Jan 2, 2010

Happy Occasions

Welcome 2010 and happy birthday my dear littletiara blog! ;D

So I managed to get out of the bed and went to the most crowded place in Yogyakarta yesterday to celebrate the coming of this New year. Malioboro street that is. I believe it’s one of my most favorite spot in the city, too much memorable occasions happened there ;)

So here are some pictures from yesterday:

In other news, not lacking the happiness…

I can’t believe it’s been a year since the first time I posted something here, and believe it or not, ever since I started it, I’ve already stated how much of a daydreamer and romance sucker I am…

... Although there are lot of ways, I still can’t quite figure out about what kind of proposal would melt my heart, maybe because any kind of it would. Whether it is the super romantic one, with bunch of red roses and a ring, and him kneeling in front of me, or the childish one, when we play at the fun park in one of our dates and he out of the blue buys me an ice cream with a ring in it (I hope he wouldn’t use this one, other than quite usual, there is like hundred possibilities that i will just eat that ring up! Later on I would have to get a surgery because of it…)


Through blogging I found joy, friends, many of them, supports, shoulders to cry on, a place where I can rant as I wish, a place where I can be who I truly am.

So to celebrate this little escaping corner, I’ll have my very first own little giveaway (say YAY, please?). As you al may have noticed, I’ve been busying myself digging my creative side lately, and here’s the very first artwork I proudly give to you away, drumroll please?:

a 2010 calendar a la little tiara
(well, sorry that it’s not some Mac lisptick or Gucci handbag or anything that expensive, I don't even know how much this thing worth, yet…)

I don’t know how to write a specification here but basically it’s a 2010 calendar, consists of 12 printed images, the date and artworks are all handmade (well… Wacom bamboo – made), made with heart and love, fully. (lol)

ah, sorry I haven’t taken the pictures of it being printed out, once it done I will sure blog about it :)

How to join?

Easy-peasy, you don’t even have to be a follower, but if you do find my little blog worth following then it’s my pleasure to have some more new friends :)

1. Leave a comment in the comment section below, give me one question about anything (be it about me, my trivial matters, my artwork, my life, or just some random questions, it’s really up to you)

2. Have FUN! That’s crucial, so please do have a lot of it ;)

3. Well that’s all.

One (lucky, I hope) winner will be announced by 9th January 2010, which means a week from now ;)

I really hope you all will join, it’s more like giving myself a self-assure as an artist with her artworks than giving the calendar away. So Go-Go-Go! Help me by joining the giveaway! :)

ps: And I love questions, makes me feel like I’m a celeb being interviewed, lmfao, what the hell...

all pictures credit to ronest


  1. Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.

  2. I‘d like to invite you to visit my fashion blog:


    Thank you :).

  3. not joining, but I do love your artwork, but I know I will not use a calender, so that would be a waste of your effort.

    I'll ask you a question anyway, miss celeb:
    When will you finally tell him alright?

    ok... sorry, now the serious question:
    Do you have something of your childhood, that you're still keeping and will never get rid off?


  4. Aw, toothfairy took my question haha :) I really do hope you'll tell him, but no pressure!

    And that calendar is adorable, and I really could use a 2010 calendar! I've been a follower for a while, and my question(s) would be:
    - What are some of your favourite artworks that youv'e made?
    - Do you find it easier to express yourself in words, in artworks, or by speaking your thoughts out loud?

    You're amazing and happy blogaversary and happy 2010!

  5. Happy blog-anniversary!

    Question (I'm super duper random, so this question will end up super duper random):
    Who would win a fight: A hippo with night vision or a donkey that can fly?

  6. awww! i need a calendar! and it would be much more special if it's actually from a blogger friend like you ... so i hope i win!!! ^_^

    here a question:
    if you could attend a wedding with your bf, what color of dress would you chose to wear!? ;]

    oh oh!! and TADA! http://crabbyabbyabby.blogspot.com/2010/01/little-tiara.html

    and i knew about the offline thing for my blogger. it was horrible! i was trying to change my url name because i thought abbyquijano.com was just a little too professional to the taste and i just like having fun with my stuff.. so happy to know you were looking for me! :D

  7. oh my gosh! is it possible for you to draw a panda like your artwork?! i think you should start a portfolio!

