Oct 27, 2011

because I just have to share it

Maybe because it feels right, or maybe because it goes straight to my heart, maybe because it hits me hard, or maybe because I just can't agree more.


  1. Because we don't fall in love only for that person but for ourselves when with that person (we like to see us happy, hoping, wishing, excited...) and for the state itself.

    So when it's over it's too many things to give up, that are over, and all the lonely me becomes too big as Love changes and transforms and takes time to get our old self again.

    But we will. Trust you will, and prepare the trip back :).


  2. They say "Always proceed to be in love with your guards up, low expectations".

    I'm not that kind of person though when I fall, so I really understand this post. :( I'm worst at dealing with heartaches. But I try. It may take longer for some people to recover but that doesnt make us a bad person and when a relationship turns out to really work, then we;ll know its worth it.


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