Aug 15, 2014

Hello Beautiful!

It was during working hours that I made some drawings on my laptop. You know, since my job does require drawing nobody really noticed, lol. In my defense, I'd say I've done my part of the job and I was bored so a little drawing won't hurt, right?

I saw miss Katie on facebook showing her latest project to "Call someone you love", "Write Someone You Love", etc. and I thought it was really cool. How long has it been since the last time you wrote letters to someone you love? 

I mean, in the old days we use letters all the time, my mom still have the love letters my dad sent her when he was courting her, and isn't that the cutest thing? I would want my lover to send me a letter too, because sometimes there are words that are hard to say and will flow better through writing.

I've always been fascinated by writing in all form, be it letters, postcards, or even emails and blog posts (and comments!) because well, the essence is to let others know what you feel, but let's admit, there is something a little bit more special in hand-written letters, right?

Remember when I said I wanted to revive my artwork line? I guess the first product will be postcard. I will try to make them special, and maybe I will have a little project to send postcards to you lovely readers. Actually I'm not sure and a little bit scared, I mean... this blog has been so quiet and well, starting a business is always thrilling and exciting so yeah, fingers crossed, wish me luck! Until then, I will greet you with one of the postcard designs.

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