Dec 30, 2013

it's a wrap!

I can't believe, well... I can, but I find it hard to believe that here we are in the last day of 2013 already. Am I ready for 2014? I'm not sure if I do, but I have to so yeah! I'm ready, bring it on! And here's  what a typical year-end blog post gonna be like; reminiscence, and a bucketful of wish. 

Let's see... this year I have...

1. Graduated from my master degree.
It's hard to believe that I actually wrote both of my graduations in one blog. This blog is almost 5 year old! It witnessed everything I've gone through, including the tiring thesis-making and nerve-wrecking thesis defense. To think that I've survived those, I think I should give myself a pat on the back.

2. Still fighting for the perfect job.

I have failed so many times in a job seeking process, it's a good thing I have taken a little vacation for myself to South Korea so I am a little bit calmer. But then again, failing is never a good feeling, there were times when I questioned myself if there is something wrong with me that I kept on failing. Was it my lack of experience? was it my master degree? Was it my personality? What is so wrong?

The good thing about this is knowing that as many times as I've fallen, I've successfully stood back and strive for another chance. This is tiring, and knowing that I'm not giving up on this (because of course, I can't, I won't, ever), I can give myself another pat on the back.

3. Officially became an illustrator.
When my cousin asked me if I want to illustrate for his book, I was estatic about the fact that I would finally be an illustrator who actually does illustrate books. The experience was insane, the recognition was something I would always remember to be thankful of. The feeling when I had the physical book in my hands, and to turn the pages and see my own illustration there is still so overwhelming. 

More importantly, the more chances I got to improve myself through another contract, when I was asked to illustrate another book, followed by other books. It felt so fulfilling, although I know I'm still far from what you can call a professional illustrator. But eh, I'm on my way there! So I will give myself a pat on the back and a cheer for being able to get closer to one of my biggest dreams.

4. Solo traveling to South Korea.

Korea oh Korea, there is something about this country that made me fall so hard for it. It wasn't even the famous k-pop stars because no, I'm not. I won't even recognize them if I ever see them on the street except if they're YG artists or really super mega famous (like, you know, Girls Generation-but I doubt they'd be walking on the same street I walk on, lol).

Maybe it's the cosmetics? Yes yes, and all the shopping-spree I can do there, but more than anything, I think it's the aura, and the people I met, and the adventures I had. I still want to come back there again. I think I should just make it to my yearly plan; visiting Korea every year. I would love to visit other countries too, I want to know if they also have the same strong force like Korea does.

To be able to survive in a foreign country alone, to have created precious memories, to have  made new friends, I will give myself a pat on the back, great job, Tiara!

5. Fallen in love, fallen out of love, fallen in love again, yeah.. that cycle.
That's just me being me. The ever so emotional me. I don't think I can survive without feeling either falling so very deeply in love or being hurt so bad I want to kill myself (eh, never to that extreme actually). So yeah, I wonder if this should make a cut here but well, it's kinda a highlight of my year too. Haha...

And with 2014 approaching in less than 24 hours, what would be on my wish list?

1. I want to fall in love, so very deep in love it will inspire my every moves. I want to find the one, he who will make me cry one time and laugh another time and both at the same time.

2. I want to find a job. Like please. I want to know where do I belong in this society. I want to prove to myself that I actually can do what others expect me to do. I want to find a way to be financially independent before 25, please.

3. I want to travel more, to South Korea again because it's on my yearly planner, Japan so I can buy the famous greentea flavored kitkat, Europe so I can walk down all the artistic aisle. Most importantly, I want to do it with my loved ones and it doesn't actually matter where, as long as I can get lost with him.

Traveling solo is fun, but please, I also want to have a romantic getaway with my boyfriend to a country far far away where nobody knows us so we can do whatever we want without having to think about what others would think of us.

4. I want to illustrate more. I would love more chance to paint, draw, and illustrate. But here, what I'm actually asking for is an inspiration and strong-will. Because my own laziness is something that kills me, giving me such a guilty pleasure that I will eventually regret. 

