Oct 18, 2010

Well… okay…

Haha, I know I was like away (again) for … three days? So the 7th challenge was about my dream wedding, on the 7th day I was not in the mood of talking about wedding at all, so I thought I should just skip it, BUT skipping a day would mean skipping the next day and the next next day for me. So here I am, trying to get back to the track again, hahaha…

My dream wedding is a grand one.

I want everyone to wear white while me and the groom wear, well… something else.. Haha… everything would be white, from the decoration to the flowers and… all. haha…

My dream wedding would have you all in it, I hope this one can really do come true :D because that would mean I and the groom are financially stable to be able to invite you guys :)

I want everyone to be there in my wedding, not because I want to show off, but I want to share the happiness ;) I’d love to have a full gamelan set (traditional musical instrument) to be played during my wedding, I’m still curious if they can play canon with gamelan, haha…

My dream wedding is the grand, mixed of traditional and my artwork one. Because I love our culture too much with all its sacred rituals and I want to let you all know how pretty it is :D and just because I am so proud of my own artwork ;P

isn’t all the details lovely?


  1. That is so pretty Tiara! I wish I can attend your wedding :)

  2. OH WOW!! !I love the picture so pretty!! I looked up what Gamelan was... that would be totally awesome!! All white and the bride and groom in bright colours would be lovely!! I love weddings with themes!! this sounds amazing!! You will definitely have this one day!! Fingers crossed I can come! :)

  3. Hi, there. Yes, that's true. If you skip a day, you'll skip the next day and the day after the next day and it'll be more than a month---like me. haha
    By the way, the wedding with a gamelan in the back must be splendid. Dream the grand one and make it true!

  4. ooooo i love the detailing! i would also love to be at your wedding...with everyone else, that would be so epic! :D i like your idea of having everyone in white and you guys in a different color, definitely unique :D


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