Oct 21, 2010

Notice something different?

I am sure you all do, well… except if this is your first visit here ;) if so, welcome!

I’ve been wanting to change my layout to three rows one because well… this way I can put up more links and advertisement in the future (maybe). So today I made it, yayness!

Anyway, life has been busy and I love it :) I’m starting to working on my business, which is still a secret for you all here now just because I don’t wanna jinx it, haha… I promise after everything is settled, I’ll tell you all! (like of course since I’m so much of a show off person lol)

Been meeting lots of new and old friends, talking to many people and do funs tuff, well… okay, some of them aren’t so fun but heck… I’ve learnt from one guy that sometimes you win, sometimes you… learn.

Isn’t the thought lovely? We never lose, never ever :D

Remember the old friend? Yeah yeah… the one I fell for long time ago? The one I confessed my love to early this year? Mm hmm… We’re having a project together now, I hope this will turns out well. Nothing romantic included, though.

He’s like a bigger brother already for me, hahaha… this is cute how we can still get so close. I think he’s pretty much matured, especially compared to Le Boy (in which I gotta say doesn’t realize that he’s still childish). Anyway, who am I to judge.

And… I know this new layout still look pretty messy but I’ve got some few things to be done today so I gotta go now, promise I’ll fix it soon. So if you have any suggestion, just poke me in the comment box and tell me which one is not pleasing in your eyes alright? :)

Oh, and one more thing! If you’re an entrepreneur, has your own business, if you don’t mind, do tell me some tips and tricks because that’s what I’m doing right now, and because I’m still beginner… I’d love to learn more, please? :D

Wish me luck today, big things are coming my way, I hope I can catch them! :D


Oct 20, 2010

Just do it.

Wait, wait till you know you’re sure 
and you will wait too long, he will be gone


get dirty, get fucking filthy, get poor, get off your ass, get desperate, get dangerous, get ville, get romantic, get fucked, get moving, get productive, get proactive, get your own life, get doing something, ANYTHING. 
Because before you know it, you're 40 with kids, a mortgage and responsibilities that cause your fun to come second. 
So before cancer, before children, before 50 hours work weeks, before back and knee problems, before school loans, before you lose your sense of humor...
Fight and fuck and run and smile 
Smile because the older you get, the less you will 
So yes, quit being such a goddamn pussy, because bitching and whining and worry never make anything better. 

I love this quote I found via tumblr, I made it my desktop wallpaper just so I remember to just do things I wanna do, take the risk, take the chance.

I’ve figured that when you want to do something, just do it, as long as you’re not hurting other, do it, do everything you want to do.

Maybe you’ll regret some of it, but if you never try, you’ll never know. Maybe things will go wrong, but everything will be okay in the end. And most importantly, maybe it’ll take you to somewhere you really belong.

I’m talking about life, which I’ve figured isn’t always about love. It’s about social life, taking risk and challenge, consequences, failing and standing up again, breaking and putting things together again, moving on and be brave.

So like NIKE always says: JUST DO IT!

Oct 18, 2010

Well… okay…

Haha, I know I was like away (again) for … three days? So the 7th challenge was about my dream wedding, on the 7th day I was not in the mood of talking about wedding at all, so I thought I should just skip it, BUT skipping a day would mean skipping the next day and the next next day for me. So here I am, trying to get back to the track again, hahaha…

My dream wedding is a grand one.

I want everyone to wear white while me and the groom wear, well… something else.. Haha… everything would be white, from the decoration to the flowers and… all. haha…

My dream wedding would have you all in it, I hope this one can really do come true :D because that would mean I and the groom are financially stable to be able to invite you guys :)

I want everyone to be there in my wedding, not because I want to show off, but I want to share the happiness ;) I’d love to have a full gamelan set (traditional musical instrument) to be played during my wedding, I’m still curious if they can play canon with gamelan, haha…

My dream wedding is the grand, mixed of traditional and my artwork one. Because I love our culture too much with all its sacred rituals and I want to let you all know how pretty it is :D and just because I am so proud of my own artwork ;P

isn’t all the details lovely?

Oct 15, 2010

Is it the 5th day or the 6th?

LOL. SO I am losing track of time, haha… I’ll do both in one post then… hahaha… 

The 5th challenge is to post a picture of myself 2 years ago, so here it comes… 

this is me two years ago… 

this is me now… 

I don’t think I grow up THAT much… hmm… I even think I de-grow, lol xD

Alright, the 6th day challenge is PHOTO OF AN ANIMAL YOU WANT TO KEEP AS A PET

Easy peasy, of course it’s a PANDA!!! :P


Oct 13, 2010

DAY 4 - Your Fave Photo of Your Best Friend



Am I cheating by posting too many pictures? Ah, who cares, they’re all my best friends… there are even some I haven’t showed here yet…

Oct 12, 2010

DAY 3 - Your Idea of the Perfect First Date

Seriously, though. The romantic in me have no idea about it, it can be because
1.) I’m still trying to mend my broken heart (no, really no, I’m not that heartbroken anymore)
2.) I have no idea.
3.) I have too much ideas in my mind, haha!

