Apr 30, 2010

Oh boys...

I think... my dad realized that I pretty much enjoy spending my time with le boy, and I think he couldn't help but jealous... I mean, I've always been his precious daddy's little girl, when I came home late, I'd called him to pick me up somewhere... 

but now when le boy appears, he takes me home and picks me up and spend lots of time out of the house with me... and now Daddy doesn't have to be bothered picking me up anywhere...

I can feel my Daddy is jealous.

But there's nothing I can do about that, no?

I think I should spend more time with him, but hey! It's him who's always busy... *sigh*

I don't want him to dislike le boy either, because well... he's very lovable and adorable and all that it'd be a hard work for anyone to not like him...

Anyway, me and le boy, we're in this confusing but enjoyable relationship... we spent a lot of time together, hang out to fun places, and cuddle, and hold hands and all those silly romantic stuff, and creates rumors that we're already together, while we're actually... I don't know... not really... lol.

He loves to play around and he had said it himself that he's not in the mood for any kind of romance-ship, So when he asked me to be his girl (for the nth time), I didn't know how to answer it, goddammit... I'd really love to shyly say "yes" but wouldn't that be embarrassing if he then said, "What? I was just joking!" that'd be doom!!!

So no, I didn't say anything although I've thought of nodding my head frantically with big smile on my face and/or screamed "YES" in my mind.

*sigh* this is the time of the many times you have to remind me to take things slow because well... I have a feeling this will be a long journey ahead.

Apr 25, 2010

in which littletiara is missing someone

And why do I think it’s obvious who am I missing right now?

Why am I falling in love so easily with anyone?

Wait, maybe this isn’t love (yet), maybe, like I’ve twitted, this is just an affection… or addiction… whatever it is, guess what? Boy I miss you, still do even when we’re texting each other.

picture credit: all by littletiara, taken with the new nokia 5800, and yes, that's my handwriting.

edit: wait, not all is credited to me, the lyric is from The Beatles' song I want to hold your hand, and the texture, I got it somewhere in the world wide web I don't really remember where (which makes me feel bad about it...)

Apr 23, 2010

Me and My Twitter

This is so random that I’m talking about my twitter but hey! I’m in the mood for a celebration so let’s celebrate my 10,000th twit! Yes I’m that talkative! Hahaha…

The one introduced me to twitter was Nanette, I used it to stay in contact with my girl friends, a place we can gossip as we wished because everyone was too busy with their facebook accounts and statuses, yeah whatever, lol.

Twitter became one of my favorite site ever since, and due to my talkativeness, apparently 140 characters is never enough, even when you multiply it to 10,000, lol.

anyway, twitter has become the place where I rant, show my inner feeling (although sometimes through vague/ ambiguous sentences) to the world, I think I should make my twitter a book, that’s how you can read me and follow my adventure of feelings and mood swings (that, if reading this blog isn’t enough for you, lol)

So throws the confetti, turn on the music and get the party started (courtesy of Pink, I believe, lol) because here we are celebrating my 10,000th twit!

Man… what a useless post, lol.

picture credit to me, of course, haha.

Apr 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy Earth!

So I tried exporting the blog post I posted on wordpress when I was away from blogger few days ago


But I don't lose hope, I copy pasted them here, haha... I forgot one thing, though. I can't copy paste the comments, oh well... sucky, but whatever. If you find them with zero comments, which is so unlike my blog because I have stalkers and friends who always leave me a comment (yes I'm snobby like that, lol), that's because it is originally written in wordpress. Alright?

Moving on...

Happy earth day! Happy birthday mother eart, or shall I say Gaia (well, according to the Greek mythology that is), so to celebrate her birthday, let me draw a little about this lovely mother earth who is practically the mother of us all :)

Apr 19, 2010

Sore Feet!

What I did today?

1. I met my prof and he was being a cheap ass. whatever.

2. Went out with my high school friend which I missed muchies :)
We were close back then, he was such a flirt (and I believe he still is), been asking me to be his girlfriend for billions time, bluffing or not I don't know, since he loves asking girls to be his girlfriend (lol). Anyway, we were close because both of us were (or still are) childish, loves drawing and graphic designing and quite secretly adore each other's talent.

The destinations:

-An old thrift store

See, those are all antique stuffs! Old mirror, old drawers...
and lol at these two silly toys I don't even know the function, hahaha...

