Apr 27, 2009


I skipped class today! Hahaha! (why would I be this happy? Eh…) Just re-read some of my older posts and I figured out that… by the way I wrote about myself and my attitude on class, you may all conclude that I am not a good student, I am pretty bright, though, the professor loves me, and my average point is still 3.5 out of 4, so, I’m not that bad, right? It’s just that I’m not that eager when it comes to doing homework and piles of papers.

Oh, I skipped the class today because the professor is totally boring, and in my opinion, all she does is just having fun by insulting her students, telling them how stupid they are. She’s seriously not cool. :(

And by the way, I figured that maybe some of you don’t know who my real name is. Well… it’s Tiara. Yes, Tiara, that little crown you used (or will use) on your wedding day is my name. And that’s basically the reason why I named this blog littletiara, haha… so…

Hello, my name is Tiara! Nice to meet you!

Okay, enough for the introduction and let’s moving on , I got this fun task to do from Mel, it’s all about the lucky number eight ;) (my lucky number is actually 7, but eight isn’t that bad…:P)

Eight things I look forward to:

  1. Go to a waterboom next week, have fun with splashing water with my friends
  2. Do my final paper with the help of my senior and cousin and friends.
  3. Graduated from Uni soon. January-February 2010 I hope.
  4. Got my online stores opened and succeeded!
  5. A vacation to Bali with my dear friends next summer! Yay!
  6. Go to Pattaya, Thailand
  7. Make a fun video with my cousin, using the song “fuck you-Lily Allen” as a back sound. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you really should! Really! You’ll get addicted to it I promise ;p
  8. Get a boyfriend, get married, have a little cute family and it’s growing bigger and cuter and fill it with a lot of fun! :D

Eight things I did yesterday

  1. Went to Uni, listened to the prof. not dozed off, skipped the next class. Eww…
  2. Went to a Bank, I lost my book!
  3. Rented more DVDs, okay, only two. One was lousy, and was pretty good.
  4. Watched the lousy DVD and regretted it
  5. Cooked, ate, washed the dishes, yeah, those kind of housework.
  6. Checked my blog, facebook accounts, twitting, livejournal, did some research for my final project.
  7. Chatted with my cousin, business talk. Promoted “Lily Allen – Fuck you” to him and he LIKED it so very much.
  8. Slept so soundly, even with the lights on.

Eight things I wish I could do (these are the impossible things to do although I really want it, right?)

  1. Make a lot of money without moving my fingers
  2. Have my own Doraemon ;p
  3. Meet Zachary Quinto and Milo ventimiglia and Kristen Bell. They’re on my top list!
  4. Go to Paris and Prague by the end of this week.
  5. Come knocking on my every online friends’ houses.
  6. Dance with my future hubby under the starry night sky at our own island
  7. Dancing on a night club and meet Justin Timberlake!!!
  8. Have my wedding party held at (let’s make it impossible)… moon.

Eight shows I watched

This is going to be hard, just so you know, I don’t really watch TV.

  1. Are you smarter than a 5th grader –on TV
  2. Heroes – download via Torrent
  3. Prison Break - DVD
  4. Milo’s random video at youtube
  5. Fated to Love You (Taiwanese Drama) – Download via Torrent/Streaming
  6. So You Think You Can Dance – Download via Torrent
  7. We Got Married (Korean reality show) - Download
  8. Breaking News – Local TV channel :P

Oh! And I have another thing! It’s from D"*! Look what I’ve got!

frends carina and gwen

So I’ll just tag the eight people I love to both answer that “Eights” questions and also received this Friend award! :D (and pardon me for being to lazy to make a hyperlink…maybe later…)

  1. Dionne from City of Dionne
  2. Tina from Luphia loves
  3. Andhari from Insomniac Lolita
  4. Photojoy from My hodgepodge
  5. Katie from Color Me Katie
  6. Cheryl from Confessions of a twenty something Year Old
  7. Rad from Rad Sujanto
  8. Marcus from Scubear

Hope you all like it!

