Jan 7, 2010

Of your soul and its mate

I just listened to the recorded conversation (again), but this time I decided to listen to the full version (yes, the full 2 hours or so version), somewhere in the conversation; we talked about soulmate.

I didn’t (or rather, couldn’t) really pay attention to what he said about it (for my heart was beating too fast and all), still... now when I listen to it again, I still can’t fully grasp it. As a hardcore fan of anything romantic, the concept of soulmate is still kind of too absurd to me, sure thing I’d love to believe that everyone was meant to be with their special someone, who no matter they go they'll end up with the soulmate anyway.

But how can we know that the one we ended with is our soulmate? What if somewhere along the road we gave up the relationship?

In the middle of this conversation about soulmate he stated that he wants to write a book about it, about love and soulmate, and knowing his poor ability to write and/or to express his thoughts in words, he asked me to help him. Now, that’s a nice future project, a book about love and soulmate? :)

No, not a story about love and soulmate, but more about its concept and thoughts about it so I might as well start the observation now, do you believe in soulmate?

ps. I texted him the other night and now after I let him know all my feelings towards him, everything seems and feels different, it gives me a funny feeling inside me, I couldn't even try not to write 'lol' or 'haha' in my every message. This is fun. Haha.

pps. Sorry for keep talking about this very occasion *sigh* I would stop if I could, but I think my brain is still left there, I'll get it back soon, really. (or not really). Hehe.


  1. Hmmm, soulmates. I think that you could be completely content with loving someone for the rest of your life, but the term soulmate seems so... hardcore. haha.

    But I guess I wouldn't know - I'm not some master of relationships. :P

  2. How can I hear this recorded conversation? I'm nosy like that :P

  3. i think soulmate is a dangerous term. i am so happy to be with ben, but i think i could have been happy with others too. i just wanted to be with ben most and i'm glad i chose him!!!!!!

  4. That is a gorgeous photo, first off. And: I for sure, most definitely do believe in soul mates. It's hard for me to explain why...and maybe it's just the romantic in me. But I believe in it, and I believe that if you're following your own path, you'll manage to find him, and you'll just know. :)

    Ahh man, I'm such a sap. ;)

  5. tiara! i have so many things to say to you
    1. happy new year!!!!!!!
    2. your art is amazing. seriously i love it. i might order some artwork from you and put it up in my house. it is so pretty. but i will wait until i decide on whether to move or stay. if i move back to south africa i will order some in august!
    3. YOU TOLD HIM i am so so so so proud of you. its a big thing. and it takes a lot of courage <3 and i know that his answer was what you expected, because he has a girlfriend and everything, but i know you did it more for yourself. and thats all that matters

    i am sorry about the not blogging! ;o but i was in south africa and the internet connection in my house is sooo slowwwww i want to scream
    love you too xx

  6. I wanted to do a post on soulmates too, but thought it would not be a wise move.

    Let's keep it short:
    I love Boyfriend, but my soulmate is someone else. Actually, was... I have thought that this boy is my soulmate for 10 years or so, the love was that strong. About 5 years back, that guy told me he has felt the same thing. We tried to work things out, but he's a bit strange, and not a fighter. Boyfriend is.. and he won the fight. And here we are. I'm with Boyfriend, and I lost my soulmate. We've tried to be friends, but we can't. HE can't. We haven't spoken for 1 year now. And for the first time in my life, I haven't missed him through the whole year.



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