Feb 1, 2013

Cheesy February


I’m using a silly font, and I’m adding emoticons on my post. Am I littletiara? Definitely! lol… this is kinda fun~

oh dear.. my blog has become so cute! Too cute! OMG, how do you like it? hahahah… I think I’m having too much fun here…


I really really, like seriously want to revamp this blog, and make myself active in the blogsphere again. Not only posting but also visiting random blogs and make new friends.

Quite frankly, shouldn’t I make something more mature instead of this kind of silly, though? LOL… is this my new image? hahahah… I wonder what will 5 years older me say when she opens this blog post~

anyways, moving on to the post; it’s February already! Holy flying unicorns! How fast seriously does time fly? tumblr_inline_mgick5i5Cy1qid2nwso here, this post will talk about what I’ve done in January 2013. I found it useful to remind myself what I’ve accomplished, it makes me want to do more and accomplish more…

1. I’ve finished my thesis! Hurray~ tumblr_m57ulpkbpL1qgy16y


finally… after long sleepless nights (more because I can work better at night) I finished my thesis! Well, I’m still waiting for it to be revised by my professor, though… but at least it is done done done~!

Remember my final paper for college was talking about fairy tales? Now, this thesis is talking about music~ man, I love how I can choose what I want to write about… it’s mainly about how someone’s intention to download music illegally reduces their intention to buy the original album. Isn’t it a sad fact?

Guess what? After finishing my thesis, I haven’t downloaded anything illegally any more, haha~!

2. I am an illustrator! tumblr_m9gcqw9Amo1qzckow


I guess you all know about my passion in art, and how I’ve made some artworks during my free time (or class time). Now I can proudly say that I’ve officially become an illustrator!

My cousin is a writer, and he wrote a book, and he asked me to illustrate the book~! Although he only gave me a week (which later be 2 weeks) to finish ten pictures for his book, and at some point during that week I felt so frustrated about drawing, and although at the deadline day I slept only for two hours… everything is worth it!tumblr_m4i9c2x6ai1qdlkyg

I actually really want to do this book giveaway, but it is written in Bahasa, I’m not sure if you want it hahaha… I really hope it was written in English, because honestly (pssst… don’t tell my cousin about it~) I found the story interesting, and I love how everyone in the book is connected to each other, plus… it’s a book about chocolate… tumblr_inline_mg15qnUpxW1qdlkyg who doesn’t love chocolate? Oh come on, even my allergic cousin loves it! (yes, I have another cousin who’s allergic to chocolate… I can’t imagine being her…)

3. My first lomo-shoot ever! tumblr_inline_mgx853ERq91qid2nw

64430038 64430023

ever heard of Lomography? Or Lomo camera? such fun analog camera with the moto “don’t think just shoot”. Just… how fun is that rule? So my friend dikasapi is a pro (since he won a lot in the competition) and he let me learn and use one camera from his collection (believe me, he has like heaps of them!)

playing with Lomo is so much fun, I used LC-A Russia Day camera to take the pictures, as you can see… combo~! Each Lomo camera has their own specialty… I don’t think I can explain that yet, hahaha… I’m still a nooooob~

I also joined Lomography web page which is filled with friendly talented people from all around the world~! Such a fun place to be in! x) I received warm greetings and I soooo love it there tumblr_m9gclpn3pQ1qzckow

I love the thrill of  using an analog camera, how long has it been since the last time you used one? The excitement of not knowing how the result will come out like, the thrill of waiting for it being developed, the feeling of wanting to just shoot everything and develop the film but also want to only shoot the right picture… those are soooo exciting~! tumblr_m9gcm8DTas1qzckow

4. Trying out various natural DIY face mask

Since I’ve done with my thesis (for a while) and finished illustrating, so I was kinda free. It is inevitable for me to spend a lot of my time in front of the computer, until one day I stumbled upon a website that showed me a recipe to make face mask using things I can find in my kitchen.

This is so fun! tumblr_inline_mg16edHrZz1qdlkygI’ve tried tomato, lemon, papaya, oatmeal, and banana… all can be mixed with honey, olive oil, and milk… while I had fun experimenting, I do notice that my skin is getting better… hahaha… I love this…

they’re messier than the instant face mask on the tube, though… tomatoes are so wet, so it dripped down my face… oatmeal is messy… and banana doesn’t look good when mashed tumblr_m9gck4P2Jf1qzckow(so it’s best to do it in the bathroom)… but they’re so useful… sugar and honey are my favorite, because it’s simple and gives instant result… but of course I can’t use sugar everyday to exfoliate my skin… mom will question how did her sugar runs out too quickly hahahaha~

so it’s indeed a long post, don’t you think? I hope I can write more often from now on, just like the good old days… I noticed my bloggy friends are getting busier too… so yeah, it's inevitable… we’re growing up~



  1. Hai tir, looks like you've done so many things on january... :) find it more what you can do on febuary... Hope you can launch your cute t shirt right the way.. Can't wait...

    1. thank you~!! I will do even more in february! Yayness~! and yes... I want to launch the t-shirt really but there's been some hassle, should talk about it in the next post ;A;

      thank you for commenting <3

  2. hi tiara.... makasi ya ud jd ilustrator unt bukunya nunu. gambarnya unyuuu banget... love it :*

    launchingnya nanti km dateng yaa ^^

    1. :D ngegambarnya molor2 apalagi kalo pas ceritanya sedih hahaha... thank you for the chance sebenernya sih x)

      siaappp.. nanti kalo selo aku akan hadir~ kalo sibuk, harap coklatnya dikirim ke rumah ya :)))

  3. Oh my littletiara, so many accomplishments, and all these in January 2013! What a great beginning of the year for you! Can't tell you how happy and proud of I am of you!! :D

    And yeah, I have noticed that all of us have become busier now, even I myself have been posting less frequently than before. But don't worry, we're all still very close friends ❤

    1. x) thank you~! I guess achievement and accomplishment is my theme this year, I can't wait to do more, no, scratch that, I want to do even more.. ^O^ I guess it's the effect of realizing how old I've become... I just can't let myself doing nothing and have no story to tell about to my kids later, right? ;)

  4. a book about chocolate sounds wonderful!! So glad you got to illustrate it!

    1. it is a great chance indeed :) I'm so happy I have the chance to do it, finally a proof that I'm an illustrator~! ^^


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