Jun 24, 2010

What I want to do

Right now, but I can’t so I’ll have to do these later once I’m finished with the oh-so-dreading thesis.

1. Running through sprinklers.

Or running under the rain, whichever come first. I seriously think I’ll just spend my whole day around water, because it definitely is what I need the most right now. I can take a bath three times a day just to release the stress, but no, it’s not enough.

At all.

I and my friends are planning to go swimming tomorrow, sounds great, I’ll have my own time under the water, just enjoying the silence and embracing the coldness, perfect for me.

2. Shop… Shop, shop shop till drop, or broke.

Perfect escapade, fun things being a girl ;) Once shop I’ll forget whatever problems I had (not having). So shopping is a perfect reward for me, right? I’ve been working hard after all. This thesis is almost killing me, I swear! I can’t even let myself sleep at some nights, grr…

3. Le Boy

 It’s annoying how we both are busy at the same time, but it’s even more annoying when he’s busy and I’m not. This is kind of stressing when I’m all stressed up I have nobody to run to, well, of course I can always text him but nah! I don’t want to disturb him, as much as I do miss him.

When it’s all over, both of us are free, so I hope we can have more quality times together. :D which in my mind will involve a lot of balloons, candies, apple pies, kisses and sweet talks. Yes, in the end it'll all be worth it.

On a very different note...

Qui ici parle francais? J'ai besoin de ton aide :(
grammar and spell check, pretty please?
Contact me:

PS. I think I scare people around by speaking french... o__O

Jun 20, 2010

Talking about my thesis…

No! Don’t runaway just yet! Please? *puppy eyes* I promise I won’t talk about how complicated it is, about the actantial and sequential schemes I have to make and such boring things.

I just feel like I’ve been talking a whole lot about my thesis but never really tell you what it is actually about (well, not that I think any of you would be interested anyway, lol), but today I’ll tell you, my thesis talking about…

Fairytales ;)

Yes, that mushy stories about prince and princess, usually with witches and dragons and other imaginary creatures (like ogre and of course fairies), those stories that started with ‘Once upon a time’ and mostly ended with ‘And the lived happily ever after’.

img002 (2) copy
I’m a loyal believer of happily ever after, I love glowing things, balls, gowns, and of course, tiaras and princesses. So this subject is like too perfect for me, although reading things over and over again makes it feels like making less sense, lol.

So, now I forgot what was I supposed to say because… talking about thesis makes me remember that I gotta go now finish it. Ah, ciao bella! 

picture credits to me ;)

Wait, in spirit of daddy's day and fairytales, here I am presenting to you...

credit as tagged

Thank you daddy for spoiling me like a princess, for being jealous at Le boy when he first appeared in our house, for loving me endlessly, for reminding me to finish my thesis the soonest, for letting me wake up really really late just because you know I spent the night sleepless in front of my computer :)

Dear daddy, I love you.

Jun 15, 2010

Weird craving

I know I've been kind of M.I.A lately, well... I'm just out of clever things to say and enjoying the world outside with more sun and rain lately, so I'm still clueless of what I'm going to talk about here in this post but maybe I can just share you some of my uniqueness.

Every now and then, I have weird cravings; one time I want pizza so much, then it'll be cheesecake, mango... and well.. it can be anything, usually food (haha!) and as for right now, I'm craving for...

1. Green Coconut.

looking good and refreshing, agreed? non?

2. Watermelon

Oh for the love of the color red... *drools*

3. Kitten

I have no intention to eat them, of course, I want to have one little kitten, fed it so it make a huge fat lazy cat and so I can call it Chico, or Ipang.

What are you craving for, right now?

Jun 7, 2010

a little love letter

Some may want to kick the hell out of me after reading this because of the probability of me risking their lives with diabetes, I’m just trying to be honest, and when talking about him, I got all too mushy and overly-sweet.

So you’ve been warned people, this will be a long post with heaps of tiny kisses, butterflies, little hugs and ‘i love you’s.

img003- copy

For yesterday’s memories, today’s love, tomorrow’s dreams.

I love you 

I don’t know how many times have you asked me the question if I do love you and I gave you a blank unreadable expression in a redden face instead of a solid answer. 

These three words are always felt so exquisite to roll of my tongue, I always blush even just thinking about saying it to you, but I know, sooner or later it would have to be done, either out loud or just in a soft and shy whisper.

I love you and not because of your face at all, not once in my mind I take your handsomeness seriously. Why of course to me you are handsome, and adorable, and cute, and all, you get the point (gee, if you’re really reading this I can already imagine how wide a grin you’d have on your face) but no… I love you not for those reason. 

I love you for being you, I love you for making me smile, for making me worry about you, for making me missing you, for making me loving you, I love you. 

I love how you can make the problems feel less problematic and days are brighter and more colorful than they already are. 

I love how childish you are that it match my personality so bad, I love how we both can manage to be childish and mature at the needed time. 

I love how you can make me feel like a mother when you’re having your bad day and make me feel secured and comforted when bad things come to my life. 