  8. Of course I'll join the giveaway. (Plus the calendar I was planning on using for 2010 is kinda ugly) :D

    What inspires you when you make those drawings/paintings?

    I want to win, haha. ;)
    Happy 2010

  9. i want this, i want this. i want this!!! just coz you made it :)
    hmmm question is: what's your favourite movie?

  10. hi Tiara, happy 1 year blogging! =D
    I've just followed your blog, and love to read more. Such a nice art skill you have, I am very poor on designing anything haha.

    Well you can skip me from the giveaway, but I will ask something anyway... how long have you been drawing, and how did it start?

  11. Hi there Tiara! Happy Blogversary!! ^^
    Just discovered your blog here, wish I'd found it earlier.. you have a great talent here! Love your artwork.. Me wanna that calendar!! So cutee.. ^^

    1 question from me (and a challenge, hehe..): If you can describe yourself in a fantasy way, what will you draw to define who you are??? ^^

    Happy New Year 2010!

  12. Aww happy anniversary to littletiara blog! I'm glad you were able to drag yourself out of bed and celebrate!

    And a contest? YAY! I've never won any of these so I hope I win this time haha :D

    My question, what is your favorite childhood memory? :)

  13. happy new year! thanks for being such a fun blogger friend! ;) hey are you on 20sb yet?? let me know! find me...lisa morford :P

  14. oh! and i do want to participate in your giveaway. so, let me see...i must think of a question. hmmm... ok, here's one: how long have you been blogging? what made you want to start blogging, and why? horray for giveaways, the calendar looks uber cute!

  15. happy new year and happy blog birthday!!!

  16. Ohhh that's really sweet! :) I hope this year brings great happiness to you. Hmm a question? What would be your dream job?? xx

  17. P.S. And happy blog birthday! (Sorry I wasn't trying to get another entry lol) I just forgot to say that x

  18. It didn't post my first comment :(

    Happy Bloggerversary!! Hope this year is the best ever!!

    The Calendar you have made is beautiful!

    My Question is
    What's your favorite snack food?
    Where do you go when your happiest and wanna have fun?

  19. The calendar looks fantastic!!! I would choose the calendar over make up anyway :) hehe.

    My question is...

    What would your super power be and whyy??

  20. Great giveaway. I am a follower, have been for awhile now :P

    My questions is: How long have you been an artist? Do you remember the first thing you created?

    Okay so two questions... :P

  21. Awww, I want to join! :D
    Mmmk, here's my question:

    -What could you say is the simplest little thing that makes you smile?

  22. Thanks so much for hosting ^^
    What kind of things inspire your artwork ?

  23. I'm just here to say Happy New Year, gorgeous!

  24. i love your art. first thing i noticed when i joined your page.here's my question:

    do you want to guest blog on my page? if someone forces me to write a question, of course i'll go out on a limb... i don't even know how guest blogging works. ha!

  25. OMG! It's my first time to visit your blog and my eyes popped! Your blog's beautiful! Everything, everything, I love, love, love! I'm an instant fan!

    My question is this: Some artists have a fear that they're exposing too much of themselves when they show their artworks to others. Have you ever felt that fear? If you did, how did you overcome that fear? If you didn't, why do you think you didn't feel that fear?

    I hope it's not too late for you to answer. Happy New Year. I'm off to read your other entries.

  26. Ah, what a mess! I thought I left my question here last night but it seemes that I failed. I tried several times but what's wrong? Anyway I tried until I get it.

    My question:
    Are there any artists in your country or overseas that inspire you most?

    Well, here I go.

  27. Oh yes, sorry. I just read that Any comments won't be visible after approval.
    I really made a mess. You can pick up one of my comments for the giveaway.

  28. woohooo I wanna win!

    question: as a kid what was the naughtiest thing you did, and got away with it.


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