May 20, 2012

Thank You

Posted this once in my tumblr months ago, and when I found it and reread it again today, I know I have to post it here too.

I have friends, I’m in love with them, I am so grateful that I have them around me, I can’t be any luckier, and I know I can’t say thank you enough.
Thank you for being there for me when I am the happiest, happiness feels less happy when not shared, what is in a happiness when you have nobody to share it with? why laugh when you have nobody to laugh together with?
When I am happy, I tend to share, to tell it to the world, but of course the first one I share the happiness with would be my closest friends, sometimes, I keep things for a while because I don’t want to look too crazy, but who am I kidding, my friends know who I am inside and out, less-crazy me? NEVER! :))
Thank you for being there with me when I am sad, be the ones to hug me, pats me on the back, smack some senses to me, or even just stare for afar because you know all too well nothing really make sense to the crying me.
Thank you for letting me be there when you are happy, thank you for sharing the happiness :D thank you for letting me be there when you are sad, although I am not really good on comforting people, thank you for letting me learn from things happened to you, because sometimes when troubles happen to other is when I think the most about the solution.
Thank you for being my anchor because I sway too much, thank you for being there and put colors to my days, thank you for all the lessons, thank you for being the lights when my days got too dark, and for being the shade when my days being all too bright and blinding. Thank you for just being there, thank you for letting me know you and be your friend. 
It's been harder to meet them and hang out with them lately, with all of us busy with our own lives. But when we do meet, we don't change, we're still the silly little kid hanging around together, which is crazy. I know I can't be any luckier.
and I realized, along the journey I might have lost some. Maybe it's better off this way, I hope it is. Maybe we just can't hang out the way we did, maybe the pieces don't fit anymore, and I am sorry about this, I wish us all good life. Thank you for being there, it was fun while it lasted.
Thank you, really. Thank you.


  1. *sigh* this makes me feel like going back to los angeles so that i can have more girl talks with my girls. we last HOURS just talking and talking O___O good times. lol. it seems like you have really good friends :] keep them and never burn a bridge !

  2. geee...I seem to forget thanking my good friends for always being there especially my mom and my sis...and yeah my real good friends sometimes I've taken for granted like reaching out only when I needed them and yet they never fail me...huh, am really looking forward to bonding with them soon, a perfect gift perhaps...thanks for waking up my senses.

  3. We should never take our friends for granted :) This is a nice way to let them know how much they're appreciated.

  4. Hey, Im here, tir. As always: Me, the last person you can ask about any almost-unsolvable things or doin any silly convo, at least for last 3 years. Well, it's still same-quality laughter, when we were under that legendary giant umbrella, or now, separated almost 1500 Kilometres from you, Just gimme a ping. *grin* :')


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