Apr 25, 2009


Today would be on my “” day. Seriously, how could it not be?

First, when I’m connected to the internet, the first thing I open is always my little blog ;) and I checked everyone’s updates and comments, and you know you know you know what?

I visited Dionne's blog, I love her blog so so so much! She always has a topic to talk about and the pictures she took and posted in her blog are always beautiful, and she held a spring swap this March, unluckily I didn’t join because I still can’t trust Indonesian postman :(. But she will held another swap on June (She said :D) and I think I shall try my luck!

Oh, other than the swap she also held another fun thing! It is called… Hmm… Pay it forward giveaway, click here if you want to know more, seriously, it sounds like total fun! It is to give 5 people who comments on your post a gift in condition he/she gives her post’s first 5 commenter a gift too. Isn’t that nice? It’s like a chain of gift!

And the super kind Dionne said “…And for the rest of you who don't make it in the first five, or aren't creatively inclined to make things for others, I will also make a little condition-free something for a sixth person that will be randomly chosen from all of your comments.”

Guess who’s that lucky sixth person? YAY! ME! :D *dances around crazily. I told her that I’m going to go to a strip club to celebrate this winning, but well… then I told her that I lied, lol.

The luck doesn’t stop there! When I visited Mel's, I found out that she gave me a sexy blogger award! Yay me again!

sexy See! How cool sexy that is?

Now, all I need to do is to tell you all five sexy things about me, seriously? Only five? Oh come on! For such a sexy girl like me, I can go on and on and on forever to list all the sexiness I have!

Okay, I lied about the previous part.

Let me think…

1.) The stare - my eyes is neither big nor bright and shining, but I do have that killer look. You know what I mean? I have a sexy stare! (not lustful! It’s sexy! That’s why I got this award, right?)

2.) My brain – maybe you can’t tell that I’m genius, I actually am not. LOL. But at times, it works really great, and just like gazilion times my friend have been telling me, I am smart, so my brain is sexy!

3.) My flat belly – Physically, my belly is the thing I am proud of the most, I have a very curvy waistline and flat belly thanks to whomever gave me this blessing, I got no big boobs or butts… but my belly? SEXY! And no, I do no diet whatsoever.

4.) My way of writing and thinking – I always like to re-read my posts, call it ‘loving myself too much, but I love to think… “wow! I’ve thought about this and wrote it!”

5.) Bathrobe - I mean, me afterbath, still in my bathrobe. I’m wet and fresh and use only a bathrobe, that’s definitely sexy! Not only me, I think you all too ;)

And now I have to choose five other sexy women! (or girls, whatever)

Guys (or girls?), I actually still have two more things to share but I don’t want to bore you all with a super long post so… just enjoy this one first, okay? ;)


And don’t forget to congratulate me :P

Apr 23, 2009

Thousand Islands

No, the title has nothing to do with this post, neither did the picture above, lmfao. I just wanted to put it up there :P

I was away from the blogsphere once again this week, it’s not that I wanted to, there was something wrong with my internet connection that I couldn’t get online, thanks God now I can :D. It was pretty annoying for the internet to off just when I finally finished with all those crappy/creepy exams.

So to vent my annoy, I rented DVDs, nine of them, lmfao. It was almost like I’m having a broken heart, you know, Gilmore Girls, when Rory broke up with Dean (was it Dean or something else?) she ate a lot of pizza and chocolate in her room, watched plenty of movies, and finally cried her heart out. I did ate a lot while I watched the movies, so… maybe I was pretty broken heart not to be able to see you guys :P

Oh, but I didn’t cry my heart out.

I rented some old films yesterday, not that old like Grease but still old. One of it was August Rush, lol. Seriously, this film is selling dreams and miracles but heck! I love music like I love myself and so I fell in love with this film instantly. Besides, who can resist the hotness of Jonathan Chrys Meyers and his sexy voice when he sings (at least in this film, I don’t really know if he’s really a singer or not)?

