Jan 12, 2010

insecurities and happiness

Ah. I have like heaps to say, from my insecurities to happiness to wild imagination to confession, but I know clearly I can’t really write about ‘em all in one post. So I’ll choose to talk about the first two.



Being a big daydreamer as I am, the biggest fear I have is for not having my dreams come true. You know how hopelessly romantic I am, how excited I can be talking about marriage and relationships, how I am a truly believer of happy endings.

There’s one very bad thing, though. When I’m not in the right mood, I tend to think of the worst possibility; what if all those only dreams that would never come true? What if I stay single forever? What if I can’t get my own happy ending?

I can never stop daydreaming, though. I just feel that sometimes it’s unhealthy.

In a whole different notes, I’m so happy that people seem to like my artwork, so glad to see the enthusiasm! I can’t open any store yet for I have this upcoming culture project where I have to leave you all, but as soon as the project finished, I’m determined, by then I’ll have my thesis (at least) started and discussed with my professor and a shop will be on the way.

And by the way, I managed to make a desktop wallpaper out of my artwork, so you can use it (oh well, as if you would, lol) they’re available in four different sizes, choose yours, lol.

the original artwork is this one:
red copy

I hope you like them :)

One thing though, I still don’t know how much should I sell my artworks for? lol. Really, selling things is my specialty, but deciding the price? Uh-oh *scratches head*.

So tell me, how much would you pay for a calendar set sized A6 (about 15x10,5 cm)? It’s small I know, but I love small things, I still need to learn to make something bigger, haha, I think I’m too consistent for the word “little” haha.

Just give me a clue of a reasonable prize range, it's not like I'm Picasso whatsoever, lol. Thank you so much for the help, in advance :)


  1. First off, I just wanna say that I have faith in your daydreams. I believe that they really can come true! But then, I am a total romantic at heart. :P And that's such a pretty photo you chose!

    I also love your artwork. It's too cute! And...I think that a good price for a small calendar with original artwork would be...maybe $20? At the most $25? And at the least $15, but then you might be selling yourself short. :P That's my input, anyway...

  2. I'm a daydreamer as well, not as much as I used to, but still. Why not? A girl can always dream right?

    I love this piece of art. You're really talented. I'm not good in prices, so I won't be able to help you with that either!


  3. I daydream too and I worry that they won't come true either... which would really suck. :'|
    I really like the artwork calendar image. It's really pretty.

  4. Aww, I just want to give you a big hug. I love the fact that you dream and that you believe in your dreams ... I know it must be so devastating to think about those dreams not coming true, but you gotta concentrate on making them a reality for sure, methinks! You can do it, I believe in you :)

    And that wallpaper is gorgeous ... definitely will be using it in the future!

    As for the calendar ... anywhere from $10-$15 maybe? That's how much I usually pay for calendars :) Good luck!!

  5. I think you should keep on daydreaming and not let the bad moods bring you down. Even though we all have those days.

    I think your artwork is pretty and unique. It has a child-like dream quality about it (a pretty fantasy land not that it looks like a child did it). I think when you are able to open your shop it will be fine. As for pricing...this is a tough one. xx

  6. Hi Tiara! I just want to say that we all have our own fears and insecurities, the best thing to deal about them is just don't mind them and absorb as much positive energy as we can :)

    I love the wallpaper you made and downloaded mine for my netbook Lady Fabrize. Thank you, you are amazing! :)

  7. tiaaara! i have new wallpaper! yay! its very pretty. are you going to release one a month? so i can have a new one for february??

    hmmm... prices...i dont know. i dont use dollars. only yen and rand, so i would be SO useless in helpin you. just go with what nikolett said :p

  8. I'm definitely a day dreamer and all I can say is, find positive distraction everytime negative thoughts appear. Remember our imaginations are stronger than what can happen in real life, stay positive, love.

    Second, I think you should sell each piece in dollar currency, for sure. And for how much, you can try to browse etsy for comparation. Bunch of people sell their artworks there, you should too :)

  9. hey tiara! i'm a hopeless romantic.. siiggh. i daydream that someone will sweep me off my feet and we'll live happily ever after!

    as for the calendar.. i think $15 is a good price? good luck with the shop <3

  10. i'm bad with prices so i dnt think i can help out here D:
    but i love the wallpaper. using it already yayy :D

  11. We all have insecurities, but it's so brave of you to tell us all about yours.

    Your work is lovely, and I can't wait to see your store!

  12. Hey sweetie. I highly doubt that you'll stay single forever. You are sweet and you seem like you have tons ahead of ya. I'm sure your prince charming will come, maybe not right, maybe not tomorrow but he will come and he will definitely be worth the wait. =)

  13. i love the artwork! don't worry, i'm a big romantic too!

  14. I am a huge day dreamer and I often do the same things, if one little thing goes wrong I sometimes feel like my dreams are all going to fall apart at the seams. But where would we be without our dreams? Life would not be nearly as fun.


    Hannah Katy


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