Jan 30, 2010

Evil prof. I don't care. Blee.

So I found out that my friends, all of them, got either D or E. Now, that's crazy! I mean, how can one be so evil? The whole class for goodness sake!

And luckily, this class was optional. I'm sure none of us would retake this class.

But thank you anyway for all your kind words. They lifted me up when I was at worst. :D to know that someone cares about you is.. Uplifting :)

and Caro, lol! L'examen n'était pas en français!! Mais c'est un bon idée, j'ai besoin de ton aider, beaucoup.

Jan 29, 2010

There'll always be the first time

I just got my first D


Not that I'm a straight A student, but in all honesty, before this my worst was a C. But now i have one C and one D.

Dear profs, you two, really hate me that much, huh?

Okay, that's all. Thank you

Jan 22, 2010

So little time so much to do

I am home now, grasping the idea of the sentence “so little time so much to do”. It feels good using my laptop to write a post again, instead of pressing the little cell phone keypad :D I don’t think I can leave any comment to any of your post, though. I know I’ve been disappearing from the commenting world but I do read them, really. It’s juts that I turned off the visualization and too lazy to turn it on again, thus I can’t comment because there’s a ‘word verification’ thing =_=”

I have twenty four hours time to enjoy the city lights, technologies and family warmth (my favorite!) and after that I’ll have to go back to the village, teaching the little girls math and drawing, playing with some babies, stalking the eye candies (lol) and of course eat the traditional yumm-o foods, oh and help the house owner cooking too.

I went back home with heaps of dirty clothes, the first thing I did when I entered the house was do the laundry but now, few hours later, is raining! And I forgot to take them off, so now I’m thinking if I should put them in the microwave to have them dried… do you think it will work? Don’t ask me where the hell did I get the obviously crazy idea, lol.

ANd I finally meet my dearest little brother! He’s studying abroad, and last week he came back home, I was slightly annoyed to the fact that (I though) I wouldn’t be able to see him, but here I am now! Having a good crazy chat with him! Yay yay yay!

In another notes, I’m trying out, a friend told me to use it, well… so from march on, I’ll upload the monthly wallpaper through, and honestly things will get more complicated but I hope it’s worth it, for every single download I’ll get paid, how much you ask? $o,oo1, which means it’ll take me a long long way to go to reach even $10. I know it’s a really small amount but at least I earn something :) and no worry, you won’t have to pay at all.

Now I’m thinking if I should do the subscribing? So every month I can just send the link to your email, what do you think? Will anyone be interested? Maybe once in a while I can also send you a random artwork :) how does it sound? Yay or nay?

There are heaps I have in my mind right now, like my thesis and its freaking theories I have to read, all boring college-related stuff and plans, the exciting new world of business… I can’t seem to pinpoint which one I want to do first, the stress is somewhat excites me :D weird? I know.

Jan 16, 2010

I found eyecandies already!

So it's only been three days i'm here, but guess what? I've found eyecandies already! Not only one, but two!

Yes, I'm THAT good on finding eyecandies.

Do not congratulate me yet, because well they are kind of out of reach.

Eyecandy #1 is too old for me. I don't really know how old, but he is the uncle of the owner of my guest house, and the owner has two sons already, imagine his uncle? I bet he has at least six grandchildren, or more.

But he is really goodlooking, and a real hardworker too.. Ah, crushie..

Eyecandy #2 is the son of my guest house owner, so we practically living under same roof, hehe.. Sounds good?

But he is four years younger than me, a handsome highschool guy, haha.. Bet he has the cheerleaders swooning over him. A tall, goodlooking rich kind guy, ta-da!

It's a good thing he's way younger than me, or else those cheerleaders have to do some fierce catfights with me.


Laugh all you want, at least I have some refreshing stuffs to look at here :P

Oh, and everything is going really well here, my team mates are cooperative and we have some fun programs I'm looking forward to do! Yay!

Jan 13, 2010

Guess what?

Guess what?

I'm at the village right now and am actually blogging. Yes dears, I won't disappear just like that.

