Apr 25, 2009


Today would be on my “” day. Seriously, how could it not be?

First, when I’m connected to the internet, the first thing I open is always my little blog ;) and I checked everyone’s updates and comments, and you know you know you know what?

I visited Dionne's blog, I love her blog so so so much! She always has a topic to talk about and the pictures she took and posted in her blog are always beautiful, and she held a spring swap this March, unluckily I didn’t join because I still can’t trust Indonesian postman :(. But she will held another swap on June (She said :D) and I think I shall try my luck!

Oh, other than the swap she also held another fun thing! It is called… Hmm… Pay it forward giveaway, click here if you want to know more, seriously, it sounds like total fun! It is to give 5 people who comments on your post a gift in condition he/she gives her post’s first 5 commenter a gift too. Isn’t that nice? It’s like a chain of gift!

And the super kind Dionne said “…And for the rest of you who don't make it in the first five, or aren't creatively inclined to make things for others, I will also make a little condition-free something for a sixth person that will be randomly chosen from all of your comments.”

Guess who’s that lucky sixth person? YAY! ME! :D *dances around crazily. I told her that I’m going to go to a strip club to celebrate this winning, but well… then I told her that I lied, lol.

The luck doesn’t stop there! When I visited Mel's, I found out that she gave me a sexy blogger award! Yay me again!

sexy See! How cool sexy that is?

Now, all I need to do is to tell you all five sexy things about me, seriously? Only five? Oh come on! For such a sexy girl like me, I can go on and on and on forever to list all the sexiness I have!

Okay, I lied about the previous part.

Let me think…

1.) The stare - my eyes is neither big nor bright and shining, but I do have that killer look. You know what I mean? I have a sexy stare! (not lustful! It’s sexy! That’s why I got this award, right?)

2.) My brain – maybe you can’t tell that I’m genius, I actually am not. LOL. But at times, it works really great, and just like gazilion times my friend have been telling me, I am smart, so my brain is sexy!

3.) My flat belly – Physically, my belly is the thing I am proud of the most, I have a very curvy waistline and flat belly thanks to whomever gave me this blessing, I got no big boobs or butts… but my belly? SEXY! And no, I do no diet whatsoever.

4.) My way of writing and thinking – I always like to re-read my posts, call it ‘loving myself too much, but I love to think… “wow! I’ve thought about this and wrote it!”

5.) Bathrobe - I mean, me afterbath, still in my bathrobe. I’m wet and fresh and use only a bathrobe, that’s definitely sexy! Not only me, I think you all too ;)

And now I have to choose five other sexy women! (or girls, whatever)

Guys (or girls?), I actually still have two more things to share but I don’t want to bore you all with a super long post so… just enjoy this one first, okay? ;)


And don’t forget to congratulate me :P


  1. Congratulations! I was so glad when I knew that you got the last post's giveaway from Dionne! Lucky YOu! I'm wishing that a postman won't be mean to you!

  2. Congrats with your give-away from Dionne!!

    Thank you for the award....
    its a Sexy waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
    is it for me or for Kareltje.......LOL

    I put it on my site, THANKS :))))))
    ( But i don't tell five sexy things about me, on my blog, I must even think about it OKe...)

    Have a GREAT weekend and greetz to your friend)

  3. I will be making your little prize this coming week, I hope you like it! Yay for winning!

    Thanks for this sexy award! Five things that make me sexy... ummm... that's a hard list to compile! Hehehehee. Let me see...

    1. I am a confident person, and I think that it's sexy to know what you want and be sure of it.

    2. I love to cook for my husband, and he finds that sexy.

    3. There is a song that I love, and whenever I hear it, I feel sexy. It's called "I'm Lost without you" by Robin Thicke. If you want to hear it, here is a link:

    That's all I can think of :( But I am surprised that I could even think of 3, hehehe.

  4. WHOOO giveawayyy..I always wanna host one but then people live sooo far away and I think of the exact same thing about indo mail service :P

  5. aaaw!! Thank you lovely.. hee hee!! I'm gonna have a bit of fun trying to find 5 sexy things about me.. lols! I hope youu like your award xx

  6. congrats sexy girl!! i want your flat belly! i lost mine when i turned 18!! :)

  7. Isn't Dionne the best? She was the first person to post on my Pay it Forward Giveaway, so I'm glad you were able to benefit from HER paying it forward! What a great idea, eh? Well, good luck with that postman, and maybe if you know early enough about the next swap you can get creative with mailing. Oh, and congrats, of course!

  8. Oh wow...curvy but no belly! SEXY!!!! woohoo... =)

  9. yep yep, I was away for about two days (again) but oh, I'm back :D and thank you girls for your comments, they made my day!

    Photojoy: Yeah, I do hope so too! Or maybe I'll have to check the post office every now and then :P just to let them know that I'm sooo eager to get it, lol.

    Anya: Haha... both you and Kareltje should tell us about your sexiness ;p and yeah, the sexy list isn't easy to make , hmm...

    Dionne: Haha, no need to rush, I'll just sit here waiting patiently, lol. And I love to cook too! And feels sexy when I cook too! I don't cook for my hubby yet, though. (oh, of course...)

    Andhari: Yeaaah! x( the last time my friend sent me a birthday gift for my 19th birthday, the package got her when I am 19 and a month year old. Humph, while it should be coming here right on my birthday :( but at least I still got it :)

    D*: Haha... the first step is the hardest one, but then you'll be surprised at how many sexiness you actually have, and then you'll figure out that you're sexy! ;D

    Lindsey: Dionne IS the best! Haha... I won't miss a single post from her, lol. I love her everything. Haha... Yep... I can't wait for the next swap *crosses fingers that I will be available* and thanks! :D

    Mel: Haha, I know! I love seeing myself in only a half halter top and hipster black jeans, wew. lol.


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