May 29, 2009

This is my confession

So I read this blog yesterday, it’s SassyGirl’s. She commented on my previous post, so I have this habit to visit everyone who commented on my post, sometimes I leave comment, sometimes I just read on. When I leave a comment that’s when new relationship usually begins, and I love it :) When I don’t leave comment, it’s usually because I’m not in the mood or I just have now idea of what should I say, sometimes I come back there again and commenting, and, yes, another new friends :D

By the way, Sassy girl posted something about secret on her post, and it inspired me to write something about my secrets too :) let’s see a little bit more of me.

Well, it’s like some kind of a confession here…

  1. I am the first kid in my family but I act like I am the last (or the only), I am spoiled and proud of it, I love to be the center of attention, I love compliments, well… the sincere one.
  2. I am pretty much obsessed with marriage, well… maybe girls on my age do the same, but… well, when you read some of my posts, you’ll see it clearly.
  3. I think I’m a little erotomaniac, if you don’t know what it is, ask Uncle Google or its friend Aunty Wiki. I’m sure they’ll tell you what you need.
  4. I’ve been single until now, twenty years old for God’s sake. Ask me why? Maybe because I am too picky. My type? worship me, spends 4/5 of his time about me, handsome, rich, smart (in no particular order).
  5. I am twenty year old. This is a confession, because some people usually thinks I am 4-5 years younger than I actually am. And the secret is? I actually love it when people think that way.
  6. I have a very, I mean very small breast. It’s like I am having a flat chest. And I’m not really proud of it. Well, now that’s a confession.
  7. I only watch football when it’s world champion time, and my money is always on GERMANY!
  8. I am a greedy girl, I always wants to know about everything, especially when it’s art/business related. I can spend my whole day in front of the computer reading tutorials and doing the trials. Usually failed, lol.
  9. I am a total moody girl, when I am not in the mood, I will skip class(es) and do nothing at all.
  10. I spoil myself to always get what I want. Thus, I’d do whatever to get it. Put it nicely: hard worker, in reality: spoiled.

So those are ten things you might not know about me , hmm… I just made myself seemed so bad! Haha.

May 21, 2009

The Paper Cranes Project reportage

I was away from the blogsphere for quite a while no? Life has been pretty stressful, or even if it doesn’t, still, I was stressed, lol. And as I’ve promised you, in this post I’ll report how the paper cranes project is going on.

I’m so happy with the result, a lot of people send their paper cranes picture to me during these two weeks. They even ask their friends and collagues to fold one :D. And it’s so wonderful how I can get more friends from this project, those who kindly fold a paper cranes even without knowing who I am first, thank you so much dears!

Me and Nanette works online separately, she’s working more on Buzznet and me, well.. blog and facebook :D and sorry that I’m not really sure how much is it in total, but in my side, I’ve collected about 40 paper cranes pictures, thank you so much! Isn’t it wonderful?

It’s really great to know how someone learn to make a paper cranes because of this project, hehe…

I should really make a thank you list, but pardon me for being too lazy to do that hyperlink things :( I’ll do it later, maybe when we reached 100? Hehe…

wow, 1000 is a long way!

May 12, 2009

An unsent letter

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

I know you both love me and give me so much, much more than I can ever give you back. I know that no matter what I do, I will still be your little tiara, forever a small girl who loves to annoy people and feel no guilty at all about it, and you both love me for that too. I know that you want me to be the best girl out here, which I am scare I can not fulfill, but knowing how much you both love me, you two should know that I’ll try my best.

I don’t know if my ‘best’ will suits your ‘best’, maybe we have different standards, which shouldn’t be a problem as long as it’s a ‘best’. But why is lately I feel that you two ask more than I ever could give you? Or was it only me being emo?

Why do I feel like I don’t want to follow all your rules anymore?
Why do I think that you two shouldn’t control me too much already?
Why do I find more different perspectives between us?
Why am I feel more rebel-ish lately?
Why do I feel like you two don’t trust me enough to grow up on my own?
Why do I feel like I am being caged with the rules lately?
Should I really remind you that I am already twenty?
It might be a silly question, but dear Daddy, should you really ask me to sleep when it’s already only 9PM?
And dear Mommy, must you really interrogate me before I hang out with my friends?

Why do I feel like Britney’s song ‘I’m not a girl not yet a woman’ and ‘overprotected’ suit me the best lately?

But really, I thank you for being such a good parents to me, maybe you just not ready yet to face the fact that I’m growing up up up and away already.

With Love,


I promise, next time I update I will inform you about how the Paper Crane project is doing, for now, all I can say is thank you for all who had sent their pictures, and for those who advertise it. :D

May 11, 2009


It’s so fun to take random pictures of someone without their consent, it looks more natural, you know? And sometimes I am annoyed with myself who is not really a good candid material, being a camwhore as I am, I always knows whenever there’s a camera or two pointing at me, I always knows it, looks at it and makes it less natural :(

My friend Shella (who rather be called ‘Tse’) is a really good candid ‘model’ material (how can one be a candid model? Lol). So last time we went to the library (again), I (or was it my friend?) took some candid pictures of each of us.

She read a book really seriously and this was no act, up till now she still doesn’t know that she was being photographed, lol.

And on the contrary, I can tell that she knows nothing about this book, really, she was just bored and found something fun to do.