They're kinda cute, I think...

And he bought this little spidey! Haha, he's a spidey huge fan.

Oh, and then continued to me buying perfume, we kinda had fun spraying the perfume (err... yeah), I ended up buying CK one, I think it's nice ;d

Next stop? Mall.

- Timezone

How long ago had it been since the last time I went there? I can't tell, I don't remember really. It felt kind of nostalgic, which is funny since timezone isn't really a place you usually feel nostalgic in. lol. And we didn't really play anything... what we did there? We picked some left tickets, haha... felt so much like looking for a treasure, ha!

- Girly shop

No, he didn't enter the shop, he waited outside and only came when I asked him his opinion, nice guy. So I got this pretty little ring ;) and I bought my mom a birthday present too, which she really really liked ;D

- Clothing stores

he saw a polo shirt, which I thought is cute on him... and I didn't know boys need as much time as girls do on deciding if he should buy the thing or not, lol, after hours of contemplating, walking around the mall for miles and sore feet, he bought it.

Anyway, just in case you’re wondering, he loves his round glasses SO much. He doesn't even need glasses, he just love John Lennon, yes.

in a slightly different note... Err, we did hold hands. It's been long since I did it, with the best friend it was never a skinship, with the new guy? He kinda grabs my arm, but not this kind of holding hands, this old fella, he offered his hand for me, it was kinda awkward (for me) at first, but then.. I quite enjoy it, haha... is it a good sign?

Not that I've harboured any kind of feeling towards him at this time,I just like the way he treats me. I think.

I forgot, haha... on our way to the parking lot, we had a running competition. lol. none of us won, though.

And if daddy didn’t force his precious little girl to go home early today, I wouldn’t be here to post this yet, we’d have a long night adventure instead. Daddy, you’re not being really cool this time.

Apr 17, 2010

Knock knock

Guess who's back? ;D

I am! Hahaha...

I still don't know how long this will stay like this, though. I just want to remind you that if later you can't find me posting here after a week, which is so unlike me, try

I've tried both sites and I have to say, blogger is still the best home for me, I was like on a forced vacation I don't really want to go to, and it feels good to be home again with you all around ;D

By the way, Kiera is having a giveaway and guess what she's giving away? It's my artwork, so if any of you are interested, come to her blog and join the giveaway, please?

Okay, I'll drown myself in the euphoria of homecoming, this is weird how I want to continue my thesis now, haha... :P I need to force myself, I want to finish it all soon, I targeted May and  I hope I can really make it.


Test? Test?

Apr 16, 2010

In Which I Have to Adapt All Over Again

This is finally a post, my thoughts about moving blog...
And I believe this picture pretty much sums up my thoughts and feelings.

This isn't fun, I lost heaps of my readers, which are my friends, but this isn't only about the wordpress-blogger thing, it's about the internet connection. Despite the fact that I can read them, I still can't comment on any blogger blogs which is kind of depressing because I need to leave comments! I need to let my friends know I read their post, and what I thought about it.

Some, like NikolettKrissyMel,ManjuNamineLisa and Andhari are reachable through twitter, but those are all.
It feels like I've accidentally punched the restart button and... yeah, all resets.
Maybe, God just want me to finish all thesis related stuff, so He cut off everything that will distract me? Well, who knows, He has His mighty way (which I like, usually).
I don't think I can stay away that far from internet, though. Not to mention I'm contacting my prof through email nightly. Hmm...
I think I need to do daily yoga to keep myself calm, something soothing like this...

Or maybe something far easier...

or to make it even easier, I'll just buy/make this poster and hang it just right in front of my bed so every time I wake up I'll see this.

pictures found via weheartit

PS: I love the pictures I picked for this post, lol.

Apr 12, 2010

I can't stop thinking

let's go out on an adventure!

I have so many things in mind I can't just stop thinking to a level where it's getting annoying. I can't help thinking about my thesis (of course), I'm thinking about my paperwork too... which isn't fun, and then I'm thinking about the future business I'd love to drown myself to.
Imagining myself spend my days drawing and coloring and cracking my brain for ideas, or maybe owning a little coffeehouse, or cakery (yes, I choose cakery over bakery) where I too display my artworks and (hopefully) published books. Doesn't that sound really good?

