Apr 28, 2011


Gracious goodness! No matter how many times I think about it, it will still sound so crazy for me to do: taking my master. I took business management for my master and entrepreneurship as my major.

I am never a fan of studying, really. I hate being in a class listening to what the teacher says and noted them all down. I love experiencing more, "learning by doing" must be one of my favorite phrases along with thousand others.

Surprisingly, thinking about taking my master makes me giddy. In which I thought I must've gone mad already. It's scary, meeting new people with different background who I believe are far more experienced than me in doing business. That, also makes me impatient, I can't wait to figure out how many new friends I can make, and who are they.

I spent some nights thinking if I really did choose the right thing for me, of course I don't know if it does. But learning from what had happened in life, it must be the right path. Well... I don't think we've ever chose a wrong path anyway.

The thoughts of being in a class thrills me, in a good way. It's been long since the last time I did that. While I know there will be like tons of papers to do, I seriously (surprisingly) excited about studying again.

Classes officially starts next week (may 2nd) but tomorrow there will be gathering. I think it'll be fun, wish me luck! :D

Apr 26, 2011

of music

What do you do when you need inspiration?

Being someone who depends (kinda) on my own drawing for the living, I need inspirations almost everytime. Which doesn't always happen. Other than being artsy, I am kind of moody. Good mood is essential.

When seeking inspirations or good mood, first thing I run to is music

I must be that sort of weird girl who sees things when listening to instrumental music, but yes, I do. I listen to Yiruma (his soothing piano is.. soothing...) and depapepe (I love how cheerful their songs are, and yes, they're playing guitar).

My newest finding is Yann Tiersen. He is absolutely adorable, which later I found was the one who created the whole soundtrack for "La Valse d'Amelie"

I can't remember which song but when I listened to his songs few days ago, I had this vision of a girl, running in a forest, dark one, and she was dancing under the moonlight (while running, who knows, it's random). So yeah, I tried to put it to canvas.

Not exactly what I've envisioned but yeah, close enough. Instead of running under the moonlight I think she created magic for herself. I love how music can make me do something cool, lol.

What do you do when you need inspiration?

Apr 15, 2011


Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine
-Robert C. Gallagher

Hmm... I think this one is gonna be quite personal, but then again everything I wrote here in my blog is personal, lol. 

I love walking down the memory lanes and find things I didn't realize when it happened and learn from the past. Looking back, I realized that I've changed much. I didn't say it's a bad thing, though.

Sometimes I find myself wondering, what would my friends from Junior High and High School say if they found how much I've changed.

Now, I know these thing below will sound normal to you all but not here, especially not when happens to me. I guess I have this "girl next door" written somewhere on my face that people always think that I am innocent. Which I am not.

Compared to my 15 year old self, these past years, I've experienced more things. Say, went out adventuring with my friends, went clubbing (spent my new year in one), kissed boys, drink alcohol, watch porn... and more things on a list of thing to not do before.

This thought of mine may be wrong, but I think it's a part of learning. Sure, people can have their opinions, but I am thankful to choose to do those. I shouldn't just do things people tell me to and not do what they say not to. I need reasons, why should I and why shouldn't I.

At last, I found what I needed to know. Reason and purpose.

Like how I not drinking when clubbing. I enjoy clubbing, but I dislike how I smell of smoke after (and those shameless drunken guys are annoying). I like alcohol, but I prefer water more. I decide to not drink when clubbing, because I know I went there to dance and not to get drunk.

I'm glad I know how fun clubbing is, and I know how annoying those drunken lads are. How alcohol isn't that yum, though would be nice to be drunk sometimes with friends. I think it's better finding and enjoying it now than later when I have kids and family.

I wrote this half prayed that people won't see me as an alcoholic chic who goes in and out the nightclub everyday. I'm not. So I'm neither that innocent girl, nor an alcoholic chic, I am merely an ordinary little woman finding myself.

Then I think, maybe my friends won't be that surprised. They should've changed too, right? Because everybody's changing. 

Apr 11, 2011

genius crush

I always think smart guys are hot. You see, those who can speak up their minds, voicing their opinions. A nice glasses and nerd-ish kind of cool appearance is a plus. Haha... I mean, who can resist such cute nerd like the one above? Especially when he's really a smart guy? I can't. 

Of course.

Of all the smarties and geniuses out there, I have always adored Albert Einstein. He's such a cutie in my opinion (I know some of you must have your eyebrow raised upon reading this, lol)

I love his quotes and words and thoughts. Like how he humbly said that he had no special talent, and that he was just passionately curious. Or how he tells us that the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Isn't he lovely?

