Oct 15, 2011

I want!

Some days ago I realized how rare of me to post pictures of me and my friends in this blog anymore, and i's not even because I have no confidence (because I'm such a big narcissistic alright), but because I don't have any camera with me! :O Isn't that quite sad? LOL, okay.. maybe not because it never really matters to me anyway.

But today, when I was just randomly browsing through some websites (to escape the reality that I have to read at least 2 journals and hundred pages of theories this week) I found this little beauty, and I fell in love instantly, like.. straight away! Okay, I know I always have this kind of moment upon seeing retro things but.. this is just so adorable!

I've been wanting to have a DSLR camera (since forever) but at the back of my mind I always complain about how big and stuffy they are. While I am one who doesn't really bring bag of books to classes (seriously, my bag is filled only with 1.little make up pocket containing compact, lip balm and blush on, 2. Cellphone, 3. Wallet 4. That's all...) --oh, I left my books in my locker by the way (or just borrow from my friend..)

So Imagine me squeaking with excitement when I saw this "OLYMPUS E-P1 - White". Okay, it has everything I want with it... simplicity, beauty, and it's coming in a wide range of price. I'm a beginner so I'm sure I'll just buy the cheapest one, lol.

Such beauty.. I'm speechless... *droooooools...

So, I am now currently staring at this beauty on my screen hoping if I stare hard enough maybe it'll pop out of my screen. I love everything about it, I don't know much about Camera specification so I'll just ask my photographer friend later about it. However, I'm already so wanting this beauty so badly, not to mention how matching it is to my little scooter, here's a picture if you forget.

and I forgot to update you that I just bought a pretty little cellphone because my old one is acting up and I couldn't receive any text message. So I decided to buy just the cheap but adorable Samsung Champ, which is not even android yet but as cute as one. I think I am a new Samsung fan now :)

Okay, I think you've found out already what a big fan of white and beige I am...

now now, all you need to do is pray for me to succeed on persuading my dear daddy to buy me the camera, I'm sure I'll post like heaps of pictures when I own one, lol.

Or maybe just pray that someone from Olympus Company read this blog post and sponsor me, mwahahah...

Okay, that's a wishful thinking.

But nothing's impossible, right?


  1. That camera looks a darling, and it suits you so much, I wish you will be able to get one! :)

    And wow, you have the same phone as my sister! She also has the Samsung Champ in white, exactly like the one you have! :)

  2. oh I love the camera!!! Fingers crossed for you!

  3. oh i LOVE that camera! one of my friends got it for her birthday and it is amazing!!! you wont regret it :)


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