May 29, 2011

coat! coat! coat!

Help me! I'm insane! Oh my... I've been lusting over heaps and heaps and heaps of coat pics for the past week. I just love them! As much as I love babydolls and flowery dresses *sigh*

I love how simple this coat is, and the beige color! *melts* and it doesn't help that the model is a little bit too cute for her own good. One thing I'm unsure about is how tall the model is, I mean... it wouldn't look that good if I'd be drown in it, right? LOL.

or something a little bit more shape-y. I love that details, but it looks a little bit too warm for me who lives in this tropical country. Would match the cold nights, though :)

soooo loving this! Simple and yet... ah... I think I should stop talking and show you some pictures huh?

May 21, 2011

the ring and the princess

a little, simplified story of my love life.

Once upon a time in a not-so-far away land, lived a princess. Not the prettiest but a pretty princess after all. The Princess loved her jewelries, she had stacks of necklaces and shiny bangles and earrings and colorful tiaras, you name it.

But one day she realized that there was a problem, she couldn't find a suitable ring for herself. So she decided to go find her ring.

She went to the market, and found rings of so many kinds. Different kind of gem stones, shapes, colors and sizes. She picked her favorites and tried them on, most of them are too big for her slim, slender fingers. She bought some of them and kept them in her box.

When she went back to the palace, she tried them on once again. There was one that fitted her finger quite nicely. But she didn't like the gemstone, not her style, so she put it back to the box.

When she looked through her old collection, she found one very pretty ring which was never looked so good before. But just like the other rings, this one was too big for her. Nonetheless, she put it on her fingers because she loved it so much and she thought it looked nice on her finger.

Days passed and she still wore the ring, at times --most of the times-- the ring would fall from her finger, but she tried her best to keep it there, until one day it slipped away from her finger and broke. The princess was heartbroken, although deep inside her heart she knew sooner or later it would happened.

Later on, she went to a bazaar and found even more beautiful rings. There was one shiny rings, just looking at it made the princess happy, just when she thought she found her ring, she figured out that it was another princess' ring. Of course, she knew well enough not to want it.

The princess figured, she should not only look for a pretty ring. What more important is if it fits her. Of course, It would be nice if the ring is both pretty and suitable for her.

Now, the princess is still looking for the perfect ring for her. At least now she knows what she's looking for.

May 9, 2011

what makes me happy #2

Isn't it obvious that I am a cat person? I am spoiled, I am lazy... and I am cute (yes, what?) hahaha... For me, adopting my Tiger the moment I saw him in my uni cafeteria is one of the most random things ever happened to me. I mean, I know for sure that my mom disliked cats, and my dad was never cared about them. I hid him in my room the first day I adopted him because I know my mom wouldn't agree.

And I was right.

There were countless time mom threatened me to kick Tiger out of the house because he was so naughty and untrained. Thank goodness he was cute enough so he stayed. There's something about him (I believe it's the sickeningly cute pleading eyes) that knock your heart and touch the soft spot there. No matter how many times Mom got angry because of him, those many times she forgives him.

Now? Mom and Tiger are best buddies. She still don't like it when Tiger sleeps on her sofa, because it's hers. But that's also Tiger favorite spot. So when mom isn't around he would be the king. LOL. It's actually cute how Tiger was the first thing she'll look for when she gets home from work. 

No matter what he's doing; hunting caterpillar ( he thinks he's a real Tiger and the caterpillar is a zebra, let him be), sleeps on my laptop, or anything, once he heard Mom's car, he'll stop and run to pick her up. By all ways and means, if he thinks I takes too long opening the door, he'll jump from the window. Isn't that the cutest? :D

ps. Tiger is now sick, he doesn't want to eat and I'm not sure why T__T anyone of you knows what to do about it?

another obvious fact. I mean, yes, that's what I chose to do for living, there's no way I can love anything more than spending my days drawing (or looking at other's drawing). Anything drawing-related makes me happy, and recharged.

deviantart and weheartit are on my top list. I love getting inspirations from them. Sometimes, I just sit around, listening to a music, and BAM! an idea pop up. When it does, there's nothing can stop me from making it come true.

There are times (countless times), I can't put what I have in mind to the paper. No matter how hard I try, the images I draw is nothing close to what I have in my brain. That's okay, though. It gives me hope of learning more, so someday I can really make it come true.

People ask me where did I got my ideas. I say, it's from the heart. Maybe it's just me, I believe I'm a totally feeling-based person. When I'm in love, it's gonna be all pink and hearts. When I'm heartbroken, the longing and the sadness are gonna be put obviously in the drawing.

