Jan 4, 2010

I’m still hangover but hey!

One very good thing about asking you to give me question for the giveaway (join now if you haven’t! Ha!) is now I have HEAPS of things to talk about, ha!


And in this post, I’ll answer Shirley and Nikolett’s side-question:

Shirley the toothfairy: When will you finally tell him alright?

Nikolett: Aw, toothfairy took my question haha :)

January 4, 2010 at 19.19 (a.k.a 7.19 PM) That answered the question.

But because Andhari and Nikolett demanded the more detailed story (as I hope the others will be interested to know too) – and I actually kind of want to share the story, so here it goes.

wait, before anything, I just have to warn you that this is a long fluffy post.

Okay girlies, this has got to be one of the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I finally told him yesterday and it was quite fun – I might as well addicted to it, lol.

I fully know that I am an uber forgetful girl, so for this kind of occasion, one that I don’t really want to forget, I decided to taped/recorded it. I’ve been listening to our almost-two-hours recorded conversation multiple times now – and it still makes me feel all fluttery and giddy, I can say that I honestly still blush too.


So we met, I told him I need his help for an interview, and apparently he – just like me – loves question, I bet he feels like a celeb too when he’s being interviewed, lol.

We talked about love and his vision about it, about friendship turns into love and all, do you really want me to tell you the whole four hours conversation? No, right? (yes, the recorded one is two hours, but entirely, including some random subjects, we were talking for four hours or so)

Skip that part, So to give you a little more detailed description, we were in a gazebo, second storey (yes, the gazebo has two storey!) laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, head to head, with the recorder in between. Alright, I just have to draw it, right? Use your imagination.


See, that’s how we look from above.

So when I felt the time is almost right, I asked him… Oh, and honestly, I waited until the clock strikes 19.19, lol.

Some parts here, I think in no particular order :D


Me: So I’ve been single all these while because I’m stuck, in love with only one person who is actually my friend, what should I do?

Him: Tell him then! Or else you’ll be curious all the time and stuck forever if you can’t find a better guy.

Me: Tell him? So what if I like you?

Him: Then tell me!

Me: Okay, I like you

Him: …

Me: What now?

Him: What?

Me: See, I’m stuck with this guy because I’m curious about him! (yes, I’m repeating the explanation here)

Him: Yep, and he’s your friend…

Me: Yea.

Him: Just tell him! Geez!

Me: Then what?

Him: Then see his reaction! You can’t know what he feels if you don’t tell him.

Me: Well I like you

Him: You who? Me?

Me: Uhuh…


Him & Me: Hahaha… (awkward laughter)

Him: What to do now?

Me: I don’t know…

Him: Hmm… Well, I have a girlfriend

Me: I know, well actually you always do

Him: Yeah, so…

Me: Well I got it… but I just need to let you know, now it feels alright.

Him: But hey, you have to remember we still have time to answer.

Me: Oh come on! Don't make me confused! Yes or No!

Him: That's not me to decide! I may have a plan but there'll be a process, and during that time there'll be occasions, things will happen and there's fate only time can show the answer.


Him: Are you sad?

Me: No! I mean, well no! I’m not… but there’s a feeling… *blabbering here – the point is I was happy that I’ve succeeded telling him, but in a long blabbering way.


Him: But hey, never, ever think that after you tell me your feeling like this we're not friends anymore, okay?

Me: Ah! That’s actually one thing that kept me not telling you, I can’t bear losing a friend like you, I mean, losing you is such a loss, right?

Him: Of course! (after listening it multiple times I just realized how obnoxious this sentence is, lol)


Me: So have you ever liked me?

Him: Well… I don’t know, it’s all ordinary…

Me: Awww, come on! You should at least amuse me a little! Make me happy, you just broke my heart!

Him: *rolls eyes* Aaalriight… well, I like it when we have a conversation or just hanging out randomly


Me: Aren’t you surprised?

Him: Me? Not really?

Me: (o.o!) How so?