People can enjoy pancakes, ice cream, coffee or their favorite kind of tea while reading my illustrated book (whatever it is, I've planned to make something based on my love towards drawing and writing and reading). How does that sound to you? Would you like it?

A future filled with business and art and cute stuffs is my ideal kind of future, I've been thinking of moving to the room upstairs, which is far wider than my current room, I'll paint it white and decorate it as I want (and make my current room a garage for the future car I've planned to buy) so I can have more space to work, but as for now the only thing I need to finish is the damned thesis which I'm quite sure you guys are bored to hear about already.

What I plan to do in near future is to print my hard cover notebooks and give it away to my closest friends, this might mean another giveaway who knows? I've been testing out looking for the best quality of paper, printing ink and size and all... I hope when the time come you'll all love it ;)

Oh, another fun plan is to make myself a sketch book so I can force myself to draw something everyday, I know my friends had given one to me but I still can't bear to draw anything there yet... haha... I love the crisp blank paper.

Apr 6, 2010

A Krissy Special

Krissy is one of the nicest blogger around, I'm so lucky to have met her through Mel's christmas gift swap, we became friends instantly after that I believe, it's not hard to befriend her anyway. WE got even closer by following each other in twitter, I love the fact that internet makes two girls from very different places so close.

And today, she's officially 24 years old! Yay! Happy birthday pretty girl!

I don't know what else to say, I just hope you like it. Best wishes to you, because you deserve the best in life! :D

I know, it's HAPPY BIRTHDAY RISSY on my picture, I swear it's KRISSY!!! Really!

See... Told you so. lol. By the way, do I make a good japanese girl? Haha...

Oh, look what else I got for you!!! :D

Yep, it's nashe!

Apr 5, 2010

Birthday Galore pt. 1

|What I got for my birthday|
I know my birthday was a long time ago, but I have this habit to celebrate it with my friends weeks later, this years celebration was held last week, and what a coincidence, none of my friends bought their big SLR camera, so we took pictures using cellphones, and I haven't received any of the pic yet. I got SO MANY gifts I tell you. Here are what I got:

from two of my silliest friends, they're crazy, this pouch has my university logo on it, notice that it's kind of smeared? Yes, I tried to remove my university logo. So much for being a good student, lol. But this thing turns out to be really useful, a small pouch that can contain LOTS of things inside, I can even put my books in it. Thank you, boys! lol.

From my bloggy friend, cecillee, she's so kind! These were an advanced birthday gift from her, when she went to Bali (and Singapore) she remembered to bring me these stuffs, actually there were more, but I didn't get to take a picture of them *sigh*, will hopefully do later. She sent me lots and lots of earrings, and more jewelries, haha. I'm so loving her gift! ;D

From my friend, Aline. She got her boyfriend from Australia bought this book for me, I couldn't find the English version here in Indonesia (or I'm just too lazy to go looking for it, haha...). When I opened the wrap (I knew what it contains already, lol) my friends instantly told me that they want to borrow it once I finished reading this book, while actually I have no plan to finish it soon, it's still in queue... the first book to read in my list? Something about narrative, scheme actantial and Algirdas Griemas.

The best gift of all, from my girls; Nanette, Rian, and Aline (yes, she gives me two). A sketch book and a brush set! Oh my! This is like the thing I want the most recently! I have yet to draw anything on it, I want to wait 'till I have the brightest idea, I don't want to waste a page, lol. So precious! :D
Actually there are more, but I haven't took a pic of them yet, and the best friend? Yes, he had bought me something, I still don't know what it is, though. He forgot to bring it the last time we met (so typical of him, yeah.)
I love birthday with lots of surprises! ;D
This is the first part of my birthday post series, more to come very soon! :D

Apr 4, 2010


This is annoying but i have no control at all regarding this stuff, some sites are blocked from my house's internet, including blogger. I can swim through the blogsphere but i can't comment because i'm not able to sign in to blogger (or even my gmail account).

I don't know how long it'll lasts, i hope it's temporary, but for now find me at my wordpress (which luckily isn't blocked):

i've imported all my belongings here to the new place, although i'm still trying to familiarize myself, i hope i won't lose any of my reader, though i know that's kind of an inevitable effect.

Darn, this is sucks.
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