I want to be inspired, to see life in a new light, to discover new things that excites me, because lately I've been feeling that life is getting boring. This is clearly not a good thing. So I have decided to start from smal things like making illustration for my blog posts. I hope this will work on forcing myself to draw, just like what I do with this post, I hope I can continue with this little commitment.

5. I want to find myself. I am at this age where I feel lost almost everyday. I am maturing but I found myself retreat back to my comfort zone whenever things get ugly. I want to jump out of that, to take every challenge and dare myself. I want the chance to do that, either given or created by myself. I want to be braver, and forgive myself, and knowing myself more, and enjoy life.

So basically, all I want now is for 2014 to be an upgraded version of 2013. I want to achieve more, feel more, travel more, laugh more. Phew, I feel like this post is a pretty serious one, while I originally wanted to make a fun post with cute emoticons and all. Haha...

Dec 25, 2013

Korean Skin Care Review: Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yogurt Pack with Green Tea

Soooooo this will officially be my first beauty review. As in a post dedicated to review a product. Heh, this is something new for me so I hope I can do it good. Anyway, my journey to Korea last year had taught me a lot about beauty and make up. I discovered my love for make up and I couldn't seem to stop the crave and craze ever since.

Today, I will review a skincare product instead of make up. I love both make up and skin care, but as a beginner I found that skin care product is even more important than make up. If my skin isn't in a good condition, my make up won't look perfect.

Anyway, enough ranting already. So here's the product today: Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yoghurt with Green Tea. Phew, what a long title for a skin care product.

The packaging, just like any other Korean products, is cute! The jar was made of glass so it's pretty heavy and bulky, not really travel-friendly. The lid was of tin, with the title on top of it. It looks pretty classy and almost vintage. Kkk~ my weakness.

It contains 75 ml of product, which doesn't sound like it's a lot but it actually is! I've been using this religiously for two months already and it seems like the product stays the same amount (o.O?) there's gotta be some magic in it.

First of all, I love the smell. It has two types: green tea and wild berry. Most beauty bloggers out there I saw the review of are talking about the berry one. But I love green tea so much I just can't resist, hehe... anyway, they say the berry one also smells good. From the way I read it, it seems like the berry one smells even better, now I want to try it on too *sobs*.

Since this is green tea, it's colored green with a pretty thick consistency, nothing too heavy, nothing too light, so yeah, pretty normal. It's a wash-off pack, so you wash your face, put on your favorite toner, then put this smells-oh-so-goooood mask on your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with warm water after. 

The thing about this pack is that it feels like normal face cream sometimes I forgot I have a mask on. Hahaha~ duh (_ _")

anyway, how does it do to my face? It works baby! So my face needs moisturizing, and this little baby helps a lot. Once I wash it off with warm water it always makes me feel fresh and moisturized so major yay for that!

Holika holika is always my favorite out of the bunch of Korean cosmetics. Their products always work for me, kkk~ so yeah, I love this face mask. I love the smell and how it works on my face. You guys shall try it out too if you need moisturizing like I do. I also don't think it will make your face oily. So it's a good product for all~

*sigh* this is quite awkward isn't it? I need to learn more how to do a review. See you later in another post, I still have a lot of pending posts from my Korean adventure series omg~!

Ciao Bella~!

Dec 10, 2013

Taggity Tag Tag

I'm here I'm here! I feel so bad abandoning my blog (and my life, actually) but I'm back! slowly but (kinda) surely! Do you see the little change I made to the header? and yes, the blog is wider now, kkk~ not sure if it's a good change, do tell me what you think about it.

Anyways, I wonder if you still want me to continue telling you about the journey I had in Seoul? Since it's been a little bit too long, I hope you still want to hear about it, though, but for now I just got this Liebster award from the girl in stiletto so yes! Let's do this first.

So here are the rules:

1) Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
2) Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you.
3) Nominate 5 other bloggers with less than 1000 followers.
4) Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of their nomination.
5) Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.

