Jun 14, 2012

of Bedtime story and the Future

"Once upon a time, deep in a forest lived a witch. One day when she was about to walk around the forest, she felt sleepy... so, let's sleep first now."

Okay, please calm down, and keep 'Dafuq did I just read' to the lowest level, I will explain. That was the story, bedtime story my father always told me whenever I was being a spoiled little princess. Seriously, that was silly and short and... I can even write it in twitter! In less than 160 characters for goodness sake!

But that story was one of the most legendary (for me) I have ever heard. I've been tricked so many times with this story, I don't understand why but I always got excited when Daddy told me this story. I guess I was hoping for a different ending, which never came hahah...

So one of these days I told my Dad that I have a story and I told him this story, that was a really nice moment. We laughed together at the silliness, but then again, I still think it was smart hahaha...

It was Parent's day in Korea few days/weeks ago, and thinking about this story warmed my heart. I spent less time with my parents now, they're getting busier as I do the same. We have our own business and sometimes we have different point of views about something.

I love how I can always talk about boys with my mother (and even my father), and discuss whatever things with my father, from business to politics to self-actualization to.. the future and the past. I am so lucky, I know. To grow up in a such loving family with silly but the best parents. I want to be like them too when my time comes.

Looking at my house, and the furniture, and the cars, and... myself... those things my parents have achieved, will I ever be able to achieve them? Or more? Will I be able to feed my kids the nutritious food they deserve? Will I be able to build a house to be their shelter through the rain and the sun? Will I be able to give them the best education for their future? Will I be able to be a good parents?

Those questions, the only answer is a 'yes' and no other option shall be present. I don't know how, or when, but I will, when the time comes. It's a long road ahead, and all I have to do right now is to prepare my best.

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  1. Nice post dear! Love it ^^ You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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