Apr 30, 2012

Hello Spring

I know I'm a bit late, haha... but it's always summer here in Indonesia so... anyway, how do you like the new layout? Me? Of course I love it, but let's hear your thoughts about it. I always love trying new ways to do the artwork, this is the newest finding I tried, yo know... that watercolor-styled stuff ;)

Drawing with watercolor isn't really my forte, I really love it but no matter how hard I try I always find it insufficient. So I was really happy when I found this 'brush' giving the pretty watercolor effect, heh.

and my wacom broke. This is sad, how am I supposed to make a living without my wacom? Okay, maybe I can still do it free hand but still... *pouts*

I've been working harder lately, on finding new stuff for my artworks, new ways of reaching to the consumer and even in the packaging. I really want this to work out, I want my littletiara become a big littletiara, no, huge littletiara. So huge that someday, somehow I will find my favorite performer (Bigbang, Mocca, etc) wearing something littletiara. 

Other than that, in a shorter term, of course because I know I need to earn more so I can survive in Korea which is only three months away and I don't think I'm well prepared for it! Aside from watching the sappy Korean Drama (and stopped midway because sometimes I just can't stand all the cheesiness and stupidity), I'm not at all prepared for it. I'm going crazy... hah!

One of the very reason I'm taking the chance to go to Korea this year, (I have to tell you because people tend to think I'm going there to chase after the pretty boys hahaha... I don't, really! Don't you think I'm a little too old for that already? But I won't mind bumping to a pretty boy or two) is to find me, myself. I've been living with my parents my whole life, not that I don't love them or I don't want to live with them anymore, I just need to find some adventures out there and start seeking for myself.

I didn't even tell my friends about me going there (they found out later and pouted and I ended up with super long list of souvenirs to buy), not that I don't want to be with them or I don't need them or anything, I want to start relying on myself, I want to proof to myself that I can actually do wander in some random place I don't have a clue about and survive (and hopefully make new friends over there).

Even so, I will honestly tell you that deep down inside, hidden under all the excitement, I'm kind of scared. So wish me luck!

And to tell you a good news, along with the hard work, a giveaway is also coming up, and this one is a special one because... Oh, I can't tell you about it yet but here's a hint: sharing happiness.

On another note (or not really), other than the new layout, there's that new 'donate' button. You see, this poor little lady needs help financially to run the business and do the living, so if you want to or feeling a little bit generous or maybe you think that your wallet is too thick and you need to spend some cash, I'm here to gladly receive the donation, hahah.. (okay, this is really shameless).

See you later in the next post, it's coming out soon. I hope you're excited about it ;)

Apr 23, 2012

Jazz mben Senen

Okay, I know most of you don't understand the title except the "Jazz" part. It was a javanese sentence, meaning "Jazz every monday". Yes, means weekly jazz.

I'm so much in love with the city I'm living right now, Yogyakarta. This is the place where traditional culture and art meet the modern future. This city is filled with so much passion of art, graffiti are in every corner, art performance held everyday, heck, you stop at the street light and you'll get to see the street artist performing! and one of the most loved is this show called Jazz mben Senen.

This weekly event is such a doll, I mean, I love it so much. I don't really know who started it first, but for all I care, this event/show is so much fun!

And it's free.


Or more likely they'll accept no matter how much you give them, when the show starts there'll be a box rolling for you to put your money to, and no, they won't hate you even if you don't put any, they won't know and care that much anyway.

If you come here to my city and decide to make me your guest, I will make sure you come to this show at least once. 


It's a crowded crowd. Which I love, even if I come alone, I will find my friends there (not that I ever come there alone, though).

Basically all we have is some bands having their jam session, having fun and all. They're practicing and they share it with us. I love how sometimes even the singer doesn't remember the lyrics of the song and just go nah-nah-nah... and a view of the vocalist holding their cellphone while singing is a common view, why, you ask? Well.. they're looking at the lyric via google! :D


It's not a huge gig, but it's a crowded one. With the MCs being so friendly and crazy, although I think you won't understand since they speak fully Indonesian. The MCs, they're not only MCs but also part of the bands. One play sax, another is a vocalist and the other is a.. drummer, I guess? (I kinda forgot, sorry!)

Every once a month they'll have a themed performance, the newest one was yesterday, they sang The Beatles' and I have to say I pouted all night because I couldn't go there, blame the exam! I've been waiting for them to cover Beatles for so long and when they finally did, I couldn't go? What kind of torture is it??? *cries in the corner*

See the crowd?

So I'll leave this post with a little glimpe of the show, make sure to contact me when you wanted to go there ;)

They sang "Yogyakarta", which is actually the name of this city. I love how the crowd sang with them, and how they did stand up when the vocalist asked them to. I love everything about this city, to its little bits.

Anyway, I can smell giveaway coming up this blog really soon, who's excited? raise your hands! :D

Apr 22, 2012

I challenge myself

Let's see.. here I am again, wanting to write again, with so many things in my head, yes.. again. So I decided to challenge myself to talk just about anything I found randomly in my tumblr. So you see, tumblr has this "shuffle" icon which will lead me to random post, so I'm gonna click it and see what's the story behind the post, why did I reblog that and such, interesting enough? no? lol, let's see...

~Tuesday, September 28~
Let's see... the things I don't like around here is that I don't know the year.. and I'm too lazy to check whih year has its September 28 on Tuesday. So I'm not really sure what was happening, but I'm guessing it should be around... the break up? I remember breaking up with my last ex at around August, so I guess I'm still heartbroken in September? Yeah, that must be it.