Clear enough? Uh, I'm not sure about giving 11 questions because I'm getting less creative these days, meh... anyway, let's answer the questions she gave me~

1) What is the sweetest nickname someone ever called you?

Uh... This is hard... nicknames? Ahhh... >_< the only thing I can think about is 'girlfriend' but that was from my ex and thinking about him now doesn't make it sound so sweet, but yeah, it was sweet while it lasted, lol. I'm not sure anyone ever call me with sweet/cute nicknames. LOL.

2) Who is your current celebrity crush? (Hohohohoho)
Let's see... I'm so gonna cheat on this because I have a lot. First and foremost, my forever hero, Johnny Depp. Hahahahahha...

and TOP from BIGBANG because he's just so hot and cold and silly and stupid and weird at the same time.

then GD from BIGBANG for his weird fashion sense and his ability to pull just anything off, I swear he can just wear a rug and still look decent. I mean, who else could rock all the weird hair colors with weird cut and weird outfit? GD and only GD.

And last but not least, CL from 2NE1, forever my girl crush, yay! Because she knows how to look cool and classy, and so fashionable like GD, I swear if they're married their kid would have SWAG all over the little baby blanket. LOL. I mean, look, they even wore same outfits multiple times, guess great minds do think alike (or they share the same stylist).

3) Name 5 things you can never leave the house without.

As long as I have my clothes on then I'm good, tbh. I'm really this kind of practical girl, but if you ask me about going on a date or going out with a crush then it'd be a different story. Basically here are the stuff I love to always wear when I'm not too lazy:

- BB cream
- Eyeliner
- Cellphone
- Wallet
- Soft lens/ contacts

4) Would you rather bungee jump or sky dive, and why?

BOTH PLEASE!!! YES! Because I love fflyyyyyyyyiiiiiingggggg~~

5) What's your favorite month? And why?

Hmmm... March? Because it's my birthday month and it's spring so I can go to japan and enjoy sakura, haahahhahahahha #what

6) Any pet peeve?

Oh, a lot, but now that you ask about it I can't think of any. I will tell you later when I remember, haha.

7) What was the last song you listened to?

Uh oh... it's this song in bahasa so I'm not sure if you can understand, it's called 'Terlatih Patah Hati' from the Rain ft. Endank Soekamti, basically, roughly transated it would mean 'Trained to be heartbroken' but honestly it's more like 'got used to be heartbroken'. Anyway, despite the title, it's a cute song about well, yeah, getting used to be heartbroken, I wish I could translate the lyrics because it's a light cute song, like thanking all the ex-s, and how I've experienced one-sided love, etc etc haha...

8) If you're a color, what color would you be, and why?

Fuschia baby, because it stands out annoyingly but then again you just can't help to love it because it's pink. xp

9) Dog or goldfish?

goldfish, because I'm not sure if I can take a good care of dog, but honestly, cat. hahahah..

10) What do you get complimented most about?

hmmm... how 'cute' I am? lol xD as in how I look 5 years younger than my actual age. Other than that, I think for my artwork ^^

11) And lastly, what's one thing on you Christmas wish list?
A job, please. (and CLIO lipnicure lipstick, and Laneige cushion BB cream, and a whole lot of other make-up related stuff).

Now for the tagging, since I haven't been around much lately, I'm not sure of who to tag. Can I just ask whoever visit my blog and read this and willing to answer to be the nominees? Please?

And here are the questions:

1. Lipstick, Lip stain, or colored lip balm? Why?
2. 3 cities you want to visit (or revisit)?
3. The weirdest dream you've ever had and still remember until now?
4. What is your favorite makeup brand?
5. Which one do you enjoy reading the most? Travel blogs, Beauty blogs, or Fashion blogs?
6. Pink or Black? Why?
7. When is your last heartbreak?
8. Tell me about your first love?
9. Who taught you to do make up?
10. First country you travel?
11. To combine with a dress, sneakers or high heels?

Yay! Done! I hope someone will be interested enough to answer all these questions. If you do, please tell me!
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