Alright, I should stop talking about him like he's one of the hotties out there, lol. This makes me sounds so nerdy (which I don't mind at all).

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The most important thing is not to stop questioning." -Albert Einstein

"Who is your genius crush?"

Apr 9, 2011

new layout and a giveaway

WHAT? Another new layout?

Oh yes dear, it is. Am I having identity crisis? Probably, but at least I'm enjoying it. lololol...

I wanted to go for a clear, simple look. So here it is! Plus I (finally) changed the header pic. I know that girl with little tiara had been up there for long it feels different now without her, but look! I put everyone's favorite picture down under there! Yes, the dance :D So I hope you all like it.

After long blogging, I figured that I am pretty much a totally girly girl (lol), and this baby blue-baby pink combo is just perfect for me, has always been my favorite since forever.

Okay, this is a short post. I'm telling you there will be changes here and there later (heheh...).

Oh, anyway. Krissy, a really dear bloggy friend of mine had just celebrated her 25th birthday, and to make her birthday merrier she holds a giveaway. Which I gladly announce, she put me as one of the gives she's giving away to her readers.

So what are you waiting for? There! Visit her and join the giveaway! :D

edit: I decided to join this 30 days drawing challenge, not gonna promise anything, though. I am bad on doing things like this but anyway...

day 1. Draw a picture of yourself/ your persona.

So I've tried making a picture of a happy go lucky girl, but no matter how many times I tried, I failed. (-__-) so I just made my current state and woot! It worked! You can't lie through art, I guess...

Here, I present to you. My crazy self in front of my laptop. Yes, with empty snack and messy hair (and unused headphone) the only thing I missed was the even messier details on my table, lololol.

Oh, I honestly find it cute! XD

Apr 6, 2011

Me and My Drawing

This may not be important to you, but well… I want to talk about it anyways… heheh…

I still can’t believe that I really am doing what I love to do as the way to earn money. Really, it seems pretty surreal to do things I love and get paid for that. Yes, drawing it is.

So in this post I’ll tell you more about me and this particular hobby of mine.

img003 copysmall

I am a Pisces; intuitive, helpless romantic, imaginative and most of all, creative –that’s what they say about Pisces. I love singing and dancing and of course, drawing. My old notebooks and diaries were filled with drawings, ugly ones I can say, haha… but drawings nonetheless. I remember made a messy drawing in my mother’s book, at that time, in my mind I was making a map, the world map. Looking at it now, though, I can’t really see any map there, lol. It’s just a picture of messy lines.

I am glad my parents never scolded me for drawing everywhere. Which is a good thing :D I keep drawing and drawing without any knowledge how to do it properly. Wait, there is this complicated rule in art I figured; there’s no proper knowledge when talking about art, all we have to do when doing art is to follow our hearts and let it takes the lead. But I also found that there are some basic knowledge it’d be better for us to know.

I must be one of the luckiest girl around.

When I was in 4th grade, I’ve moved for the 4th time. I found a friend, one who knows how to draw, we made a really great relationship, and one day she taught me how to draw, I discovered gradation of colors, I discovered techniques, and I am so thankful for it. I started joining drawing competitions every week, won some of them, and my parents couldn’t be more proud seeing that little by little I filled my room with trophies.

Growing older, I stepped into the teenage life. Junior high and High school passed less artistically. I cared more about boys and did less drawing, I learned more about love and joined less competitions. I was busy discovering the new world I was in, and left my hobby behind. It stayed with me, though. Whenever I felt an overflowing feelings, I would draw, or write. I draw more when I was bored, during the lesson or after a test (I usually finished exam faster than my friends –doesn’t mean I got better result, I just got bored too easily, lololol).

So you see, I kinda drifted away, but it stays faithfully with me.


Everything started all over again when I was in university and started blogging again. I adored people who show off their drawing talents on their blogs (still do now), but I never really did something about it. It took a boring class, facebook and blog. I draw random stuff during a boring class, colored it on my computer using my mouse (not a mouse pen yet, which is hella tiring). Pretty satisfied with how it turned out, I uploaded it on facebook and blog. The response was all positive and it was (kinda) surprising, which boosted up my confidence.

After long consideration and little more ensuring words from my friends, I then decided to ask my daddy dear to buy my the wanted mouse pen; wacom bamboo. I paid half of it, I saved my pocket money, and I was so proud of it.

There, the journey was officially started.
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