Apr 16, 2012

on a little Bigbang and doodles

So.. anyone missed me? This must be my worst blogger block in my history, seriously! I love writing and I have heaps of things I want to share to you but when it comes to write it down... they all disappeared! see! I even lost my charm in writing! *cries in the corner*

I'll just speak random things here, I seriously need to blog more and this shall be the start of the 'starting all over again'. I hope I didn't lose that much of followers, I'm pretty sure I did, though. Is it only me or blogger has lost its charm, too? I mean... okay, maybe it's only me who's not around much and so left so far behind the fun wagon.

Anywaaay.. what should I be talking about here? I've ranted for about two paragraphs and I'm on my third right now, lol. Okay, so I didn't plan anything to write before I started typing... heh, this is what comes out of my little cluttered mind.

I missed writing, and sharing my thoughts which seems to be harder lately, especially because I didn't do it much anymore so it's kinda dull, I need to sharpen it again. Here I am doing that and I think you just rolled your eyes reading it hahaah...

Okay, let's start with... uh, what? I would love to talk about Bigbang (no, not Bigbang theory, this one is the one and only Korean boyband I love) but I think my readers aren't so into it, so maybe we shall move on to talk about me (hah! like it's anything more interesting than Bigbang...)

Ah, I know.. I'd love to share to you... what my notebook looks like.. I mean, with all the messy handwriting and all... the most important thing.. is the doodle, hahaah...

Bigbang is VIP, lol yes.

uh.. Okay, so you see that.. I even doodled Bigbang stuff over there, a proud VIP (the name they gave to Bigbang's fan) here.

Wow, fantastic baby! Boom Shakalaka

I think I drew more than wrote about what the professor was actually talking about, seriously.. oh gosh, hahahaha... and the drawings are just so.. random. period.

Okay, those are written in indonesian, yeah... and did you see that little splotch at the top of my book? ;__: it was wet... my pretty book isn't so pretty anymore... and EI stands for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a class I took.

So basically I wrote things both in indonesian and english, just because. lol.

Yeah, my notebook is colorful, and I actually made it myself (proud baby over here) heh. I love writing in colorful paper, way better than lined paper. Plus, it's easier to draw on it because it has no line, hahah...

Anyway this post is totally.. what do you say? Boring? hahah.. at least those are a little sneak peek to my life (which is as exciting as a cold potato, yay.)

But all in all, I love to be back blogging! YAY! I missed you all guys! Give me some love! *group hug*


  1. Those drawings are just too cute.

  2. ahhh... don't worry about it. i was a bit on a hiatus too. but you'll gain readers again :] im still here!

    anyway, i love your drawings. i actually have mine posted on my wall and one of my visitors asked me how you made it and i was like... photoshop? idk! lol

  3. I think a lot of people have taken steps back (myself included) ... but I keep coming back because I miss writing and I miss you guys! And your doodles ... please teach me how to doodle like you! AND VIP, WHAT WHAT! :D


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