uncomfortable with my job and being in my office all day. So here's what I do to somehow aid the boredom... yes, of course, drawing~

I've been in love with drawing some big haired girls, I just love making the swirly hair, honestly. Hehe... And I've been thinking of what I could make out of these pictures. Maybe print it and make some cushion cover or something.

made it on my post-it note. Hehe..
not sure if I like it better with colors, what do you think?
Also, I've been in love with watercolor. Been doodling and everything using watercolor. You can say I've done some experiment. Sadly, I can't do this in my office. Anyway, did it on my free time on the weekends or after office hours is over. Sometimes I'm too tired to even think but some other time I'm feeling pretty much inspired. So yeah~

Uhm, excuse my ugly handwriting, and messy typography. It's just that I love writing motivational message, it seems. I haven't tried to create something more like a painting, I've just been doodling here and there, um~

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