The place is actually better than I imagined, hehe.. There's actually water, electricity and well handphone signal + GPRS

I can't really speak in their language, though (they use traditional javanese), but I understand what they say. Honestly I feel kind of stupid to only able to answer in yes, no and thank you.

Haha.. but I'll learn.. Really.

And the place is quite adventurous, hehe we went through forests and hills, oh well, but this seems like a good start :)

So it’s official

In few minutes, I’ll be off to sleep.

Hours after that, I’ll wake up, take a bath, and go to uni

Then the research/project will start.



I’m feeling soooo much better now :) thanks to your comments, heaps of sugar and some cute new songs, ah… I’ve prepared myself now. I’ve even asked my friend to bring as many entertainment as possible. And he answered, “no worries, I have 20 films ready to watch in my laptop”, that is my friend! Hahaha…

Only one thing missing, though. CAMERA! My mom is going to use mine so she snatched it away from me –and because I’ll be away for a month, apparently my mom is a cam whore, I am nothing compared to her, really. And my friend’s was kidnapped by his brother, and so we left with no camera.

That won’t do, though. I’ve borrowed from my friend.

There is no way I can spend a month without camera to memorize everything that happened.

And by the way, I’m feeling quite productive today, I finished reading some “stories” for my thesis and also managed to make the February wallpaper. To answer Sarah’s question, yes, I’ll make them monthly, and because I won’t be able to post it by February, I’m doing it now, hehe.

Here comes the February wallpaper made out of the (up to now) your most favorite artwork :)


Well I know I’ve been showing the same artworks over and over again, but I promise later on you’ll see some more new ones, haha… it’s just that I used my favorites in the first months… hehe… :d and of course February has to be all pink and dreamy! Right?

No, not really. lol.

and in a whole different notes:

I hope you all have watched UP! The best Disney-pixar movie to my opinion, ended with a very unique happily ever after and dreams come true, a touching, sweet, romantic, you name it, film. Which actually brought me to tears (uh-oh), it's quite an old film after all, but hey, that's not what I'm gonna talk about, I found this picture few days ago.

Cuteness overload!

hehehe. <3>

Jan 12, 2010

insecurities and happiness

Ah. I have like heaps to say, from my insecurities to happiness to wild imagination to confession, but I know clearly I can’t really write about ‘em all in one post. So I’ll choose to talk about the first two.



Being a big daydreamer as I am, the biggest fear I have is for not having my dreams come true. You know how hopelessly romantic I am, how excited I can be talking about marriage and relationships, how I am a truly believer of happy endings.

There’s one very bad thing, though. When I’m not in the right mood, I tend to think of the worst possibility; what if all those only dreams that would never come true? What if I stay single forever? What if I can’t get my own happy ending?

I can never stop daydreaming, though. I just feel that sometimes it’s unhealthy.

In a whole different notes, I’m so happy that people seem to like my artwork, so glad to see the enthusiasm! I can’t open any store yet for I have this upcoming culture project where I have to leave you all, but as soon as the project finished, I’m determined, by then I’ll have my thesis (at least) started and discussed with my professor and a shop will be on the way.

And by the way, I managed to make a desktop wallpaper out of my artwork, so you can use it (oh well, as if you would, lol) they’re available in four different sizes, choose yours, lol.

the original artwork is this one:
red copy

I hope you like them :)

One thing though, I still don’t know how much should I sell my artworks for? lol. Really, selling things is my specialty, but deciding the price? Uh-oh *scratches head*.

So tell me, how much would you pay for a calendar set sized A6 (about 15x10,5 cm)? It’s small I know, but I love small things, I still need to learn to make something bigger, haha, I think I’m too consistent for the word “little” haha.

Just give me a clue of a reasonable prize range, it's not like I'm Picasso whatsoever, lol. Thank you so much for the help, in advance :)

Jan 11, 2010

Another village, another story I hope


Now, here comes a not so good news from me, after several posts of happiness, guess we need to balance life?

So I have this project coming, a cultural research I call it. Me and my friends will be doing a research for a month about culture in a chosen place, the problem is, the place is kind of… far from technology (and that was one reason why this place was chosen – for its original culture).