Him: Well, I can feel it you know, but I’m unsure of it, and that’d be ridiculous to ask you if you like me.

Me: Hmm…

Him: You’re great, you know?

Me: Why?

Him: That you finally said it, I’ve been waiting for the time you finally do it

Me: What the hell, you’ve known it all along?

Him: Well I do…

Me: *smack his head* geez


Him: Now you’re not curious anymore, right?

Me: Yea :)


At the end of our meeting I gave him the drawing, Although he couldn’t quite understand it, luckily I was still there.

Him: What’s with a tree?

Me: Actually the main point isn’t the tree

Him: Then what? *staring at the picture a long time*

Me: The fireflies

Him: What fireflies?

Me: Those yellow things are fireflies!

Him: Ooh!! I thought they were dry leaves falling from the trees!!!

Me: (-.-“)


He asked me to write something at the back of the drawing (and sign it, just in case I’m becoming a super famous painter later, he’ll have the honor to get it now), so I wrote… I actually don’t really remember but it’s something along this line:

"For fireflies always shine although short-lived"

Well, what I actually meant was that even if it might be temporary, this feelings I have for him does exist and is pleasing and enjoyable.

Later that night he sent me a text message:

”Thank you for the drawing, I’ll make sure the fireflies keep on shining for the tree”

Honestly I don’t know what he thinks of the picture, but that was one nice line from him, rarely happened I have to say, lol.

it feels almost like we were talking in codes.


This must be one of the loooooongest post I’ve ever posted.


  1. Tiara! This is such a sweet post! I'm so happy you finally did it!

    And even though he already has a girlfriend and all, his reaction is so sweet and very gentleman-ly.

    And the scene at the second floor of the gazebo is sooo sweet. I want that too :D

    And it's very nice that you have a recording of your conversation! Now when you feel sad (or feel scared of doing something) you'll always have a record of this conversation to look back to :)

    And I love the line you wrote about the fireflies :)

    Gah, I'm blabbering, but I just want to say I am happy for you. :)


  2. I am so glad you posted it!!
    I love the line about fireflies!!
    His reaction is so sweet!
    So happy for you!!

  3. This sounds like a scene out of a movie, seriously. I went "squee!" a few times. The gazebo, the recorder, giving him the picture ... I'm so relieved as to how he handled it and I'm so happy for you that you were able to get it off of your chest ... even though he may have known all along. And I'm so happy that, most of all, it won't ruin your friendship. I can tell he means so much to you ... I'm so happy that you were able to have this night :) You started off 2010 right, girl ;)

    And yeah, me and Toothfairy ask some good questions, hmm :P

  4. High 5 again!

    Sometimes, it's good to just know. The fireflies part was pretty cute!

    I'm so proud/happy for you!

  5. That's really sweet! Wayyyyy to make me gush, T. LOL. Why can't he just dump her ass already? And geez, men sure ARE clueless.

    I'm happy for you though, it took courage for it but I'm sure you feel so relieved by now.:)

  6. that is the sweetest, most romantic story ever. i wouldn't give up hope just yet. :P


    oh sorry, to much?
    keeping it down now.. I'd already read it on twitter, but no time to tweet back. anyway, I am happy you told him, finally! and his reply is not that bad right? Let's see how things go, you never know, you never know!

    I'm happy for you!


  8. OMG OMG OMG - you TOLD HIM!!!!!!

    AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh wow.

  9. Wow!! That's amazing! I'm really proud of you for telling him! I think it definitely takes guts to do that and I'm so glad you did.

    You never know what the future will bring though...and now he knows!! :)

    I really hope it makes you feel good that you were able to tell him. And now you don't have to wonder about his reaction!! x

  10. OMFG YOU TOLD HIm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aagghhhhh i'm so psyched haha!
    the fireflies lines and his reply to it is just too sweet. maybe he means in coded language that he'll keep your love shining? sheessshhh now i'm annoyed, he should make up his mind already!


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