Oct 18, 2011

once upon a boring class

"Leisure Time"
Read the time away

What are you doing in a boring class? While almost all classes are boring, though.  I found myself either trying to distract my friend (you know, tickling, poking and stuff...), or trying hard not to sleep, or.. of course doodling. So here I am to show off (yet again) what I've created; once upon a boring class...

A set of girl pictures. What I doodled originally was so simple. With little tweak here and there, voila! :D :D the reading girl above is my favorite out of the bunch.

... and the stars watching quietly, they probably are admiring me

"rain rain!"
There's always something about the rain and a girl with colorful umbrella

"Skip the Sky"
one two three four
skip skip skip and let's fly high

Which one of this set is your favorite? My personal favorite is the Leisure Time one, and Spacedancing. Hahah.. Okay, that was two. :P

Just in case you want to know, this set is going to be on my little shop soon :D and, just in another case (lol) you didn't notice (which I'm pretty sure most of you don't), I made some little (okay, a lot) changes in my shop, I changed the url, and the layout, and the settings, and now you can buy in one click instead of emailing me, and well.. there are changes in prices too. So come over and... well, have a look, maybe you'll find what you're looking for :)


  1. oh they are adorable!! I love the leisure time and rain rain!!

  2. I like the rain rain! and skip the sky ones the most! I'd like to have the skip the sky one without the little tiara banner :)

    I wonder what you normally do when not bored?

  3. Hello! I love your drawings so much. I definitely believe you are getting so professional!

  4. Thank you for dropping by Little Miss! It was a real pleasure :)

    And I like the 2nd photo with the little musical note! Super cutes and kinda reminds me of that japanese comic. DOn't know what it's actually called but in Chinese it's "Siu Yuen Jee"

  5. Glad you are drawing again. I do love the Leisure time one because I love to read. And I love the backgrounds too. :)

  6. Hahahaha, boring classes are the way school is supposed to work. It forces you to be creative, lol!

    My favorite is the last one. SO cute!


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