In other words, I’ll spend a month there, and I’m not sure if in the coverage network area, I pray for cell phone signal but it doesn’t seem really possible, let alone internet connection.

But maybe I’ll be lucky enough and find that there’s actually a network coverage so I can at least update my blog through my phone. We’ll see.

Honestly, I’m not in my best mood tonight, knowing myself who is a total positive thinker, only one reason can explain it all, right, I blame it on my menstrual cycle.

And I’m being kind of traumatic as to spend times in a village, the last time didn’t end so well, but I hope this one will be different and successful.We’re gonna do this research with some new friends from Norway, and that sounds kind of good to me, yay for new friends! Haha. –well, who knows there’ll be some hot eye candy amongst them, who knows? :d

That said it, so if I disappear for a month, starting January 14th, you know where I am and you don’t need to worry, you’re allowed to miss me, though. :P

Jan 9, 2010

I’m ready, are you?

I’m so happy and relieved that you guys/girls like my artwork, honestly, this is my first time doing something like this, I mean, showing it off and then giving it away, and plan to sell it, sure I’ve joined like heaps of drawing competition but that was all, and not to mention that happened long long time ago, I already forgot how good it feels like when someone actually appreciates what you make. :)

And apparently tonight I found out that I’m not really meant to be with scissors, and lines, and some sort of those things, lol. however I’m pretty proud of what I’ve made :)

Fourteen (including covers) A6 sized artwork printed in a thick 260 gr ivory paper, each has different paintings on it, all handmade with the help of wacom bamboo, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe photoshop and Corel Painter.

I guess you noticed that I changed the design a little, the previous is just too messy, I guess. More so, I've always loved dash line, hehe...

Looking at them several times, I got an idea to make it an agenda instead of solely a calendar by putting some blank paper in between the months , what do you think about it? It’ll be more useful, I think.

And this experience also give me more ideas of what I possibly make next, maybe I should start make my artwork a postcard, that’ll be cute to send a friend with my very own personalized postcard, haha :D

Or maybe I should make some of them a downloadable wallpaper? I mean, for free of course! Guess it’s my narcissist side talking, wouldn’t it feel good to know lots of people use your artwork as their desktop background? I bet it almost feels like a singer hearing their own song on the radio.

I have heaps of creative idea running in my little head, and I can smell the dollars already (lol, what a materialistic girl…)

So I’m ready!

What am I ready for? Well, to announce the winner of my giveaway of course! :D

Anyone here getting thrilled? Heheh… Drum roll, please?

Dun Dun Dun… and the winner is…

Congratulation girl!

I hope I can give every one of you a prize but I know that’s not possible, yet. Just wait, hold on a little longer and later I’ll do it, really. :)

So don't feel bad for those who doesn't win, alright? There'll be next time in the future, I am sure of it :)

ps. My mom woke me up this morning with the "insult of the year", guess what she said? "Look at you, always sleep, wake up late and when you're awake you never do anything or create something useful,"

It's not my fault she's sleeping while I'm actually create something until 3 AM, and she woke me up at 6?.


Lol. this is stupid, I forgot to ask Mariella to send me her address to my email, gah. lol.

Jan 7, 2010

Of your soul and its mate

I just listened to the recorded conversation (again), but this time I decided to listen to the full version (yes, the full 2 hours or so version), somewhere in the conversation; we talked about soulmate.

I didn’t (or rather, couldn’t) really pay attention to what he said about it (for my heart was beating too fast and all), still... now when I listen to it again, I still can’t fully grasp it. As a hardcore fan of anything romantic, the concept of soulmate is still kind of too absurd to me, sure thing I’d love to believe that everyone was meant to be with their special someone, who no matter they go they'll end up with the soulmate anyway.

But how can we know that the one we ended with is our soulmate? What if somewhere along the road we gave up the relationship?

In the middle of this conversation about soulmate he stated that he wants to write a book about it, about love and soulmate, and knowing his poor ability to write and/or to express his thoughts in words, he asked me to help him. Now, that’s a nice future project, a book about love and soulmate? :)

No, not a story about love and soulmate, but more about its concept and thoughts about it so I might as well start the observation now, do you believe in soulmate?

ps. I texted him the other night and now after I let him know all my feelings towards him, everything seems and feels different, it gives me a funny feeling inside me, I couldn't even try not to write 'lol' or 'haha' in my every message. This is fun. Haha.

pps. Sorry for keep talking about this very occasion *sigh* I would stop if I could, but I think my brain is still left there, I'll get it back soon, really. (or not really). Hehe.

