Feb 8, 2013

I was Born a Traveller

I have these beauty marks on my feet, three of them, to be exact, and people said that means I was born to travel. I guess it's pretty much right, I have been moving countless time since I was born. Too many times that I didn't even get a chance to have a childhood friends. I'm alright with that, though, I can always make new friends now 

The love and burning passion I have towards travelling prove it right, too. Ever since I found the joy of travelling, I've been travelling a lot. The fact that my families scattered all around the country is so much of a help so I can save my money on spending the night, hahah...

And now that I am almost graduated from my study, I found myself wanting to work overseas. I want to see more of the world, travel more, discover more, meet old and new friends, before finally coming back home to settle.

Or maybe got hitched and continue travelling together, who knows? 

in another note, I opened my society6 store; there you can find my artwork applied in iphone case, laptop stickers, and even pillows! Please kindly visit and have a look! :D HERE

I'm so excited about the iphone cases. Honestly, I want to buy one for myself but I'm not using an iphone so... LOL... by the way, if you're interested, it's free shipping if you order the iphone case through this link CLICK the promotion ends February 10, 2013 at Midnight Pacific Time 

this one is the latest artwork I made, quite challenging because I finally drew eyes (if you know my previous artwork don't have eyes on them) and I drew it completely using mouse (not mouse pen e.g: wacom bamboo), which means a lot of work. I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out, I need a lot to learn, though, of course 

Feb 4, 2013

the crazy adventure we had in Seoul

I can't believe I forgot to talk about this! This was one of the craziest day I've ever gone through during my stay in Korea. Well, actually there were lots of crazy adventure times, now that I think about it, every time I stepped out of my room, I was in for another crazy adventure in an unknown land, haha... especially since I love wandering around alone too much...

anyway, this time I was with a friend. Well, honestly, being lost isn't something new for me... (lol is this even something I can be proud about?) I was lost when I first came to Hongdae, and the second time I got there, and even the third time... :| 

I even got lost again when I went there with Cecilee from thus making both of us lost! Hahaha.. oh gosh, I sincerely feel sorry for her to be lost with me... read her story about that day here (yeaahhh.. it has me in the story too and you'll see how... -fill in the blank with whatever words you want- I am)

anyway, this is another story, with another girl, you see... I got lost a lot, hahaha.. but I gotta say this one is the craziest... 

so here goes the story...

That day me and my friends from the summer school class wanted to go to buy some more clothes and stuffs, if I remember correctly it was on our third week, which means the summer school was about to end so we tried to go to Seoul and shop as many times as possible (LOL, I'm so glad to meet such Shopaholic people)

There were four of us, but we split ways; me and Stella wanted to go shopping for clothes so we headed to Edae, while our other two friends wanted to buy souvenirs so they went to another place (I'm sorry I can't really remember where they went to), BUT we all wanted to watch the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, so we agreed to meet at 8 in the said place.

The beautiful water fountain we wanted to see

I am a pro about shopping in Edae, so we didn't get lost, we totally had fun! Bought chicken barbecue sticks, bought fresh fruit juices (that was a hella hot day if I remember correctly) shop a LOT, went to Baskin Robins, and shop some more~

Stella with her SUPER Spicy chicken barbeque, and mine, which wasn't spicy at all, lol
One of the 'gardens' in front of the mall in Edae
at 7 we decided to go to Itaewon Subway Station (where we will go to Banpo from that), here goes the adventure... I noticed that compared to other transportation services in Korea, Taxi is my least favorite, simply because it's so hard to communicate! I can't speak proper Korean and the driver can't seem to understand English... 

We had this note from the tourist information center; the officer said to just show it to the driver and he will take us there, but maybe because it was dark, or... I don't know why, we couldn't seem to find a taxi who wanted to take us there, until finally a girl who worked in a cosmetic shop around there helped us (ALL HAIL THE GIRL!! She speaks English properly, she saved our lives! Thank you so much girl~

So? Is the problem solved? Uh... Unfortunately no, not at all... We didn't catch what the driver was saying until suddenly he dropped us off in a random highway... Wait.. What?

We could hear the song played for the rainbow fountain show (yes, it has a background song) but we don't know where was it from! We were like... laksdagdasfda what to do now? That until we realize that we were ON that Banpo bridge... But to see the show, we have to be UNDER the bridge, LOL... We could see the riverbanks where people were strolling around, biking, and all... and we had no idea of how to get down there...

Long story short, we managed to find a tunnel (total luck!) which led us there, but the show had stopped and we had to wait for another hour... wait, did I mention that we shopped so much we were running out of money? As in cash (because we still have money in our T-money card) but we weren't worried about that since.. we still have our friends, right? Well... until they called and said that they were not joining us because they were still far and won't make it to the last show (at 9 PM)... Uh-oh...

Save that for later because we were there to enjoy the show... so it was 9 PM already but... why isn't there any show? We could hear the song (again!) but where is the rainbow fountain show??? Figures, we were waiting on the wrong side of the bridge, hahahahaha... so we ran (together with a lot of others, fortunately) to the other side of the bridge and enjoyed the show... which was totally worth it it was beautiful and... if I have to have any complaints, I should've come there with my boyfriend! It was sooooooooooo romantic! 

the riverbank was filled with photographers, they were waiting for the show too :)
The wrong side of the bridge, where we waited, lol
Stella posing in front of the water show, on the right side of the bridge

I think I should stop here for now, this is a long post already... hahaha... But remember, the crazy adventure didn't stop here, so stay tuned for more, lol...