I just feel like rambling today, so blame me for no focus in this post, lol. I actually do have some planned post in mind, but oh well, I need to ramble and say I miss you all guys!

Apr 20, 2009

Library madness

Sometimes I come to the library to read and borrow a book or two, but that happen really rarely, lol. Most of the time, I came to the library to rest, you know, library=AC+Serenity=Sleep, lol. Living in a tropical country can be really sucks, at times, it’s over 34 Celsius everyday, I often believe that the heat could kill me someday, but dear good lord, please don’t :( so library can be a real life saver, sometimes.

And this is my report of the most recent time me and my friends visited the Library, enjoy!

We found out that the library has a lot of book in it, and they’re colorful too! Although sometimes, –okay, most of the time- I can’t understand what the books are talking about.

So we decided to spend more time to had fun with this colorful books…

I know, I look confused. How can I not? I can’t read the book! Anyone can tell me why?

So I was looking for the trouble maker inside the book, wait! My book changed color! How scary that is? LOL.

Maybe if I read it this way I can understand more…

Or maybe this way? At least I looked smart, no? Two books!

I am naturally playful, and I love to play anywhere. Oh, even library can be my playground :P

Apr 17, 2009

The Quadruple Birthday Party

Okay, I know my birthday was a month ago but hey! Better late than never, right? So here comes some pic from my birthday celebration party, okay, it was not only mine but a Quadruple birthday party!

No, we ain’t no quadruplets, but our birthdays were close, so we decided to celebrate it together :D

Our party had a dress code, basically it’s a small party involving my class mates, which is only about fifteen, and four of us are the birthday boy/girls, lol. Okay, back to the topic…

wait, where were we?

Oh, right! Dress code, the birthday girls/boy used white and the guests use black ;) and I made the invitation, uploaded it to facebook and tagged them all :D

here are the invitation. I made two versions:



Which one of these invitations you like the most?

moving on! Yep, the restaurant we booked has a great ambiance, you can choose to eat outdoor or indoor. We, of course picked outdoor, go to the wild! Lol.

_1000498edit1We even got surprise cake from the people in that restaurant! Excluding the nasty waitress, of course. And don’t you think the view is very pretty? I mean, the dim candle light and all…

_1000518edit1  Fun in black and white :D The girl in the middle (beside me) was not one of the birthday girls, she just had no black dress, lmfao.

P1000524edit2_edited-1 Just in case you hadn’t notice it, I used a little tiara :)
(hey wait! That’s the name of THIS blog! Lol)

P1000527edit copy

Little miss sunshines: (left to right) Miss Aline, Miss Tiara, Miss nanette, Miss Ryan :D I looked kinda drunk here, I know.

the dudettes edit The dudettes! We’re seriously cute, no? :P Okay, I didn’t even know what I was doing, but eh! It’s a cool pose :P

ugmhillsedit And finally the whole crew ;)

Ah, and thanks to that nasty waitress for being so annoying to me that I had to tell her boss about how bad she was, we were treated like a VIP that night (well, we actually were ;P). Yeah, they finally know who I am, I have your boss, dude!

Apr 14, 2009

Six little things :)

Mel, a very friendly blogger friend of mine, who always have an interesting ways to put his thought into a writing, and who is so kind to pay a visit here every time I update, and the one whom I promised to make a layout to (really Mel, I’m going to make one for you, after this hell-ish exam week) gave me this Meme to do.

The rule is,

And now with the Meme called 6 Unimportant Things That Makes You Happy.
The rules are:

1. Mention the person who nominated you.
2. List 6 unimportant things that make you happy.
3. Tag 6 blogs, state the rules, and notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

Now, it’s not that easy people, really. I mean, come on! How can something that makes you happy be not important?

But here goes my list:

1.) A geeky villain; Gabriel Gray aka Sylar from Heroes

gg14 gg39

I really had to think million times before finally I wrote his name down here. For you who doesn’t watch Heroes, you must, really, for the sake of this super gorgeous villain. Basically, I always loves something evil more than the goodie-good.