Jan 5, 2010

Artsy Pantsy Tiara

To say that I started 2010 with a hit is almost an understatement, everything seems so dreamy and whimsical to me, I mean… every single thing! Not only that confession day but the whole six days I’ve been through.

I gotta say that I never actually spend my New Year’s Eve outside the house, frankly, I spent my last three NYE in bed, it was whether I fell sick, raining hard outside or I was just simply too lazy. But this year started differently, I got out of the bed, leaving the comfort zone to a more fun place, with friends and lots of fireworks.

Me confessing my feeling to the best friend was indeed one of the hugest step, bravest act I’ve ever encountered. Even until now I still can’t believe I really did it. Every morning when I wake up I ponder that it’s another new day, and I wasn’t just dreaming or being delusional, all really happened.

Another huge step is this giveaway thing, my artwork finally being undiscovered, little by little.

So today I’ve decided to answer some questions about my artwork:

What inspires you when you make those drawings/paintings?

Organised Chaos:
What kind of things inspire your artwork ?

They kind of ask me a same question, right? Great minds think alike? ;)

My artwork is purely an imagination doing which most of all based on my feelings. When I’m feeling blue I’ll draw something kind of gloomy with gray colors and darker tone, and when I’m madly in love, you know how it’ll turns out to be, pink and all. lol.

My friends inspire me too, real things that happened in real life, and my thoughts about it. Basically it’s a brain and heart work, hehe.

Rika Safrina:
how long have you been drawing, and how did it start?

How long have you been an artist? Do you remember the first thing you created?

I learned drawing years ago when I was in the 5th grade, my friend taught me. She was such a blessing to me, she helped me find my artistic way, I wouldn’t be the same without her. She was an artist herself, and I think she saw the talent(?) in me, so she taught me, how to make nice line, curves, colors, gradations and all. Whenever she knew a drawing competition she signed me up, so I got used to it; that was how.

The first thing I created?
I don’t really remember, honest. It was almost more than ten years ago I believe. lol. I think it’s something about plane, because well… the first drawing competition I participated in was held by Garuda Indonesia, Indonesian national airlines.


- What are some of your favorite artworks that youv'e made?

My favorites? I love all my artworks, but I love it more when I can make what I have in mind into a real piece, here are some:

get together2
I believe some of you had seen it before. It was made when I missed someone (Geez, and you should also know who he is), I felt him getting distant and I couldn’t help but missing him.

I just love how magical this picture can be, all the fireflies glow and the colors captured what I wanted to make perfectly. Before I made this I’ve been planning and plotting for days in my head, once I got my hands on my wacom bamboo and started drawing I just felt absorbed to it, once finished I felt so… accomplished.

Second question from her…

Do you find it easier to express yourself in words, in artworks, or by speaking your thoughts out loud?

in artworks I must say, everything can be so ambiguous here, and yet hold a lot of meaning. Not forgetting how heart and brain work so in-sync when I’m drawing, actually I often surprised myself at how my artworks turn out.

Though, not all people understand language of painting, and how a drawing can be so multi-interpreted.

Ceecile – Priscilla Clara

If you can describe yourself in a fantasy way, what will you draw to define who you are??? ^^

A princess of course! Haha, one who loves to runaway from the palace and walks in the crowd. One who is well-known amongst her people and is loved :P. And of course one who is hopelessly romantic and enjoys the palace ball like shopping :) who waits patiently for her prince charming to come.


Honestly dear, I wanted to keep this picture a secret. Other than the fireflies this is my other favorite. Just look at how romantic and whimsical the colors are. Not to mention how hard it was to imagine how is actually a dancing position is. Haha… So this can be counted as an answer to Nikolett’s question as well.

I hope you all enjoy this post :)

Jan 4, 2010

I’m still hangover but hey!