And I think, if that's not for that reason, it might be because the picture is pretty, lol. I mean look at the photograph! The colors! It's lovely, right? ;)

~Monday, February 28~
Okay this is not really interesting, but that's my headphone and I have two, one in blue and another in red. But I think I broke them two already and now I miss listening to music with full blast on. /sobs/  I mean, I can't go on without music really. This is bad, the time I enjoy the most is when I drive and listen to music along the way, I think it's the same to us all, right?

~Saturday, August 14~
Aww... Isn't this very true? I'm such a sucker for lines like these... the word 'forever' and 'the rest of your life' got me. I mean, I know that's a very very long time. And the I'll start to think to spend it with someone I love, someone I adore, then I'll think.. like what they say in cheesy romantic songs, "forever isn't enough".

I want to have it like that, I know I won't spend the rest of my life all lovey-dovey and romantic filled with smoochies and hugs and pillow talks. I know there must be days when I fight, when we wrestle, when I'll cry, when I'll blame him for whatever he does (or doesn't)... but still, thinking about that excites me even more.

How fun!

I still do, hahaha... even when we were in a relationship, my ex's wallpaper wasn't me /sigh/. And it's such a sweet thing to think that someone actually does stare at your face everytime they open their phone. Okay, maybe I shall limit this only to my boyfriend, it would be a little too creepy to have someone I don't know have my face in their phones, let alone set it as their wallpaper /shudders/

cinta pertama tiara

hahaha… judulnya cinta pertama, padahal sampe sekarang masih nggak tau cinta itu apa… mungkin akan jauh lebih tepat kalo judulnya ‘kecengan pertama tiara’ okok, kebanyakan intro, langsung saja… (read more)

Okay, so this post was written in Indonesian and... it was about my first love. I was story telling... hahaha... oh gosh /facepalm/ this is embarassing but not really hahaha... Okay, I shall retell the story in english I guess..

I was 5-6 year old (yes, what?) I lived in Bandung, capital of west java (I moved a lot when I was a kid). So once upon a time, there was this little boy, my classmate. Like other little boys he loved running and played hide and seek with his/our friends. And he fell, and he cried, like a baby (which he was).

I was in the cafeteria, waiting for my... how do you call it, school bus? Yeah, something like that. So yeah, I bought MnM and I saw him falling and crying and being the good kid that I am I gave him my MnM, all of them, he thanked me and he gave me my MnM, the red one (and he ate the rest, really).

And I fell in love.

Because of MnM, which was actually mine.

Lol, this doesn't make sense, but love never makes enough sense (if you can call it love), let alone some random feelings a 5 year old kid had. So yeah...

Few weeks later I moved from that school to another city, I didn't even feel sad. hahahahaaha...

Okay, so this is actually quite fun, walking down the memory lane is definitely one of my hobbies. I love how cheesy I could get sometime when I fell in love and how... depressed I sound when I got my heart broken, I believe in what Steve Jobs one said about connecting the dots... something about what happened in the past makes you who you are now, yeah... something like that.

Will be back later, hopefully with something more interesting :)

Apr 16, 2012

on a little Bigbang and doodles

So.. anyone missed me? This must be my worst blogger block in my history, seriously! I love writing and I have heaps of things I want to share to you but when it comes to write it down... they all disappeared! see! I even lost my charm in writing! *cries in the corner*

I'll just speak random things here, I seriously need to blog more and this shall be the start of the 'starting all over again'. I hope I didn't lose that much of followers, I'm pretty sure I did, though. Is it only me or blogger has lost its charm, too? I mean... okay, maybe it's only me who's not around much and so left so far behind the fun wagon.

Anywaaay.. what should I be talking about here? I've ranted for about two paragraphs and I'm on my third right now, lol. Okay, so I didn't plan anything to write before I started typing... heh, this is what comes out of my little cluttered mind.

I missed writing, and sharing my thoughts which seems to be harder lately, especially because I didn't do it much anymore so it's kinda dull, I need to sharpen it again. Here I am doing that and I think you just rolled your eyes reading it hahaah...

Okay, let's start with... uh, what? I would love to talk about Bigbang (no, not Bigbang theory, this one is the one and only Korean boyband I love) but I think my readers aren't so into it, so maybe we shall move on to talk about me (hah! like it's anything more interesting than Bigbang...)

Ah, I know.. I'd love to share to you... what my notebook looks like.. I mean, with all the messy handwriting and all... the most important thing.. is the doodle, hahaah...

Bigbang is VIP, lol yes.

uh.. Okay, so you see that.. I even doodled Bigbang stuff over there, a proud VIP (the name they gave to Bigbang's fan) here.

Wow, fantastic baby! Boom Shakalaka

I think I drew more than wrote about what the professor was actually talking about, seriously.. oh gosh, hahahaha... and the drawings are just so.. random. period.

Okay, those are written in indonesian, yeah... and did you see that little splotch at the top of my book? ;__: it was wet... my pretty book isn't so pretty anymore... and EI stands for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a class I took.

So basically I wrote things both in indonesian and english, just because. lol.

Yeah, my notebook is colorful, and I actually made it myself (proud baby over here) heh. I love writing in colorful paper, way better than lined paper. Plus, it's easier to draw on it because it has no line, hahah...

Anyway this post is totally.. what do you say? Boring? hahah.. at least those are a little sneak peek to my life (which is as exciting as a cold potato, yay.)

But all in all, I love to be back blogging! YAY! I missed you all guys! Give me some love! *group hug*
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