While the other thinks that he’s a geeky watchmaker turns out to be a villain; he looks more like a super handsome Clark Kent for me ;P

2.) Make up

While I actually am a girly girl, most of the times I appeared quite boyish, I don’t know why. However, doing fun make up always brightens up my days! My make up kit isn’t all that hype, though. I need only a foundation, compact and loose powder, lip balm (if I really remember), blush on and eyeliner, that’s all. I’m not really a pro on using a mascara, but I’m still trying ;).

3.) Dances

Both doing it and watch someone do it. I don’t care what kind of dance; traditional, hip-hop, contemporaries, whatever, I just love a rhymed movements :D

4.) Blogging

Actually, I’ve been blogging for two years, or maybe more. And when I observed, I found out that I changed blog whenever I had a broken heart, so now let’s hope that I won’t suffer from a broken heart again, or that I won’t be too childish to change my blog address when I’m having my heart broken, lol.

Trivial one, I am actually managing three blogs right now, and one website which I’ve abandoned since last year :(. The blogs are this little tiara, where I am currently and hopefully will always be committed to, esjeruknipis, that I created last year, it’s in Indonesian, the stories are more or less the same with the stories I wrote here, except for the fact that I kind of abandoned it since… umm, few months ago. The third is tiara1603, it’s an old blog which turned out to be the place where I wrote all my assignments, the recent one are in French, and I’ve stopped writing here since forever.

5.) Photoshop

I’m all about art, I mean, I can’t live a single day without music, I love watching someone dances, and I participated (and won) some drawing competitions back then when I was younger, lol. My past is brighter I guess. And photoshop is total love, I really enjoy taking pictures, and I enjoy more the time when I can edit the picture, make it brighter, playing around with scales and colors. Oh I love photoshop.

6.) Kristen Bell


I never really like an actress before, but then I saw her on Heroes as Elle, and I fell for her, totally fell for her. I love her petite figure, and her shiny blonde hair, and the SylarElle ship! Oh, it made my day. So my live is revolving too much around Heroes I guess.

For I am in a good mood today, except for the fact that I haven’t started doing my paper due Monday yet, I’ll share my happiness with you, naw, I think it’s just mine.

Yep, Kbell + Zachary Quinto, oh how I wish to see more of them! SylarElle rocks my socks!

Just tell me, how can you not adore this adorable couple?

And now, I tag these wonderful people:!

Apr 10, 2009

My first blog award!

I am a really forgetful girl, the whole wide world should’ve known about this already, that’s why Post-it notes is really a help for me, but then I forgot to write on my post-it that few days ago I received my very first blog award! Thank you so much for Anya! I got this lemonade award.

The Lemonade Award is given to sites which the giver show either great attitude and or gratitude.

The rules for these awards are:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

Seriously, it’s not that easy, especially when your friends isn’t ten yet, lol. But I’ll try… let’s see…

So those are all that I have on the list, if you’ve received it before, lol. I’m sorry. Haha… but really, you all deserves the award :)

Apr 2, 2009

Smile today


I’m planning to create another blog where I will write about a thing (or two) that makes me smile that day, and I should write it daily. Of course, the reason to remind everyone that there’s always at least a good thing each day, it’s just that sometimes we don’t realize it, covered by the bad stuffs and bad mood.

This is actually kind of an exercise for myself too to keep thinking positively. I was used to think positively about everything, but then lately it decreased, and I know, I need them to back at me, crawling or running.

What do you think about it?

Let’s just practice here, so today isn’t the best day of my life, classes are boring (just like this semester every other Thursdays), and I got my first time of the month which hurt a little, and I was stressed out with all the homework and it makes the pain felt more suffering than it should be.