Fat chance is option number three. Anyway, no matter how the first date went, it’s the person I am with that are important.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy just a walk on a park as much as I’ll enjoy crazy rollercoaster ride or romantic candle light dinner (which maybe will be too much for a first date, lol).

If I am to make up my mind and choose one perfect date… let’s see…

I think I’ll scare you off but I really think I am that one girl who loves to show off, it would be nice if my date sing me a song in the middle of the crowd, is that too dramatic? I mean… well, Le Boy never sang me a song in public, he did it privately, which didn’t make it less romantic ;)

I think I’ll enjoy the deep red blushing time I’d have once someone give me that kind of surprise, haha… with friends teasing al around, or better, people I don’t know smiling and congratulate me because they just witnessed how loved I am.

What about you?

Oct 11, 2010

DAY 2 - Photo of Something You Ate Today

Today was HOT, like always. So the minute I arrived at my campus cafeteria (what? I know I’ve graduated, but I still do hanging out in my campus once in a while everyday) I instantly went to ne of the stalls and ordered this heavenly watermelon juice (photo was not taken by me, found via google, hehe)

jus semangkaAre you having a hot day too there? Doesn’t this look so yummy? I always love watermelon anyways, and when I found that someone made a juice of it, mm hmm… can never resist it ;)

Watermelon is useful for those with high blood pressure, too! Too bad, I’m a low BP one, which makes it quite dilemmatic for me. Shouldn’t drink it too often, they say.

On a quite different note, I think I’ve kind of moved on. Me and Le boy are still in a good relationship, we’re still friends, not as close as before but I think we’re doing things pretty good. Sometimes there are those awkward moments, though, which I don’t really like.

Can’t deny that sometimes I do miss spending times with him, and well… yes, I still do have feelings for him, this is my weakness, lol. I am hard to fall in love, even harder to fall out of love, thank goodness he stays to make sure I’m doing fine :)

Our breakup wasn’t the harsh one, we talked and decided. At that time, we had problems and the day after I had plan to go out of the city for a job, we both thought that would be unhealthy if we kept the problem while I am away for a time unknown, so we decided to part ways.

The cutest thing, though. We both had thought about breaking up, so both of us, unknown to each other, had prepared small gifts to give that day. I mean, well… I am thankful that we were not like the couples who throw things at each other on their breakup day, we exchange gifts instead, lol.

That night, he kept telling me not to feel too sad. Of course I was sad and shed buckets of tears, but still it was so nice of him to be there.

So whatever will happen in the future I hope the best to come to us as soon as possible, well I know everything will be okay at the right time :) I hope he’ll find his happiness and I do too, whether or not we’re going back together, I’ll pray for the best for us :)

Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra
La la how the life goes on

(The Beatles – Obladi Oblada)

Oct 9, 2010

DAY 1 - Photo of Yourself & Description of Your Day

Anyone notice bloger has been quite quiet lately? I mean, it’s not only me who’s slacking, right? Haha… Anyway, I miss this blogsphere since forever, I just don’t know what to talk about and I will probably go on and off the blogsphere again if it continues.

So I decided to follow Kym’s path to blog everyday doing this challenge of 30 days blogging. I am not so good in keeping things like this up but I will try my best, really! *cross fingers* so let’s start!

DAY 1 - Photo of Yourself & Description of Your Day

_1070775small(well… I can’t find a proper picture of myself, lol)

My day? Well, it’s still early in the morning so nothing much happened (yet), but I have some plans to do in my to-do list, like cooking and baking and hanging out with my highschool friends and going to the stationery shop to find a fabric marker.

Sounds like a great idea, non? I am pretty much mobilized now that my parents bought me a motorcycle I (finally) asked. Say, motorcycle isn’t my favorite vehicle, plus I am lack of balance (lol) but I have to admit that it makes me feel pretty isolated not to have one. Sure there are lots of public transportation and friends to always fetch me, problem is, my house is like so far far away from theirs, they’re okay with it, but I am not, it almost feels like I’m a bother.

In all honesty it was le boy (or le ex now? lol) who made me realize that I need to stop asking people to take me home (because when we’re hanging out, me and him, it’ll be until midnight and there are no public transportation nor he would let me if there’s one) and his house is like miles away from mine, he’s far in the north and mine’s way down in the south, hahaha… opposites attract?

AND I’ve promised myself to never ask my parents to buy me a car because I will buy mine myself. They have been asking if I want a motorcycle since centuries ago but I always answered no, lol. Just because I don’t like it. Hehe…

At last, I found this little scooter-like scoopy, I fell in love and alright, “Mom, dad, I want that one…” hahaha… me asking a motorcycle was a weird thing, so they agreed.

Mine is the classic white one. and I think it matches this blog very well, no? haha…

Alright, see ya later in the 2nd day challenge! ;)
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