Feb 1, 2013

Cheesy February


I’m using a silly font, and I’m adding emoticons on my post. Am I littletiara? Definitely! lol… this is kinda fun~

oh dear.. my blog has become so cute! Too cute! OMG, how do you like it? hahahah… I think I’m having too much fun here…


I really really, like seriously want to revamp this blog, and make myself active in the blogsphere again. Not only posting but also visiting random blogs and make new friends.

Quite frankly, shouldn’t I make something more mature instead of this kind of silly, though? LOL… is this my new image? hahahah… I wonder what will 5 years older me say when she opens this blog post~

anyways, moving on to the post; it’s February already! Holy flying unicorns! How fast seriously does time fly? tumblr_inline_mgick5i5Cy1qid2nwso here, this post will talk about what I’ve done in January 2013. I found it useful to remind myself what I’ve accomplished, it makes me want to do more and accomplish more…

1. I’ve finished my thesis! Hurray~ tumblr_m57ulpkbpL1qgy16y


finally… after long sleepless nights (more because I can work better at night) I finished my thesis! Well, I’m still waiting for it to be revised by my professor, though… but at least it is done done done~!

Remember my final paper for college was talking about fairy tales? Now, this thesis is talking about music~ man, I love how I can choose what I want to write about… it’s mainly about how someone’s intention to download music illegally reduces their intention to buy the original album. Isn’t it a sad fact?

Guess what? After finishing my thesis, I haven’t downloaded anything illegally any more, haha~!

2. I am an illustrator! tumblr_m9gcqw9Amo1qzckow


I guess you all know about my passion in art, and how I’ve made some artworks during my free time (or class time). Now I can proudly say that I’ve officially become an illustrator!

My cousin is a writer, and he wrote a book, and he asked me to illustrate the book~! Although he only gave me a week (which later be 2 weeks) to finish ten pictures for his book, and at some point during that week I felt so frustrated about drawing, and although at the deadline day I slept only for two hours… everything is worth it!tumblr_m4i9c2x6ai1qdlkyg

I actually really want to do this book giveaway, but it is written in Bahasa, I’m not sure if you want it hahaha… I really hope it was written in English, because honestly (pssst… don’t tell my cousin about it~) I found the story interesting, and I love how everyone in the book is connected to each other, plus… it’s a book about chocolate… tumblr_inline_mg15qnUpxW1qdlkyg who doesn’t love chocolate? Oh come on, even my allergic cousin loves it! (yes, I have another cousin who’s allergic to chocolate… I can’t imagine being her…)

3. My first lomo-shoot ever! tumblr_inline_mgx853ERq91qid2nw

64430038 64430023

ever heard of Lomography? Or Lomo camera? such fun analog camera with the moto “don’t think just shoot”. Just… how fun is that rule? So my friend dikasapi is a pro (since he won a lot in the competition) and he let me learn and use one camera from his collection (believe me, he has like heaps of them!)

playing with Lomo is so much fun, I used LC-A Russia Day camera to take the pictures, as you can see… combo~! Each Lomo camera has their own specialty… I don’t think I can explain that yet, hahaha… I’m still a nooooob~

I also joined Lomography web page which is filled with friendly talented people from all around the world~! Such a fun place to be in! x) I received warm greetings and I soooo love it there tumblr_m9gclpn3pQ1qzckow

I love the thrill of  using an analog camera, how long has it been since the last time you used one? The excitement of not knowing how the result will come out like, the thrill of waiting for it being developed, the feeling of wanting to just shoot everything and develop the film but also want to only shoot the right picture… those are soooo exciting~! tumblr_m9gcm8DTas1qzckow

4. Trying out various natural DIY face mask

Since I’ve done with my thesis (for a while) and finished illustrating, so I was kinda free. It is inevitable for me to spend a lot of my time in front of the computer, until one day I stumbled upon a website that showed me a recipe to make face mask using things I can find in my kitchen.

This is so fun! tumblr_inline_mg16edHrZz1qdlkygI’ve tried tomato, lemon, papaya, oatmeal, and banana… all can be mixed with honey, olive oil, and milk… while I had fun experimenting, I do notice that my skin is getting better… hahaha… I love this…

they’re messier than the instant face mask on the tube, though… tomatoes are so wet, so it dripped down my face… oatmeal is messy… and banana doesn’t look good when mashed tumblr_m9gck4P2Jf1qzckow(so it’s best to do it in the bathroom)… but they’re so useful… sugar and honey are my favorite, because it’s simple and gives instant result… but of course I can’t use sugar everyday to exfoliate my skin… mom will question how did her sugar runs out too quickly hahahaha~

so it’s indeed a long post, don’t you think? I hope I can write more often from now on, just like the good old days… I noticed my bloggy friends are getting busier too… so yeah, it's inevitable… we’re growing up~

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