And earlier today I planned to go to the restaurant where I will celebrate my a-month-ago birthday with my friends, and I thought that it would be fun, but it was not. Seriously, someone needs to teach that waitress how to behave. I felt the urge to smack her on the head or fry her alive or whatever torturing thing, really. And she just had no idea how her boss is actually my friend who does a daily flirting on me, and yeah, I’ve told him about her, so shoot! Doom baby, doom!

Oh! But I am supposed to tell you about today’s good thing, right? So despite of all those annoying things and that little b waitress (which I still hope will be fired today by my dear friend), I found something really, really interesting.

There’s a website named iFate, where you can find almost all kind of famous magical thing like Tarot card reading, i-ching, astrology, numerology, biorhythms, and also this little thing called fate ball (or something along that line, I don’t actually remember).

How it works is basically just ask it a yes or no question, it’ll give you an answer, sometimes it doesn’t know the answer too, though. So I started by asking some personal questions, but then, I got a better idea, so here it goes…

q: I am pretty, right?

a: my answer is no

*wtf! Me no pretty?!!

q: were you lying when you answered the previous question?

a: answer is hazy, try again

*So the machine DID lie and tried to act stupid!

q: seriously, I am pretty, right?

a: can't predict now

*why is it so hard to just say that I am pretty? LOL.

q: Okay another question, so, am I tiara?

a: my sources say no

*then, who am I all this while?

q: you're kinda stupid, you know?

a: it is certain

*Oh, so that answers all my doubts for its previous answers

q: so does that make me stupider than you to play this?

a: my sources say no

*thanks God!

q: so, you're stupider than me, right?

a: you may rely on it

*Well, okay, I believe you are!

Hahaha! Seriously it cracked me up, the name shouldn’t be ‘fateball’ it is a stupid-but-fun ball. lol. And after all the hard stuff I’ve went through today, it brightened my day! I need to thank my stupidity for leading me to do that stupid thing and ta-daah! My mood now isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

It is wonderful how something so small can change your gloomy day to a brighter one, no? Every single thing can, even a machine!

Wait, so should I create another blog or just post it here? Hmm…


Apr 1, 2009

Identifying my own self

chic02 chic04

*No, she’s not me, duh! Lol.

No matter where I take the personality quiz, the results are more or less always the same. Daydreamer, sexy, big flirt, best in bed (lmfao!) and kind (those are the good stuffs, I don’t really used to remembering the bad result, lol).

While I always thinks that I am one childish, and somehow innocent, I’m actually a sexy flirt .

And actually, about the flirt part, some of my guy friends were once (or twice?) told me about that, I just laughed it off, but lol. I think they’re just right. Me and my cousin were talking about this few nights ago.

Don’t you think I’m a cute innocent girl? I never really dressed like a sexy woman (except for some times that I have nothing to do and experiencing new thing with my mom’s make up kit), I mean, come on! Just looking at this newest blog layout makes you think that I am quite childish, no?

So maybe I lied to you people, and even to myself too! Really, I never really think of myself as a flirt, but oh well, my cousin said that it’s just my nature, lol. Even if I don’t realize it, don’t mean it to come out, it’s always there. He said that although I try not to show it, it’s just too strong that I can’t hide it.

He too, said, that I have this hypnotizing gaze which is one of those sexy things I have (haha!), I don’t really get what it means, but basically, I can seduce a guy just by looking at him.

And I didn’t know about it myself!

And I started to wonder if I have really known myself all these while… I can’t even pinpoint which word represent me the best. How can this happen? Someone knows me better than myself? I have to say that my cousin is an observant.

So, maybe I really do need help to identifying myself, like what I've said a few post earlier about my habit of changing the layout, I figured out that it's not just a hobby, I am actually looking for my real identity, and so I guess I haven't found it yet (and I'm already twenty? When will I find it, actually?)

anyone knows how to?

Or maybe just tell me what impression you get when you read my every post? It's horrible, no? Not knowing your very own self. Deep down, I am actually scared.


Maybe it's just the hormones, my period is coming pretty soon I guess, but well, it's not a bad thing to know more about what people think about me, right? So do tell me please ;)

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