Dec 30, 2011

So I forgot to put a Title...

thanks to Rad's constant nagging, here I am finally updating this blog. Man! Is this blog look dustier than usual? Oh crap! Is that spiderweb I'm seeing? :O hahaha... okay, first of all... Merry Christmas! Although I don't really celebrate it, well... I'm enjoying the holiday too! Hahahah ;p so Happy Holiday! How did you spend your holiday? me? Oh, of course, lazing around in bed, it was raining all day on christmas so it was perfect for sleeping! YAY!

Anyway, I got sick too :( I can't remember when was the last time I fell that sick. Yeah, with fever and all, but I'm getting better now, of course since I'm a strong lady, hah! (say the girl who spent two days straight under the blanket) it must be the weather, or something. I'm not even sure why was I sick, sigh~

I still have to draw three more pictures. Yes, in my list I still have three to draw and I'm like... starting to go sleep imagining how the picture should be! Hah! These ones should be good. It's been too long since the last time I really draw something, I'm kinda nervous.

So, new year is nearing. Much as I can't believe it, oh well... I just have to face it, right? Here's the thought that keep coming to me: I'm not getting any younger!!! >O< oh my! I feel like I'm getting fifty soon!

I still remember clearly spending the new year last year in the club (clubs, actually), wasted (kinda) with my friends, and oh my! There were some drama too! I mean, my friends met her ex there, and some guys trying to hook me up (damn! this one is annoying part), some other guys trying to catch my friend (all I can remember, his name was radio, hahahahaha... he dressed up like Elvis, I swear he did!), and the worst part, we forgot to take any picture, oh well...

perverts and exes aside, it was a fun night. Ahhh... I missed my friends :( they're all over the place now since we're all graduated. And up till now I still don't know how I will spend this year's new year, hmm... for me it's either a super-crowded place, or nothing at all, as in quiet place... like... as quiet as my room.

Hahah, I gotta say, me and my room has this special bonding now that I barely sleep anymore. You see, classes and all... sleeping is now such a big thing for me. It's an honor to get to sleep, really! :)) and it's getting really crowded outside, making me even lazier to fight the heat only to spend some money ~_~ I don't even have that much in my pocket anyway. Maybe I should really start the drawing, hahah...

by the way, I found this on tumblr, so I think I should share it here, what is yours? I'm a Moe; nauseatingly cute, trololololol...

Dec 8, 2011

life update!

I'm here! I'm here! Okay, I know I've disappeared longer than I used to be (r not?) but... but... okay, no but, I was just lazy and have nothing to talk about, well... actually there are lots f things to talk about so the reason is I was lazy, and lazy is human, and I am human so yeah..

what do you want me to talk about?

A theory of how I think school is trying to kill me? Ah yeah right! I just survived three consecutive days of presentations which means three days lack of sleep, which means three days of panda eyes, which means three days of emo littletiara, which means... well... good thing I aced them all! Oh joy!

and next week would be the time for final exam and I have no idea if I can survive it again, I'm crossing my fingers I do... but seriously, laziness has taken over me. Not the kind of lazy that I don't want to do anything and I ended up doing nothing. I'm in a state of laziness where all I want to do is reading good stories and snuggles on my bed, and not doing anything related to homework. Yes, that kind of laziness, not so lazy, right?

I think I've bored you out.

So, here's some little update.

  • I'm alive, and well. Yeah, pretty much well although I could do more eating now, I'm hungry
  • I have homeworks, two to be finished today, like right now, but I'm still too lazy to do them.
  • Belkastrellka, an indie band, hired me to draw for their upcoming single. And I am uber excited about this! So excited that I don't want to do anything! Ha!
  • What else is here.. hmm... nothing else, ah! I'm in dire need to find somebody to love. Okay, that was cheesy but I think life's just plain boring now that I have no object for my affection, sigh...

Okay, that should be all. I hope you won't kill me, haha!
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