Jun 24, 2010

What I want to do

Right now, but I can’t so I’ll have to do these later once I’m finished with the oh-so-dreading thesis.

1. Running through sprinklers.

Or running under the rain, whichever come first. I seriously think I’ll just spend my whole day around water, because it definitely is what I need the most right now. I can take a bath three times a day just to release the stress, but no, it’s not enough.

At all.

I and my friends are planning to go swimming tomorrow, sounds great, I’ll have my own time under the water, just enjoying the silence and embracing the coldness, perfect for me.

2. Shop… Shop, shop shop till drop, or broke.

Perfect escapade, fun things being a girl ;) Once shop I’ll forget whatever problems I had (not having). So shopping is a perfect reward for me, right? I’ve been working hard after all. This thesis is almost killing me, I swear! I can’t even let myself sleep at some nights, grr…

3. Le Boy

 It’s annoying how we both are busy at the same time, but it’s even more annoying when he’s busy and I’m not. This is kind of stressing when I’m all stressed up I have nobody to run to, well, of course I can always text him but nah! I don’t want to disturb him, as much as I do miss him.

When it’s all over, both of us are free, so I hope we can have more quality times together. :D which in my mind will involve a lot of balloons, candies, apple pies, kisses and sweet talks. Yes, in the end it'll all be worth it.

On a very different note...

Qui ici parle francais? J'ai besoin de ton aide :(
grammar and spell check, pretty please?
Contact me:

PS. I think I scare people around by speaking french... o__O


  1. I want to do all these things now... haha.
    Et je parle francais- un petit peu. :D

  2. i love all of those things

    except for le boy @_@

  3. love the shopping. I LOVE it when it's raining but super hot outside, not a cold rain. Hope the stress goes away soon

  4. I hope you get this thesis done so you can go on to do the activities you listed. It definitely sounds more fun than a thesis :)

  5. Good luck with the thesis.
    It rained here today...a cold, icky rain. I'd opt for the sprinkles you mentioned instead :)

  6. Good Luck with the thesis. I know you will do great! :)

  7. Shopping sprees! Sprinkler romps! Take me with you!

  8. AHHH I love running through sprinklers! I miss it! How was swimming? Do you have pictures? :D

    And lady, good luck with the thesis! Would you still like me to look over the English bits? Send it on over whenever you'd like!

    Hope you and le boy have a great times reuniting once all the busy times are over, it sounds like you both deserve them :)

  9. Good luck with the thesis!!!

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