Apr 9, 2013

A Box Full of Art

Yes, a huge box in a shape of a building called Artbox

Or in another word: My favorite place in Seoul, ever. I think I've shown some pictures about it but haven't really talked about it. A place filled with adorable stationary goods, I can spend a day there just looking at everything and feel happy. In fact, I did go there one day and just enjoyed everything and came back the next day to repeat the activity.

It's crazy.


This is a place where I can go insane just looking at the pretty pictures in the cover of the stationary, and opening the pages and feel even more inspired and crazier, and then looking around and realize that there are still rows of notes, and diaries, and planners I've yet to touch, and it doesn't only contain notes, it has all stationary goodies you're looking for, or maybe even not looking for but you'll find it there anyways.

In short, this is my heaven, I mean, look at all those goodies winking at me and tempting me to touch them! Oh the temptation! And do you know the hardest part? It's that I spent hours (literally) just to choose which one I want to buy because clearly this poor young lady couldn't buy everything (because I still have to buy makeup and dresses, you know, lololololol). 

It'd be nice if someday I can see my artwork there too. I mean, almost all the stationary has the artists' name on it. Which is seriously adorable, seriously. I've said that Korean-style art is one of my favorite, they seem to have this certain dose of cuteness with their pastel colored illustrations and stuff. Of course there are differences between artists but I can always tell when it's a Korean artist.

By  the way, why do I suddenly bring this topic up? (1) Because I'm in dire need of new notebooks, worse is I'm running out of my own notebook (means: notebook with my artwork on the cover), and (2) Maddie from Head High Heart Strong is currently having a giveaway with something from Artbox as one of the prizes. I shouldn't miss this huge opportunity now, should I? So you should join the fun too~! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

I am so envious of her because she's currently in Korea while I'm still struggling to finish my thesis before I can finally run away from whatever shit I'm doing right now (oops! I just said bad words!). But really though, all these thesis-related stuff is killing me (╥_╥) I just wish I can finish everything soon.


Oh, and as I've said before, everything in Artbox is cute, including this sign~ which can be found outside the store. ^O^.

Apr 5, 2013

Up Close and Personal

I love writing, always. 

I love blogging even more, because I get to share my thoughts with everyone all over the world. How magical is that?

I am always amazed at the idea of blogging, sharing your life and stories and thoughts with someone you barely know, whom you may will never meet, whose life you know nothing about, yet you share your stories with them without a doubt.

It's like having a diary wide open for everyone to read, and for them to give their two cents, and for them to help you when you're troubled, to let them pats you on the back (virtually) when you've accomplished something, letting them lend their shoulders for you to cry on when you're utterly sad (again, virtually).

I'm always attracted to personal blogs the most. I love reading people's stories and thoughts, I love how they let me hear their stories, after a little while, I will get to know them better and it feels like we're friends although we never really meet in real life, eventually we'll become friends.

That's why I always love leaving a lengthy comment when I'm really interested with the posts, I want to let them know that I care, that I read their post and want to share my thoughts about it too, although I can't deny that some of the days I'm just too lazy to read, but usually when I don't read, I don't comment.

Something has been bugging me since yesterday, that some people just came and left a comment but turns out it was a "template comment" (as I usually call it). They leave a same comment in every blogs they visited saying something like "it's so cute!" or "I love it so much!" and leave their links, they don't even read what I wrote~! ;A;

I appreciate their effort to do some blog-walking and leave a comment (more like copy-pasted the comment everywhere), but really, I don't think it's a nice thing to do to promote your blog *sighs*.

But then again, maybe that's just me being someone who loves personal relationship better.

By the way, it's our dearest fellow blogger Krissy's Birthday today! Go ahead and congratulate her! She's one of the nicest bloggers out there who always reads your posts and leave a nice comment~ I love love love her! Hahaha..

In other news, I've been hearing how google is going to stop Google Readers and Google Friend Connect ((゜д゜;)) which freaks me out a little when I found out about it. But revived as I found the solution, follow me via bloglovin~! ^O^ just click on that pretty bloglovin banner on the side~. 

I honestly think it's a great loss from Google though. I love reading blogs through Google readers and I was kind of hoping it was an April fool's joke but apparently it isn't *sobs*.

AND! Me and my friend Nanette has decided to write  (and draw) a zine. Yeeeey~ *throws confetti* (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ we're writing on it right now. It'll be a simple one since it's our first time doing it, and I have to say, all thanks to Toizelle and her blog post about zines that remind me about this little project me and Nanette had talked about last year, lol. (We talked about it and forgot, typical).
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