Oct 12, 2010

DAY 3 - Your Idea of the Perfect First Date

Seriously, though. The romantic in me have no idea about it, it can be because
1.) I’m still trying to mend my broken heart (no, really no, I’m not that heartbroken anymore)
2.) I have no idea.
3.) I have too much ideas in my mind, haha!

Fat chance is option number three. Anyway, no matter how the first date went, it’s the person I am with that are important.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy just a walk on a park as much as I’ll enjoy crazy rollercoaster ride or romantic candle light dinner (which maybe will be too much for a first date, lol).

If I am to make up my mind and choose one perfect date… let’s see…

I think I’ll scare you off but I really think I am that one girl who loves to show off, it would be nice if my date sing me a song in the middle of the crowd, is that too dramatic? I mean… well, Le Boy never sang me a song in public, he did it privately, which didn’t make it less romantic ;)

I think I’ll enjoy the deep red blushing time I’d have once someone give me that kind of surprise, haha… with friends teasing al around, or better, people I don’t know smiling and congratulate me because they just witnessed how loved I am.

What about you?


  1. awww yeayyyy 30 day blog challenge! you're right, sometimes it's not so much about what you're doing on the date but who you're with. :) when you find a boy who will serenade you in front of a crowd, let me know! haha!

  2. Ooh, this, i totally agree with! If the person is someone verrrry close to my heart, i wouldn't mind a date anywhere :)

  3. Isn't the perfect date any date that goes really well? That gives you butterflies? I don't think it matters what you do so much.

  4. Definitely agree that it's the person you're with who makes the date special ... but I would love to witness a handsome man serenading you on the public streets :) By the way, I've left an award for you at my blog yipee! And I lvoe this 30-day challenge, I'm going to do it sometime soon, too!

  5. 30 day challenge? Gimme. Gimme. ;p

    It may be a long walk, an idle time at the park.. it need not be grand.. as long as you're with someone you really like.. ANY DATE is GRAND enough,.


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