One thing for sure, I am thankful that I am what I am. It makes me an honest person. I may not say it out loud, but I find another media to scream it to you all. So, there's no bottled feeling.

May 7, 2011

what makes me happy #1


an apple a day keeps the doctor away might be true after all. I mean, you're stronger when you're happy, right? I believe so. Apple never fails me, be it apple pie, apple juice or just the fruit. 

Even peeling apples makes me happy. 

Dad always ask me to peel apples for him, almost everyday. He's an avid apple fans too, I guess. So other than just using knife to strip off its skin, peeling apple for me has a new different meaning. It's like a form of a bonding between me and my daddy, which makes me love apple even more.

Every time dad asks me to peel an apple (or two, or three) for him I always pout. But then I do it anyway. I love how it gives me time to just sit and think. I, every so often, forget that I need this kind of time. It clears my mind, and as I finished peeling the apple, I'm refreshed.

I love reading so so much. I can spend the whole night just reading anything. Of course it's always fun reading fiction novels, but two days ago I found out that hey! My textbook is just as fun!

Seriously, I must be one of the geekiest girl to find something fun in a textbook filled with curve of market demand and stuff.

I read anything, like for real. Which is one of the reason why I love internet so much. Lots of free, top-notch, inspiring things to read from all around the world. Blogs, random stories, people's confession, projects, forums, even twitter and facebook statuses. practically anything. 

I am always in drought to read more, to read even more. One night I got so scared because I couldn't seem to stop myself from reading while I was sooooo sleepy already. LOL, no worries, I still have the control of myself, I slept after I finished the chapter (and read the next right after I woke up in the morning.)

I love how reading gives me insight of what the writer thinks. It's like a letter from the author, I can either agree or disagree with their thoughts. It's a way of understanding people even more. More so, it inspires me, it gives me time to daydream, it gives me ideas. That's how much I love it.

I plan to make a bookmark using my design, I think it would be lovely (for me) to see my artwork as a reminder where I stopped reading the previous night. Would you love it too? Hmm? *winks*

May 4, 2011

and they lived happily ever after

and when I'm eighty years old, I'm sitting next to you
and we'll remember when we say I do

(Colbie Caillat - I do)

I always, always love seeing old couple together, hand in hand. It makes me hopeful that somehow, someone would be able to love me for the rest of his life, forever. The avid daydreamer in me, of course gets all jittery thinking about it, not to mention the hardcore lover.

So when I found this post over Jesse Holland's site, I can't help but to share it with you guys.

Wine, cheese, and love... these are some of the things that gets better with age, can't agree more. The couple below, had been married for 55 years. Imagine that, 55 years of togetherness and still counting, what can a hopeless romantic in me ask for more? 

Ah, need not I say more. The more I look at the pictures, the more I melt. 

I want to be able to say that I am old and wrinkly and he is too but we love each other the same like we did years ago, maybe even more so. That he looks just the same like a boy that captured my heart years ago, the one who chased after me and still chases after me. 

After all that we've been through, we survived and stay together with endless love streaming everyday.

I want to look at him in the eyes and find the same burning love and passion I found years ago. One that will bring me an ear to ear smile just like it had always been. 

Dare I say that this couple is pretty much a real definition of happily ever after I've always dreamed of. See, it's not impossible after all.

more pictures available here

May 2, 2011

so far so good

Hello darling, how are you? I'm fine thank you.

So... since school had started officially today, I could say; so far so good. Well... Here are some facts I found:

1. I am the youngest one in class, seriously! I'm the little sister. The age range is so wide, and we came from very varied background. There are married man and woman, employees, fresh graduates ( I consider myself a fresh graduate, haha...) this is quite fun :)

2. I think it's only natural to make a group where we think we belong to the most. I ended up hanging out with bunch of boys. Really, what's with me and a group of boys? Maybe it's just a habit that I am attached more to boys than girls. So far I am the only girl in this group, and yes, they're so much fun to be with (the best friend included here).

3. Since it only started, we haven't got any assignments yet, but the seniors had told us to prepare ourselves for heaps of it. Okay, I'll come prepared!

4. The class I was in today is quite fun, lots of discussions and group task. Which lets me know my friends even more.

5. The books! The books are thick and heavy I should take a picture of them some other time to show you. I think I could kill Tiger just by throwing the book to him. lol!

So? Yeah... so far so good.

I'm still feeling nervous once in a while. This is something new for me anyway. Ahh... Wish me more luck again! :D
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