I love to know that now I have you to run to. 

I am not one who say this out loud, but still I need you to know, I love you for who you are.

I love you for every little magic you do to me, the first time you stole the kiss from me, I knew right there and then what people called when the world stops turning and there was only two of us, for those milliseconds I was lost, thanks to you. 

To think that the next kisses would be less special (because I thought I would just got used to it) was utterly wrong, might be one of the wrongest (not that I don’t know it’s not even a word) thoughts I’ve ever had, you have that addictive magical touch I can’t get enough of. 

Because every single touch give me different sensations of butterflies doing some somersault, topsy-turvy acrobats in my stomach, crawling up to my chest and make my heart goes boom boom even with just the littlest little peck on the cheek (which you always, always, always steal every possible chance). 

You may not be my first, or my last (though I pray hard for it because you’re such a keeper), but for the present time, let’s try our best being together, understanding each other, working the best out of us for being us. 

I want to spend my days with you, just lazing around, watching random movies on DVD without really watching it because I’m pretty sure you’ll kiss me every now and then and make me forget about what we’re actually watching, not that I mind ;) your kisses are far more interesting than any movies I know anyway. 

I want to dance to music and glide around the room, with hugs, little hugs, and tiny kisses and we’ll twirl and spin and dance and kiss until we’re both too dizzy to even stand, and I’m pretty sure we’ll laugh our heart out once we done (if not kissing some more). 

I want to cook for you, just because I know you’ll sneakily hug me from behind and make cooking harder than usual, and I’ll enjoy it and we’ll have little dance in the kitchen and how the food will taste, or if it’ll be burnt will be the last thing I have in mind. 

I want to have a walk around the city with you, or just walking with you anywhere, hand in hand, you and me, and that’s all that matters, talking, sharing each other stories of what happened, or just embracing the comfortable silence, although silence is never my favorite, nor yours. So we’ll have a chatty walk which I always adore. 

I want to spend times with you, as long as possible, even when it’s you’re with your friends, doing your homework, or business, because watching you from my seat, adoring you doing things I didn’t really understand but growing familiar to is a fun little thing to do too. 

At times, I still wonder if we’re really do together. This seems like one of the craziest things I’ve ever encountered in life. Two years ago, there was nothing, nothing at all between us, looking back to the old photographs, I didn’t even realize you were there. 

I’ve never thought that one day I’d miss you as much as I’ve always been doing the days when you’re not around, never have thought I would have even think of writing this kind of post for you. 

I love you can’t you tell? I’m so much in love with you I feel giddy just thinking about it. 

I love you.

Jun 5, 2010

Where was I?

Oh my God! I’m finally back! I don’t know how long has it been since the last time I typed a blog post using my dear pinky vaio laptop (which I call ‘Paping’ short of paio ping – lol, yes, what?)

Bad bad modem separated me from all of you here! :( anyway now I’m back so let’s move on. Lots of things happened during the time I was away… well, lots but not all that special. Hehe…

1. An old friend said she hates me for some reason I don’t know and she refused to tell either so I choose not to think about it.

Look, I’ve apologized, asked her multiple times what have I done wrong because I’m sure I did, and I need to know what is it so I can fix it later, so I won’t do it again in the future, right? No, she doesn’t tell me. Okay girl, hate me all you want, it’s your right. I’ve apologized and that’s my right.

I’ve done what has to be done, right?

2. As much as I want to not care about it, of course I do. It is not something I encounter everyday, someone declare hate to me, so for several good hours I was spaced out, trying hard to think what have I done wrong. It was not only the hate, or my mistake, but also her words.

Lucky now I have someone to run to, my dear Le Boy, he has no idea either, that’s not the point, when I asked him to amuse me, he really did. He sang to me a silly song from bread commercial and for the first time that day, I smiled. Oh my, he’s a keeper, isn’t he?

3. I’m thankful that by having someone hating me, I figured who loves me.

My friends, my cousin, they’re all helping me a lot going through the hardest time, their confused face when they ask “how can someone even hate you?” is such a compliment. I know I made lots of mistakes, and one or two can make someone just hate me easily, or annoyed at least. I’m not such a goodie-good anyway, I talk without much thinking and my comments are usually witty.

Anyway, I’ve moved on. She sometimes still do leave some harsh comment in twitter (without mention, of course), but like she had said to me, like I care…

It’s still such a sad thing, though. We were besties, and for some reason I don’t know we turned not that close either, she even hate me, oh my dear, hate is indeed a strong word. No, I don’t hate her, because I fully understand that I’ve most probably done something wrong, like really wrong and it hurt her heart, although I don’t know what it is.

All in all, days are good because I let myself see the good in life :) because then I have you all, my friends and my family, and of course having Le Boy as an addition to my days is such a fortune, he never fails to make me smile. Hehe…

I originally wanted to make it a post about Le Boy, but then I thought I would bore the hell out of you because looking back, it’s all about him! Haha… later, romance lover ;)

PS. and no, this girl who hates me isn't the same girl who's le boy's ex. no, of course not.

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