They’re bored, you can see it. LOL. Library is boring, sometimes.

When  boredom strikes, cell phones always have more interesting things in it, no? She finally found something too.

  It looks like we were on a serious conversation, right?

And her face said, “What the…” to my side, lol. What did I say?

And the ‘serious’ conversation turned out to be a jokes, hope we didn’t make too many noises that time.

Save the best for last, It’s Shella again, Ah! I really love this picture, there’s something beautiful about it, I mean, look at her expression!

only one  me, basically because it was my camera, and when someone took a pic, as I’ve told you, I looked at the camera, no success. lol

May 8, 2009

My paper cranes can fly!

Life is hectic! But also very wonderful :D and I am glad that I can really enjoy this every little bits of it :)

The ‘ONE HOPE: 1000 Paper cranes’ project is still going on and strong :) I hope more people will participate. I myself, actually, before this project had even started have already 200++ paper cranes, I do it when I need time to be alone, just sit down and thinking, my hands can’t stop doing something so I’ll just grab my origami paper and make some paper cranes, it’s a kind of therapy for me.

By the way, I took some pictures of my paper crane yesterday. I even made a banner!

I used no string, really! I used stick, and edited it in photoshop, you know, it’s pretty tiring to hold up a stick while trying to take a picture of the object stick on it, lol. In the end my brother helped me holding the stick.

A rather simple shot, but I love the color! My marble floor looks even more beautiful in this photo, and the shadow part is my favorite :D

I didn’t use stick, I hold this paper crane up, lol. And it’s way more tiring, haha… but I love the color of the sky above :D

Once again, stick and photoshopped, and cropped, well…

Which one of these pictures is your favorite? I need to pick one and send it to Nanette, but I just can’t choose! None is good enough! *hufft…

The banner:

onehopeproject I did only cropped and gave a little touch up, the shot was taken by Nanette herself, sure she’s way more skilled than me, haha…

May 6, 2009


Crane is a majestic bird which mates for life and is extremely loyal to its partner. The bird is strong, graceful and beautiful. Because of the great importance of the crane, the Japanese people feel that a person who folds 1,000 cranes will be granted his or her greatest wish.

I believe that to fold a thousand cranes can cure an illness or help to live a longer life, or better, to make peace.

I can't make it up to 1000. but i just need one hope:
One hope that leads to world peace.
One hope that leads to no more starvation.
One hope that leads to no more abducted children.
One hope that leads to no more exploitation of nature.
One hope that leads to the goodness of all humankind.

would u help me?
please help me to make another 999 other of this origami and send me your link of the photo.
all those photos of yours will be printed and i will send it to WWF indonesia to help them to save the endangered wild animals and save the rain forests. (credits to you of course)
this may be not much and only a little help and a little hope, but i believe in one thing: IF YOU MAKE IT WITH ALL YOUR GREATEST HEART,OUR HOPE WILL COME TRUE.

and if you have no idea of how to make a paper crane, you can find it here:


My friend, Nanette has this wonderful project, and I am hoping that you all can help us, whether fold the paper crane, take a pic of it and send it to us (by commenting here, email me or straight to nanette's email) or spread the word by posting something about it on your blog, or both! :D

You can always use an unused paper in your house, recycled papers or just an old newspaper you will never read anymore, it's really up to you :)

I'll be checking every now and then and inform you how this project is going on, so far we have only three pictures, it will be great if each one of you can add one picture and get more people involved :D

email me:
email nanette:

Thank you so very much!

May 5, 2009

A short update, I'm hyper! SUGAR!

My daddy bought me the oh so wanted Wacom Bamboo small today! So pardon me for being away, have a new shiny toy :P

Me and my friends are still on the way of planning about backpacking to Bali, how FUN is that sounds? I am totally looking forward to it! Going to Bali is one thing, backpacking with my friends is another thing! YAY!

And the best friend (remember him?) said that he might join *prays hard

I shopped with my brother yesterday, that was fun, haha!

the upcoming post, I'll talk about: one hope project, remind me of it, please :D

now, I'm off to have some more fun with the new and shiny and ... whatever, WACOM BAMBOO FUN!

May 1, 2009

Envy me. Envy me. Envy me.

I’m gonna make you all soooo envy of me! :P Look what I have here!

So, I’m on my last year of Uni right now, and in Indonesia, it means, other than making umm… what is that? Something like thesis, I don’t know what it’s called in English (or too lazy to work my brain out to recall), we also have to work, call it, for the country (holy!), the program named KKN. I don’t really want to talk about it, to shorten it, the definition is to live for two months in a village, do some programs there and blah blah like that.

I know, I don’t seem so enthusiast, but I DO! Because LOOK! This is the place where I will spend my two months, July-August.

KKN 404 


KKN 297

KKN 179


v bfdgn


Isn’t that place BEAUTIFUL? I can learn to play gamelan (for free!), and there’s a lake, and of course the green rice field, and those ducks! LOL.

And IF! (I said IF, okay?) there’s something gone really wrong and I can’t spend my July-August there, I have the Plan B already, guess what?


Yep, I’m gonna go to Bali with my friends :D how good is that sound? Honestly, that sounds reaaaaally good for my ear ;D.

Too good, actually :D

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