Jan 11, 2010

Another village, another story I hope


Now, here comes a not so good news from me, after several posts of happiness, guess we need to balance life?

So I have this project coming, a cultural research I call it. Me and my friends will be doing a research for a month about culture in a chosen place, the problem is, the place is kind of… far from technology (and that was one reason why this place was chosen – for its original culture).

In other words, I’ll spend a month there, and I’m not sure if in the coverage network area, I pray for cell phone signal but it doesn’t seem really possible, let alone internet connection.

But maybe I’ll be lucky enough and find that there’s actually a network coverage so I can at least update my blog through my phone. We’ll see.

Honestly, I’m not in my best mood tonight, knowing myself who is a total positive thinker, only one reason can explain it all, right, I blame it on my menstrual cycle.

And I’m being kind of traumatic as to spend times in a village, the last time didn’t end so well, but I hope this one will be different and successful.We’re gonna do this research with some new friends from Norway, and that sounds kind of good to me, yay for new friends! Haha. –well, who knows there’ll be some hot eye candy amongst them, who knows? :d

That said it, so if I disappear for a month, starting January 14th, you know where I am and you don’t need to worry, you’re allowed to miss me, though. :P


  1. where is it? Good luck! It's good to be down to earth and be natural sometimes =D

  2. You should pick a village called JAKARTA, woman :D

  3. Oh non! Ne nous quittes pas.

  4. you`re being me and vanishing ahahaa

    but seriously, i will miss you.

    i think , though, that a month without technology will give you so much opportunity to think about things. i remember when i did something similar, it forced me to think and figure out my problems and see things in a new light. it was amazing

    you will have some great stories to tell when you come back

  5. You're disappearing AGAIN?!!! Man! Well make sure you tell us all about it when you come back!

  6. I'll miss your cute little posts! Take care.

  7. That sounds exciting! Shame about the no-connection part though.. I am sure you'll have lots of stories to tell when you get back! Enjoy! Ü

  8. Now is the time to whip up one fancy notebook with your painting on the cover to write your thoughts in. Take care of yourself and enjoy!

  9. Aww! We'll miss you! Have fun!

  10. no tiara! why must you leave us again!? im gonna miss you oh so dearly!

    i think im the one who needs break from technology! im starting to hate the internet... though i know i can't live without it.

    im hoping that you'll come back and that you will find happy people around you to make the project seem a little speedy than the last one :]

    but remember, always have fun!

    oooo wait... will you prince charming be there with you too?!

  11. good luck, i hope you will find whatever that is you are looking for.. i'll be waiting for your posts when you return!


  12. you should bring a journal and then post it when you're homewe'll miss you- but it's an experience that will be well worth it.!! ps i love that pic

  13. I know I will miss you! :P I hope you have coverage though, but if not, eh. At least you'll be out experiencing life though, right? Something unique, a sort of adventure? I think so. And maybe you'll get lucky and there will be eye candy after all, no? ;)


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