Jan 22, 2012

Hel- wait, what? it's 2012!

not only it's already 2012, tomorrow is Lunar (Chinese) New Year already!
Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong Xi Fat Chai!

I always believe that in my previous life, I was a chinese, or something that related to China. Who knows, maybe I was a princess from China, or Mulan? Lololol... anyway, I have this special love and adoration towards China, the country, its people and most especially their culture :)

*gasp* and how late can I be to realize that it's already another year? And that it's already the third year I'm writing in this blog? Which means, around three years to know you guys, too! (well, some of you, hehe). Time never fail to amaze me, ever.

and suddenly, I'm a 22 year old woman, almost 23, which means, almost 25, which means one fourth a century! Now, when I see someone popular, artist, entertainer of some sorts around my age, I was often amazed, "Wow! (s)he is around my age and is already so successful!" in my mind, I was young, and it's amazing how someone the same age as me has already reach so much, that is until I realized that it wasn't them who are young, it's me who's not so young anymore! *gasp*

I've been fooled by myself; with the status as a student (a post-graduate student, but a student nonetheless), homeworks and exams, all the studying makes me feel like I'm not different with any other students; high school students and college students, while actually I'm different. And the fact that people constantly telling me that  I look so young, that I still fit being a high school student. All these fooled me, made me feel like I'm still young.

Of course I know I'm still young and the road ahead is still long, but looking back, I questioned myself, "what have I done all these times?" I've lived in this world for 22 years, what have I done? I want to do more, I need to do more, I have to do more!

Well, this is me being all philosophic, which is good once in a while. It's time like this that reminds me that I have to make my life worthwhile, to make people remember me when I'm gone one day, well I feel like a woman on a mission, so 2012 better be prepared for me.

In another note, I really really really want to go South Korea for my birthday *wails* reason is, there's this Big Show, a Big Bang concert. Which, if you don't know already, Big Bang is like... the only Korean boyband I love! Let's see... I know it's korean wave hitting every corner of the world right now, but for me, Big Bang (and 2ne1 -girl band from the same agency) is a whole different concept from what people call K-pop. And no, I'm not their new fan, I've been liking them since... ergh, can't remember... around 2006? When most people are not even familiar with Korean entertainment. See, I know what's good, k?

Okay, I shall ramble no more, point is, Big Bang is great and I want to go to their concert, other than that, I've always wanted to go to South Korea, their concert just triggered the greediness in me more. 

Another point is that my wallet is like empty, dusty with spiderwebs inside. If my wallet is a drama, it's a weepy, tear-jerker kind of drama, it's sad and tragic! *wails for my empty wallet* how the hell am I going to fill it with $500 by the end of this month? By the way, this month is ending already...

But then again, staying positive is my specialty, and I'm kinda persistent (almost to the point that it's annoying), so until it's 6th of march, I still believe I will be there. I mean, look! All these hotties are waiting for me to watch them! How can I just neglect them? No can do, right? right? right?

On (yet) another note, I must be the latest to know about this... but Blogger finally answered my our prayer and put a reply button under every comments! ALL HAIL BLOGGER!!! Hahaha... I love it when they hear our rants :))

now, let me end this post with this superb MV from Big Bang which was taken in one shot, which is awfully cool!

all pictures found via tumblr
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