Oct 11, 2010

DAY 2 - Photo of Something You Ate Today

Today was HOT, like always. So the minute I arrived at my campus cafeteria (what? I know I’ve graduated, but I still do hanging out in my campus once in a while everyday) I instantly went to ne of the stalls and ordered this heavenly watermelon juice (photo was not taken by me, found via google, hehe)

jus semangkaAre you having a hot day too there? Doesn’t this look so yummy? I always love watermelon anyways, and when I found that someone made a juice of it, mm hmm… can never resist it ;)

Watermelon is useful for those with high blood pressure, too! Too bad, I’m a low BP one, which makes it quite dilemmatic for me. Shouldn’t drink it too often, they say.

On a quite different note, I think I’ve kind of moved on. Me and Le boy are still in a good relationship, we’re still friends, not as close as before but I think we’re doing things pretty good. Sometimes there are those awkward moments, though, which I don’t really like.

Can’t deny that sometimes I do miss spending times with him, and well… yes, I still do have feelings for him, this is my weakness, lol. I am hard to fall in love, even harder to fall out of love, thank goodness he stays to make sure I’m doing fine :)

Our breakup wasn’t the harsh one, we talked and decided. At that time, we had problems and the day after I had plan to go out of the city for a job, we both thought that would be unhealthy if we kept the problem while I am away for a time unknown, so we decided to part ways.

The cutest thing, though. We both had thought about breaking up, so both of us, unknown to each other, had prepared small gifts to give that day. I mean, well… I am thankful that we were not like the couples who throw things at each other on their breakup day, we exchange gifts instead, lol.

That night, he kept telling me not to feel too sad. Of course I was sad and shed buckets of tears, but still it was so nice of him to be there.

So whatever will happen in the future I hope the best to come to us as soon as possible, well I know everything will be okay at the right time :) I hope he’ll find his happiness and I do too, whether or not we’re going back together, I’ll pray for the best for us :)

Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra
La la how the life goes on

(The Beatles – Obladi Oblada)


  1. That's so sweet Tiara, I'm glad things are okay between you and him :)

  2. it's good to know that ur still on speaking terms. ur being an adult about it and that's great =) although frog and i are back together, we've had some *cough* very messy incidents earlier this year, not too proud of it in retrospective niak >.<

    on a lighter note, dammnnnnnnn that picture looks yummy!! i've had watermelon juice only in malaysia once, no juice i've tasted beats the melon one!

  3. mutual understanding <3 love! oh and that looks delicious. I'm drooling already lol

  4. jakarta is hot hot hoot. i think BMG has made false prediction this time. whewww

  5. the drink sounds amazing. And giving gifts sounds like a good way to break up when you need to.

  6. good :)

    i'm learning to move on too. it's time.


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