May 6, 2009


Crane is a majestic bird which mates for life and is extremely loyal to its partner. The bird is strong, graceful and beautiful. Because of the great importance of the crane, the Japanese people feel that a person who folds 1,000 cranes will be granted his or her greatest wish.

I believe that to fold a thousand cranes can cure an illness or help to live a longer life, or better, to make peace.

I can't make it up to 1000. but i just need one hope:
One hope that leads to world peace.
One hope that leads to no more starvation.
One hope that leads to no more abducted children.
One hope that leads to no more exploitation of nature.
One hope that leads to the goodness of all humankind.

would u help me?
please help me to make another 999 other of this origami and send me your link of the photo.
all those photos of yours will be printed and i will send it to WWF indonesia to help them to save the endangered wild animals and save the rain forests. (credits to you of course)
this may be not much and only a little help and a little hope, but i believe in one thing: IF YOU MAKE IT WITH ALL YOUR GREATEST HEART,OUR HOPE WILL COME TRUE.

and if you have no idea of how to make a paper crane, you can find it here:


My friend, Nanette has this wonderful project, and I am hoping that you all can help us, whether fold the paper crane, take a pic of it and send it to us (by commenting here, email me or straight to nanette's email) or spread the word by posting something about it on your blog, or both! :D

You can always use an unused paper in your house, recycled papers or just an old newspaper you will never read anymore, it's really up to you :)

I'll be checking every now and then and inform you how this project is going on, so far we have only three pictures, it will be great if each one of you can add one picture and get more people involved :D

email me:
email nanette:

Thank you so very much!


  1. We call that paper work origami:)
    Its a hobby from me :)))
    Its beautiful^___^

  2. thank you siree...! thank you VERY VERY much!
    ah! u are really a best friend tyr...:)
    love and hugs,

  3. the 1000 paper cranes are so cute, I read it in a lot of books and comics :) Let me see it if you're done :)

  4. Wonderfl idea! I've never thought of collecting 1000 cranes of photos. I really hope her project will work out. I'll work on taking some pictures tomorrow. Besides, I'll talk to some of my friends. They'll be sure to happy to join this project. Hurray! Little Tiara, thanks for sharing this.

  5. Hello!! New to your blog! I love this idea and decided to try it I will email you the pictures, but I posted them on my blog too

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I've just read Nanette's post saying as follows:
    "as i got the 1000 photos of origami crane, i'll send those pictures to the WWF Indonesia to give them one hope to save the endangered wild animals and forests.
    your help and cordiality means so much to me.
    thank you very much."

    Does this mean she already had 1000 photos? I'm a little bit confused.
    I'm ready to post a picture of crane, though.

  8. hello girls! :D Thank you for the comment!

    Anya: Yep, we do call it origami too, I think that's the original name, can you make one for me (us) and take a pic of it so I can give it to Nanette? And get your friends join too. It'll be great if it is :)

    Nanette: I do what I can :) it's great if I can help :D

    Andhari: yep! Isn't it a great idea? I will update the news of this program every now and then, while I do that, can you help me promote? Or maybe make one little paper crane?

    photojoy: Yay! I'm sure you can make this origami, haha... since you're from Japan, and for your second question, nope Nanette is still looking for more pictures, in fact we have only five pictures of the paper crane till today, it'l be really great if you can provoke your friends to make one and donate a pic too :D

    Namine: girl! I was so surprised when I read your comment! Firstly, thank you for coming here visiting me and second, thank you so very very much for trying to make (and you succeeded!) the paper crane, and third! I really appreciate that you help us promote this program, I hope more people will discover and join!

    Anonymous: I'm so sorry that I had to delete your comment, I just don't want your comment to discourage the other readers, it's okay if you can't help. By the way, you can always use a recycled paper or unused paper in your house :) like your old newspaper and such, I know I didn't write it up there before, but I've edited the post. Thank you for the critique by the way.

  9. I have never made one before, but they are so pretty! I am going to go check out that link your provided to teach me and send a photo as soon as I master it!

  10. Hi! Thank you for your comment in my blog. I posted about a crane project in my Japanese blog. As for "Blogger", I'll post it today. One moment please.

  11. i love the idea <3 it's good knowing i could help with something...
    how is it going ? i'll try to presuade my friends to send u one too ^^


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