Apr 19, 2010

Sore Feet!

What I did today?

1. I met my prof and he was being a cheap ass. whatever.

2. Went out with my high school friend which I missed muchies :)
We were close back then, he was such a flirt (and I believe he still is), been asking me to be his girlfriend for billions time, bluffing or not I don't know, since he loves asking girls to be his girlfriend (lol). Anyway, we were close because both of us were (or still are) childish, loves drawing and graphic designing and quite secretly adore each other's talent.

The destinations:

-An old thrift store

See, those are all antique stuffs! Old mirror, old drawers...
and lol at these two silly toys I don't even know the function, hahaha...

They're kinda cute, I think...

And he bought this little spidey! Haha, he's a spidey huge fan.

Oh, and then continued to me buying perfume, we kinda had fun spraying the perfume (err... yeah), I ended up buying CK one, I think it's nice ;d

Next stop? Mall.

- Timezone

How long ago had it been since the last time I went there? I can't tell, I don't remember really. It felt kind of nostalgic, which is funny since timezone isn't really a place you usually feel nostalgic in. lol. And we didn't really play anything... what we did there? We picked some left tickets, haha... felt so much like looking for a treasure, ha!

- Girly shop

No, he didn't enter the shop, he waited outside and only came when I asked him his opinion, nice guy. So I got this pretty little ring ;) and I bought my mom a birthday present too, which she really really liked ;D

- Clothing stores

he saw a polo shirt, which I thought is cute on him... and I didn't know boys need as much time as girls do on deciding if he should buy the thing or not, lol, after hours of contemplating, walking around the mall for miles and sore feet, he bought it.

Anyway, just in case you’re wondering, he loves his round glasses SO much. He doesn't even need glasses, he just love John Lennon, yes.

in a slightly different note... Err, we did hold hands. It's been long since I did it, with the best friend it was never a skinship, with the new guy? He kinda grabs my arm, but not this kind of holding hands, this old fella, he offered his hand for me, it was kinda awkward (for me) at first, but then.. I quite enjoy it, haha... is it a good sign?

Not that I've harboured any kind of feeling towards him at this time,I just like the way he treats me. I think.

I forgot, haha... on our way to the parking lot, we had a running competition. lol. none of us won, though.

And if daddy didn’t force his precious little girl to go home early today, I wouldn’t be here to post this yet, we’d have a long night adventure instead. Daddy, you’re not being really cool this time.


  1. awwww this is the sweatest thing ever :)
    lol i have a toy like those squishy things, mine is neon orange :D

  2. oh how fun!! you look so cute :)

  3. Oh, how cute! It looks like you had a really fun day, and I love that ring! That's so fun that you held hands, awwww. Sometimes that's such a great feeling. :D

  4. This sounds like a date! Tiara oh Tiara :D You look cute together! :)

    PS: I absolutely adore that ring! Does it also come in pink? :D

  5. love the ring you look really pretty!!

    definitely cute together. his glasses are awesome!!

  6. i love that ring! you confuse me with boys! but that's okay, i like the ride.

    have you seen?? quite the reponse thus far to your giveaway! OPEN A SHOPPPPP. my real life (not internet) friends have been begging me to tell them where they can buy your art!!!!!!!!

  7. that is just sooo.. romantic!! *melting* ^^

  8. Aww, so adorable! I love the ring, and next time I can have a talk with your father and say, "No, Tiara needs to spend more time with this lad, he has cool glasses and it seems like they have fun together!" and I won't mention the holding hands because I know fathers don't like that too much haha. I <3 you Tiara, and I definitely want to join that giveaway because I love your artwork!

  9. oooo lalalallala!!!! tiara! you guys do look cute together.. and look how big that smile of yours is! hehehe!

  10. haha, girls thank you so much for the comments :P you all made my day.

    His glasses is definitely cool, even the woman in the optical store we went to said that it's hard to find (now... that's not important)

    and stop saying we look cute together because it makes me smile like a fool. lol. You won't want me to look like a fool, no? or you do? haha

  11. his glasses..n ur smile.. damn cute.. together.. even better!!

  12. You do look cute together! CK one is a great perfume as well, its my everyday favourite.

  13. Oh! Is this le boy? He really does have HP glasses! Cute!

  14. this guy is different right? awww im happy taht you're finding a way to move on now :]


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