Oct 31, 2011

wide legged pants

I'm all into wide legged pants lately, and skirts, yes maxi skirts... not sure if it's the trend now but I find myself loving to wear one (or two, or three) hahaha... anyway, it's kinda cute how when I wore them to campus and my friends praised it, lol... I know it looks funny on me (maybe it makes me kinda shorter? not sure, lol) but I love how comfy they are :D

I've been wanting to make outfit posts lately, just for the hell of it. But it's either the camera nowhere to be found (read: I'm too lay to pick it) or I don't really have time to.. because of course I look best after bathe in the morning, but a 7 o'clock class give me not so much time to do fancy things before I have to rush and make some hardcore acrobat on the street. lol.

Anyway, here's what I'm talking about.

isn't it lovely? I love the color too! I'm all kind of pastel girl anyway... hahaha...

and it's all claradevi's fault that I stumbled upon this lovely shop {love, bonito} and found what I was looking for! Oh my... payday is coming closer but heck... I've already planned on buying so many things... I'm gonna pray harder for more money then, hahahaha...

lovely! right? I love the color. This Detroit Flare Pants is also available in cream and black.

It's orange! It's plaited! It's a pants! It's making me droooooools... lollololol...
Panama Pants coming in more colors (which are lovely and I'm having hard time choosing); burnt orange, dusty pink, teal, mustard, and black.

This is an unpaid post, purely my needs talking. Hahaha... picture credits belonged solely to the owner of love, bonito. :D

Oct 27, 2011

because I just have to share it

Maybe because it feels right, or maybe because it goes straight to my heart, maybe because it hits me hard, or maybe because I just can't agree more.

Oct 18, 2011

once upon a boring class

"Leisure Time"
Read the time away

What are you doing in a boring class? While almost all classes are boring, though.  I found myself either trying to distract my friend (you know, tickling, poking and stuff...), or trying hard not to sleep, or.. of course doodling. So here I am to show off (yet again) what I've created; once upon a boring class...

A set of girl pictures. What I doodled originally was so simple. With little tweak here and there, voila! :D :D the reading girl above is my favorite out of the bunch.

... and the stars watching quietly, they probably are admiring me

"rain rain!"
There's always something about the rain and a girl with colorful umbrella

"Skip the Sky"
one two three four
skip skip skip and let's fly high

Which one of this set is your favorite? My personal favorite is the Leisure Time one, and Spacedancing. Hahah.. Okay, that was two. :P

Just in case you want to know, this set is going to be on my little shop soon :D and, just in another case (lol) you didn't notice (which I'm pretty sure most of you don't), I made some little (okay, a lot) changes in my shop, I changed the url, and the layout, and the settings, and now you can buy in one click instead of emailing me, and well.. there are changes in prices too. So come over and... well, have a look, maybe you'll find what you're looking for :)

Oct 15, 2011

I want!

Some days ago I realized how rare of me to post pictures of me and my friends in this blog anymore, and i's not even because I have no confidence (because I'm such a big narcissistic alright), but because I don't have any camera with me! :O Isn't that quite sad? LOL, okay.. maybe not because it never really matters to me anyway.

But today, when I was just randomly browsing through some websites (to escape the reality that I have to read at least 2 journals and hundred pages of theories this week) I found this little beauty, and I fell in love instantly, like.. straight away! Okay, I know I always have this kind of moment upon seeing retro things but.. this is just so adorable!

I've been wanting to have a DSLR camera (since forever) but at the back of my mind I always complain about how big and stuffy they are. While I am one who doesn't really bring bag of books to classes (seriously, my bag is filled only with 1.little make up pocket containing compact, lip balm and blush on, 2. Cellphone, 3. Wallet 4. That's all...) --oh, I left my books in my locker by the way (or just borrow from my friend..)

So Imagine me squeaking with excitement when I saw this "OLYMPUS E-P1 - White". Okay, it has everything I want with it... simplicity, beauty, and it's coming in a wide range of price. I'm a beginner so I'm sure I'll just buy the cheapest one, lol.

Such beauty.. I'm speechless... *droooooools...

So, I am now currently staring at this beauty on my screen hoping if I stare hard enough maybe it'll pop out of my screen. I love everything about it, I don't know much about Camera specification so I'll just ask my photographer friend later about it. However, I'm already so wanting this beauty so badly, not to mention how matching it is to my little scooter, here's a picture if you forget.

and I forgot to update you that I just bought a pretty little cellphone because my old one is acting up and I couldn't receive any text message. So I decided to buy just the cheap but adorable Samsung Champ, which is not even android yet but as cute as one. I think I am a new Samsung fan now :)

Okay, I think you've found out already what a big fan of white and beige I am...

now now, all you need to do is pray for me to succeed on persuading my dear daddy to buy me the camera, I'm sure I'll post like heaps of pictures when I own one, lol.

Or maybe just pray that someone from Olympus Company read this blog post and sponsor me, mwahahah...

Okay, that's a wishful thinking.

But nothing's impossible, right?

Oct 12, 2011

pretty windows

 I love huge windows that I can stare to on my boring day, a nice view would be a bonus.

Look at how huge the window is, I really love this room, I think I can just sit there all day, reading or just staring through the windows. I mean, with such pretty scenery out there, I wouldn't mind. And look at the lamps! :)

[photo via cococozy]

and it would be so nice to have a window with sea view!
[photo via weheartit]

or a small windows and a secret hideout to ponder and wonder and read and (maybe) falling asleep on.
[photo via weheartit]

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