Apr 27, 2009


I skipped class today! Hahaha! (why would I be this happy? Eh…) Just re-read some of my older posts and I figured out that… by the way I wrote about myself and my attitude on class, you may all conclude that I am not a good student, I am pretty bright, though, the professor loves me, and my average point is still 3.5 out of 4, so, I’m not that bad, right? It’s just that I’m not that eager when it comes to doing homework and piles of papers.

Oh, I skipped the class today because the professor is totally boring, and in my opinion, all she does is just having fun by insulting her students, telling them how stupid they are. She’s seriously not cool. :(

And by the way, I figured that maybe some of you don’t know who my real name is. Well… it’s Tiara. Yes, Tiara, that little crown you used (or will use) on your wedding day is my name. And that’s basically the reason why I named this blog littletiara, haha… so…

Hello, my name is Tiara! Nice to meet you!

Okay, enough for the introduction and let’s moving on , I got this fun task to do from Mel, it’s all about the lucky number eight ;) (my lucky number is actually 7, but eight isn’t that bad…:P)

Eight things I look forward to:

  1. Go to a waterboom next week, have fun with splashing water with my friends
  2. Do my final paper with the help of my senior and cousin and friends.
  3. Graduated from Uni soon. January-February 2010 I hope.
  4. Got my online stores opened and succeeded!
  5. A vacation to Bali with my dear friends next summer! Yay!
  6. Go to Pattaya, Thailand
  7. Make a fun video with my cousin, using the song “fuck you-Lily Allen” as a back sound. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you really should! Really! You’ll get addicted to it I promise ;p
  8. Get a boyfriend, get married, have a little cute family and it’s growing bigger and cuter and fill it with a lot of fun! :D

Eight things I did yesterday

  1. Went to Uni, listened to the prof. not dozed off, skipped the next class. Eww…
  2. Went to a Bank, I lost my book!
  3. Rented more DVDs, okay, only two. One was lousy, and was pretty good.
  4. Watched the lousy DVD and regretted it
  5. Cooked, ate, washed the dishes, yeah, those kind of housework.
  6. Checked my blog, facebook accounts, twitting, livejournal, did some research for my final project.
  7. Chatted with my cousin, business talk. Promoted “Lily Allen – Fuck you” to him and he LIKED it so very much.
  8. Slept so soundly, even with the lights on.

Eight things I wish I could do (these are the impossible things to do although I really want it, right?)

  1. Make a lot of money without moving my fingers
  2. Have my own Doraemon ;p
  3. Meet Zachary Quinto and Milo ventimiglia and Kristen Bell. They’re on my top list!
  4. Go to Paris and Prague by the end of this week.
  5. Come knocking on my every online friends’ houses.
  6. Dance with my future hubby under the starry night sky at our own island
  7. Dancing on a night club and meet Justin Timberlake!!!
  8. Have my wedding party held at (let’s make it impossible)… moon.

Eight shows I watched

This is going to be hard, just so you know, I don’t really watch TV.

  1. Are you smarter than a 5th grader –on TV
  2. Heroes – download via Torrent
  3. Prison Break - DVD
  4. Milo’s random video at youtube
  5. Fated to Love You (Taiwanese Drama) – Download via Torrent/Streaming
  6. So You Think You Can Dance – Download via Torrent
  7. We Got Married (Korean reality show) - Download
  8. Breaking News – Local TV channel :P

Oh! And I have another thing! It’s from D"*! Look what I’ve got!

frends carina and gwen

So I’ll just tag the eight people I love to both answer that “Eights” questions and also received this Friend award! :D (and pardon me for being to lazy to make a hyperlink…maybe later…)

  1. Dionne from City of Dionne
  2. Tina from Luphia loves
  3. Andhari from Insomniac Lolita
  4. Photojoy from My hodgepodge
  5. Katie from Color Me Katie
  6. Cheryl from Confessions of a twenty something Year Old
  7. Rad from Rad Sujanto
  8. Marcus from Scubear

Hope you all like it!


  1. Gratulations, it rains awards by you LOL
    Have fun with it :))

  2. I'll do this soon, love. Waterboom sounds lovely, been hot like always.

  3. Yeah! It's so HOT here, I believe it's more there, though. Jakarta is always hot. lol. Even when it's raining. And great! Can't wait for you to do it!

  4. i would do just about anything to go to're so lucky!

  5. cute blog


  6. Cupcakes and Cashmere: Haha... even I have to save a lot this year so I can go there next year, but it's all worth the money, I guess ;)

    Dallas: Thank you!


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