Apr 25, 2010

in which littletiara is missing someone

And why do I think it’s obvious who am I missing right now?

Why am I falling in love so easily with anyone?

Wait, maybe this isn’t love (yet), maybe, like I’ve twitted, this is just an affection… or addiction… whatever it is, guess what? Boy I miss you, still do even when we’re texting each other.

picture credit: all by littletiara, taken with the new nokia 5800, and yes, that's my handwriting.

edit: wait, not all is credited to me, the lyric is from The Beatles' song I want to hold your hand, and the texture, I got it somewhere in the world wide web I don't really remember where (which makes me feel bad about it...)


  1. you have very pretty handwriting!! xD i'm missing someone too....

  2. do you like your new camera? we're in the market for one now

  3. LOL I love your little 'edit' - wish I could see more of your handwriting, that texture blocks it (though it is very very pretty). Project Handwriting for sure? :)

    And awwh ... you make me smile. I'm studying this one novel called "A Sentimental Journey" and my Prof said that because the main character is so sociable and so easy to get along with people, it also means it's very easy for him to fall in love. Maybe you're the same way? :)

  4. That's a lovely photo and I adore the yellow bow. Your writing is very pretty. I always wished I had better writing than I do.

    I hope you're going well and not missing (him) too much. x

  5. Tiara oh Tiara!! :)

    I love you, thank you for making me smile with your posts :) You make me remember how a budding love is so sweet and awesome, therefore I am excited for my new love story. I can feel it, it's going to happen soon :)

    As for you and your - ehem - love story, I do think you guys look soooo cute together :) But don't rush into it. Just take your sweet time :)

    And is that the yellow ring you bought when you were with him? I really, really, really love it! :)

    PS: Notice how many smileys this comment has? :)

  6. awww tiara! i miss your little love notes! ^_^ i havent been reading blogs lately, but sure did miss yours [:

    how are you and your boy?

  7. Oh Tiara! Nice shot! I love it. It looks so mellow and so full of emotions. You are so talented. And about this guy... awwww...I hope you guys get to spend more time together, get to know each other and work on something beautiful. =)


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