Apr 30, 2012

Hello Spring

I know I'm a bit late, haha... but it's always summer here in Indonesia so... anyway, how do you like the new layout? Me? Of course I love it, but let's hear your thoughts about it. I always love trying new ways to do the artwork, this is the newest finding I tried, yo know... that watercolor-styled stuff ;)

Drawing with watercolor isn't really my forte, I really love it but no matter how hard I try I always find it insufficient. So I was really happy when I found this 'brush' giving the pretty watercolor effect, heh.

and my wacom broke. This is sad, how am I supposed to make a living without my wacom? Okay, maybe I can still do it free hand but still... *pouts*

I've been working harder lately, on finding new stuff for my artworks, new ways of reaching to the consumer and even in the packaging. I really want this to work out, I want my littletiara become a big littletiara, no, huge littletiara. So huge that someday, somehow I will find my favorite performer (Bigbang, Mocca, etc) wearing something littletiara. 

Other than that, in a shorter term, of course because I know I need to earn more so I can survive in Korea which is only three months away and I don't think I'm well prepared for it! Aside from watching the sappy Korean Drama (and stopped midway because sometimes I just can't stand all the cheesiness and stupidity), I'm not at all prepared for it. I'm going crazy... hah!

One of the very reason I'm taking the chance to go to Korea this year, (I have to tell you because people tend to think I'm going there to chase after the pretty boys hahaha... I don't, really! Don't you think I'm a little too old for that already? But I won't mind bumping to a pretty boy or two) is to find me, myself. I've been living with my parents my whole life, not that I don't love them or I don't want to live with them anymore, I just need to find some adventures out there and start seeking for myself.

I didn't even tell my friends about me going there (they found out later and pouted and I ended up with super long list of souvenirs to buy), not that I don't want to be with them or I don't need them or anything, I want to start relying on myself, I want to proof to myself that I can actually do wander in some random place I don't have a clue about and survive (and hopefully make new friends over there).

Even so, I will honestly tell you that deep down inside, hidden under all the excitement, I'm kind of scared. So wish me luck!

And to tell you a good news, along with the hard work, a giveaway is also coming up, and this one is a special one because... Oh, I can't tell you about it yet but here's a hint: sharing happiness.

On another note (or not really), other than the new layout, there's that new 'donate' button. You see, this poor little lady needs help financially to run the business and do the living, so if you want to or feeling a little bit generous or maybe you think that your wallet is too thick and you need to spend some cash, I'm here to gladly receive the donation, hahah.. (okay, this is really shameless).

See you later in the next post, it's coming out soon. I hope you're excited about it ;)


  1. you're moving to korea?! omg! good luck hun! tell me all your adventures there. hey and you know what? i think this is a good learning process for you. if what you planned doesn't turn out to be what it was like, then at least you tried! :]

  2. oh shoot! you're not moving there? i thought you were hahaa... i guess you'll be there for a vacation? anyway... i hope that you meet prince charming there! :P

  3. good luck!!! ur list is about to get looooonger now!! regret letting me know ur going to freaking Korea where all the kimchis come from!!! ahhaha

  4. Hello! What an exciting news to read all after my absence from visiting my blog friends. Enjoy the different culture and meeting people. I understand you want some change to make a step forward!

  5. Oops, I was way late to read this blog. You must have been already to Korea. No?


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