Jun 19, 2012

dear heart

I'm holding my cracked heart tightly with trembling hands, afraid that if I ever let go it'll break all over again. I know it will, I know, but I'm still trying to hold it up in one piece, hoping you would still want to accept it and fix yours together with this.
Maybe we can make one complete heart using ours, maybe my pieces and yours will fit so we will have a new one instead of two broken hearts.
I'm afraid if I ever let go I would break my heart down and loose some pieces, some pieces that might be used to fix yours and complete ours.
ps. not caring about the grammar here, so excuse me if you spot some grammatical errors.

Jun 14, 2012

of Bedtime story and the Future

"Once upon a time, deep in a forest lived a witch. One day when she was about to walk around the forest, she felt sleepy... so, let's sleep first now."

Okay, please calm down, and keep 'Dafuq did I just read' to the lowest level, I will explain. That was the story, bedtime story my father always told me whenever I was being a spoiled little princess. Seriously, that was silly and short and... I can even write it in twitter! In less than 160 characters for goodness sake!

But that story was one of the most legendary (for me) I have ever heard. I've been tricked so many times with this story, I don't understand why but I always got excited when Daddy told me this story. I guess I was hoping for a different ending, which never came hahah...

So one of these days I told my Dad that I have a story and I told him this story, that was a really nice moment. We laughed together at the silliness, but then again, I still think it was smart hahaha...

It was Parent's day in Korea few days/weeks ago, and thinking about this story warmed my heart. I spent less time with my parents now, they're getting busier as I do the same. We have our own business and sometimes we have different point of views about something.

I love how I can always talk about boys with my mother (and even my father), and discuss whatever things with my father, from business to politics to self-actualization to.. the future and the past. I am so lucky, I know. To grow up in a such loving family with silly but the best parents. I want to be like them too when my time comes.

Looking at my house, and the furniture, and the cars, and... myself... those things my parents have achieved, will I ever be able to achieve them? Or more? Will I be able to feed my kids the nutritious food they deserve? Will I be able to build a house to be their shelter through the rain and the sun? Will I be able to give them the best education for their future? Will I be able to be a good parents?

Those questions, the only answer is a 'yes' and no other option shall be present. I don't know how, or when, but I will, when the time comes. It's a long road ahead, and all I have to do right now is to prepare my best.

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