Aug 21, 2010

welcome to the… uh… real world? jungle? space?

My life has been being a crazy rollercoaster ride… I’m all the way from up to down up again and… oh well… this is crazy my stomach starts to churn.

1. I (finally) graduated.
You all (kind of) witnessed how I struggled on making the stressful thesis, those long stressful nights with pile of books and not so much cups of coffee. You congratulated me when I finally finished, and survived the final test, and here I am now, a (legal) literature bachelor.

The graduation day was fab! I love every bits of it! :D my kebaya, my high heels, my make up (I was so DONE, lol, woke up at 4AM to get all ready by 6- CRAZY!), and of course… my FRIENDS! Omg, how precious :D

Some pictures from the graduation day:

IMG_1282 IMG_1278
In all honesty, I love every little details on my Kebaya... Hahaha...  

2. Me and Le Boy?

We’re having one hell rollercoaster ride too, we had a (really short) break (he asked for a break up, I disagreed, I asked for a little break instead), back to each other’s arms, have little fights again, talked things out, got better… oh wow, what a ride we were in.

Now? We’re okay, just okay. We’re yet to get back to our romantic selves, but this is better than before :) I think both of us just realized that despite the old days we spent in the high school, we still have so much more to learn about each other and how we need to adjust to fit in, and I can proudly say he tries his best to do it, and I do too-of course.

Anyway, someone did me a tarot card reading, and he said to me, things will get even harder in the future. That, until he opened the last card, ten of pentacles, and declared to me that actually it will be a happy ending. Hehe… I did little browsing about this card and I think it’s the best out of all, lol.

The 10 of Pentacles is a very happy indicator with regard to love. If you are currently committed, this card can mean that you will move to the next level; living together, engagement, marriage, childbirth, all can be indicated by this card.

3. Jobseeking, or whatever.
Now that I am no longer a university student, I finally knew what people meant with “welcome to the real world”, everything is on me, every decision is by me. I decide what I want to be, and do something about it. I plan out my own future, my own path of how I get what I want, unlike the university days when everything was all planned out.

It feels kind of like hanging around without knowing what will come, what I have to do to survive a day, this is kind of… really scary.

I know I want to start making more artworks and sell them out, but even that need more planning out. I still have to look for a job, to work in a company, I need money to start my own business, I need more friends and links, and honestly saying, all these… are scary, but I hope I can just go through it :).

ps: So here I am helping out my cousin, please do vote for his fiction, although it's in Bahasa and most of you can't understand the story.. (hehe...) just... click the thumbs up picture, pretty pretty please?

Here is the link. clicky click! Thank you! :D

Aug 3, 2010

Love at First Sight

This has got to be one of the prettiest ring I have ever seen, and I just have to post it here because I don't want to forget.

It's really... beautiful.

edit: I found this ring via tumblr. So anyone, if you ever come across to see this ring being sold somewhere, please do tell me how much it is (I hope it isn't an engagement/wedding ring, lol). Because I SO need to have one, methinks.

I've searched on google, haha... and I found nothing. T__T no other wings ring (wings ring? lol) is even close to be as pretty as this one...

edit II: Nikolett found it!!! Now, the problem is that I don't have paypal account or credit card, lmfao. This is gonna be hard, like a long and windy road. Meeep! Here it is.

edit III: soooo... someone (i'm not sure if I can say the name here) emailed me today and asked my address and said that this ring is gonna be mine soon! This is crazy and I am over the cloud nine right now! I don't know such person who only wants to brighten up someone else's day by giving what wanted existed! :D This must be one of the best days in my life!

And you, you know who you are, thank you so much! Like SOOOOOOO MUUUUUCCCHHH *kisskiss*
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