One very good thing about asking you to give me question for the giveaway (join now if you haven’t! Ha!) is now I have HEAPS of things to talk about, ha!


And in this post, I’ll answer Shirley and Nikolett’s side-question:

Shirley the toothfairy: When will you finally tell him alright?

Nikolett: Aw, toothfairy took my question haha :)

January 4, 2010 at 19.19 (a.k.a 7.19 PM) That answered the question.

But because Andhari and Nikolett demanded the more detailed story (as I hope the others will be interested to know too) – and I actually kind of want to share the story, so here it goes.

wait, before anything, I just have to warn you that this is a long fluffy post.

Okay girlies, this has got to be one of the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I finally told him yesterday and it was quite fun – I might as well addicted to it, lol.

I fully know that I am an uber forgetful girl, so for this kind of occasion, one that I don’t really want to forget, I decided to taped/recorded it. I’ve been listening to our almost-two-hours recorded conversation multiple times now – and it still makes me feel all fluttery and giddy, I can say that I honestly still blush too.


So we met, I told him I need his help for an interview, and apparently he – just like me – loves question, I bet he feels like a celeb too when he’s being interviewed, lol.

We talked about love and his vision about it, about friendship turns into love and all, do you really want me to tell you the whole four hours conversation? No, right? (yes, the recorded one is two hours, but entirely, including some random subjects, we were talking for four hours or so)

Skip that part, So to give you a little more detailed description, we were in a gazebo, second storey (yes, the gazebo has two storey!) laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, head to head, with the recorder in between. Alright, I just have to draw it, right? Use your imagination.


See, that’s how we look from above.

So when I felt the time is almost right, I asked him… Oh, and honestly, I waited until the clock strikes 19.19, lol.

Some parts here, I think in no particular order :D


Me: So I’ve been single all these while because I’m stuck, in love with only one person who is actually my friend, what should I do?

Him: Tell him then! Or else you’ll be curious all the time and stuck forever if you can’t find a better guy.

Me: Tell him? So what if I like you?

Him: Then tell me!

Me: Okay, I like you

Him: …

Me: What now?

Him: What?

Me: See, I’m stuck with this guy because I’m curious about him! (yes, I’m repeating the explanation here)

Him: Yep, and he’s your friend…

Me: Yea.

Him: Just tell him! Geez!

Me: Then what?

Him: Then see his reaction! You can’t know what he feels if you don’t tell him.

Me: Well I like you

Him: You who? Me?

Me: Uhuh…


Him & Me: Hahaha… (awkward laughter)

Him: What to do now?

Me: I don’t know…

Him: Hmm… Well, I have a girlfriend

Me: I know, well actually you always do

Him: Yeah, so…

Me: Well I got it… but I just need to let you know, now it feels alright.

Him: But hey, you have to remember we still have time to answer.

Me: Oh come on! Don't make me confused! Yes or No!

Him: That's not me to decide! I may have a plan but there'll be a process, and during that time there'll be occasions, things will happen and there's fate only time can show the answer.


Him: Are you sad?

Me: No! I mean, well no! I’m not… but there’s a feeling… *blabbering here – the point is I was happy that I’ve succeeded telling him, but in a long blabbering way.


Him: But hey, never, ever think that after you tell me your feeling like this we're not friends anymore, okay?

Me: Ah! That’s actually one thing that kept me not telling you, I can’t bear losing a friend like you, I mean, losing you is such a loss, right?

Him: Of course! (after listening it multiple times I just realized how obnoxious this sentence is, lol)


Me: So have you ever liked me?

Him: Well… I don’t know, it’s all ordinary…

Me: Awww, come on! You should at least amuse me a little! Make me happy, you just broke my heart!

Him: *rolls eyes* Aaalriight… well, I like it when we have a conversation or just hanging out randomly


Me: Aren’t you surprised?

Him: Me? Not really?

Me: (o.o!) How so?

Him: Well, I can feel it you know, but I’m unsure of it, and that’d be ridiculous to ask you if you like me.

Me: Hmm…

Him: You’re great, you know?

Me: Why?

Him: That you finally said it, I’ve been waiting for the time you finally do it

Me: What the hell, you’ve known it all along?

Him: Well I do…

Me: *smack his head* geez


Him: Now you’re not curious anymore, right?

Me: Yea :)


At the end of our meeting I gave him the drawing, Although he couldn’t quite understand it, luckily I was still there.

Him: What’s with a tree?

Me: Actually the main point isn’t the tree

Him: Then what? *staring at the picture a long time*

Me: The fireflies

Him: What fireflies?

Me: Those yellow things are fireflies!

Him: Ooh!! I thought they were dry leaves falling from the trees!!!

Me: (-.-“)


He asked me to write something at the back of the drawing (and sign it, just in case I’m becoming a super famous painter later, he’ll have the honor to get it now), so I wrote… I actually don’t really remember but it’s something along this line:

"For fireflies always shine although short-lived"

Well, what I actually meant was that even if it might be temporary, this feelings I have for him does exist and is pleasing and enjoyable.

Later that night he sent me a text message:

”Thank you for the drawing, I’ll make sure the fireflies keep on shining for the tree”

Honestly I don’t know what he thinks of the picture, but that was one nice line from him, rarely happened I have to say, lol.

it feels almost like we were talking in codes.


This must be one of the loooooongest post I’ve ever posted.

I know this is blog and not twitter

But I only have this thing to say:


That’s all, thank you :)

Hahahahahahahahaha… I’m glad I did it.

More details later, okay ;)

So I told him Monday, January 4, 2010 - 19.19

ps: don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't yet :) CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Jan 2, 2010

Happy Occasions

Welcome 2010 and happy birthday my dear littletiara blog! ;D

So I managed to get out of the bed and went to the most crowded place in Yogyakarta yesterday to celebrate the coming of this New year. Malioboro street that is. I believe it’s one of my most favorite spot in the city, too much memorable occasions happened there ;)

So here are some pictures from yesterday:

In other news, not lacking the happiness…

I can’t believe it’s been a year since the first time I posted something here, and believe it or not, ever since I started it, I’ve already stated how much of a daydreamer and romance sucker I am…

... Although there are lot of ways, I still can’t quite figure out about what kind of proposal would melt my heart, maybe because any kind of it would. Whether it is the super romantic one, with bunch of red roses and a ring, and him kneeling in front of me, or the childish one, when we play at the fun park in one of our dates and he out of the blue buys me an ice cream with a ring in it (I hope he wouldn’t use this one, other than quite usual, there is like hundred possibilities that i will just eat that ring up! Later on I would have to get a surgery because of it…)


Through blogging I found joy, friends, many of them, supports, shoulders to cry on, a place where I can rant as I wish, a place where I can be who I truly am.

So to celebrate this little escaping corner, I’ll have my very first own little giveaway (say YAY, please?). As you al may have noticed, I’ve been busying myself digging my creative side lately, and here’s the very first artwork I proudly give to you away, drumroll please?:

a 2010 calendar a la little tiara
(well, sorry that it’s not some Mac lisptick or Gucci handbag or anything that expensive, I don't even know how much this thing worth, yet…)

I don’t know how to write a specification here but basically it’s a 2010 calendar, consists of 12 printed images, the date and artworks are all handmade (well… Wacom bamboo – made), made with heart and love, fully. (lol)

ah, sorry I haven’t taken the pictures of it being printed out, once it done I will sure blog about it :)

How to join?

Easy-peasy, you don’t even have to be a follower, but if you do find my little blog worth following then it’s my pleasure to have some more new friends :)

1. Leave a comment in the comment section below, give me one question about anything (be it about me, my trivial matters, my artwork, my life, or just some random questions, it’s really up to you)

2. Have FUN! That’s crucial, so please do have a lot of it ;)

3. Well that’s all.

One (lucky, I hope) winner will be announced by 9th January 2010, which means a week from now ;)

I really hope you all will join, it’s more like giving myself a self-assure as an artist with her artworks than giving the calendar away. So Go-Go-Go! Help me by joining the giveaway! :)

ps: And I love questions, makes me feel like I’m a celeb being interviewed, lmfao, what the hell...

all pictures credit to ronest

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